• Day 1

    December 1st

    15% off Business Cards

    End the year with more Business Card-shaped bang – get 15% off Business Cards with the code RWQKF2. Yay!

    *Excludes shipping and rush printing, expires 31 December 2012

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  • Day 2

    December 2nd

    Must-have icons (free!)

    If you’re a designer this is a beautiful, must-download icon set from Creative NERDS.

    Each icon is the perfect size for web projects, sourced from 12 of the most popular social media sites. And the best part? It’s absolutely free.

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  • Day 3

    December 3rd

    From trash to treasure

    Looking to give eco-friendly gifts that don’t totally disappoint?

    Co.Design is your new best friend, with their innovative 2012 Holiday Gift Guide for Eco-Warriors. Hands up who wants the egg-box lamp!

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  • Day 4

    December 4th

    Watch out – Cute Attack!

    Attack of the cute is a collection of all things cute – you know, cats in jars, dogs on skateboards (the list goes on.)

    So stop what you’re doing, and prepare to be overwhelmed by the cuteness of animals you’ll never ever get to hug.

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  • Day 5

    December 5th

    20% off SmugMug

    SmugMug are a brilliant independent photo-sharing site that MOO has worked with since the beginning.

    If you fancy a go, use MOOCHEER20 (till Dec 31st) to get 20% off any new SmugMug account

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  • Day 6

    December 6th

    Learn to code

    Ever wanted to learn to code but never quite got round to it? Sign up for Code Year and you’ll get a new interactive programming lesson every Monday.

    You'll be building apps and websites before you know it!

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  • Day 7

    December 7th

    15% off MiniCards

    Get 15% off MiniCards with the code F2YSCY.

    See? Great things come in small packages (except poison, obviously. But we don’t have any of that.)

    *Excludes shipping and rush printing, expires 31 December 2012

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  • Day 8

    December 8th

    Dreamy pencil drawings

    Ileana Hunter is a graphite artist living in Norwich. Her realistic pencil drawings are inspired by the fluidity of the human body and the hidden lyricism of mundane objects.

    Have a look for a burst of inspiration.

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  • Day 9

    December 9th

    Giant Lego Temple (yes, really)

    This is a giant pop-up book temple made entirely out of Lego.

    Yes, you read that right – and there’s very little we can add to that sentence that could possibly make it any more awesome than it already is. Enjoy!

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  • Day 10

    December 10th

    Anatomy of a photoshoot

    Atlanta-based photographer Zack Arias was hired to photograph Muhtar Kent, CEO of Coca-Cola.

    Follow the anatomy of an editorial shoot for a glimpse behind the magician’s cloth.

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  • Day 11

    December 11th

    15% off Stickers

    Get 15% off Stickers with the code KN5GWW.

    Aren’t you glad you stuck around now? (Get it…”stuck” around. You get it, right? Right?)

    *Excludes shipping and rush printing, expires 31 December 2012

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  • Day 12

    December 12th

    Award winning sites!

    The Favourite Website Awards is an industry-recognised internet award program and source of inspiration.

    And it does exactly what it says on the tin – check out Site of the Day, Latest Submissions and more for inspiration.

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  • Day 13

    December 13th

    Want to see a billion dollars?

    Ever wondered what kind of bang you get for your buck when it comes to your SEO AdWord spend?

    Expert Larry Kim did – so he analyzed a billion dollar spend and shared his SEO insights with the world.

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  • Day 14

    December 14th

    Fantastic customer service

    Customer service is more than saying yes at all costs.

    We think this article from Build Internet explains it perfectly.

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  • Day 15

    December 15th

    Do you like “stuff?”

    Uncrate is “the digital magazine for guys who love stuff” – but we’re pretty sure girls are allowed.

    They post five awesome new things every day, so it’s a good bet you’ll find a gift for even the trickiest of tastes.

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  • Day 16

    December 16th

    Cool Photoshop techniques

    The creative process is not a linear one, according to Sashing Magazine – particularly when it comes to late-in-the-game-changes.

    Here, for your future use, is their brilliant list of Non-destructive Photoshop techniques.

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  • Day 17

    December 17th

    Tips for freelancers

    If you’re just starting out as a freelancer, or need a bit of a refresher course on finance management, check out this great article from Cogs Agency – it’ll help you work out the finer fiscal points.

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  • Day 18

    December 18th

    Brilliant business cards

    We love Business Cards so much, we’re always more than happy to showcase great business card designs – especially when they’re as unique, unusual and innovative as these fifty examples.

    We hope you’re as inspired as we are!

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  • Day 19

    December 19th

    Free £10/$15 from Blurb

    Give a personalised book to a loved one this festive season – it’s incredibly easy with Blurb.

    And because they’re so nice, you get £10 or $15 to spend till the end of December – just use the code MOO10 at checkout.

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  • Day 20

    December 20th

    Get your creativity back

    Occasionally we all worry our creative well will run dry – so how do you fill it back up again?

    This fascinating article from the Harvard Business Review looks at ways to fight creative blocks via a very personal story.

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  • Day 21

    December 21st

    Love Vector Art?

    If, like us, you love Vector Art, then Vecteezy is the place for you! You can download art of for free, or share your Vector Art with your fellow artist.

    When we discovered this oddly-named website, we were browsing for hours.

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  • Day 22

    December 22nd

    Where’s Santa?

    The North American Aerospace Defence Command are tracking Santa.

    That’s very much the extent of our knowledge on the subject, but we’re (very quietly) right behind them with a big bag to catch all of our presents.

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  • Day 23

    December 23rd

    25 of the best responsive design blogs

    Looking to redesign your site?

    Design Shack have done all the hard work for you, with their brilliant list of 25 responsive design and development blogs to inspire you.

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  • Day 24

    December 24th

    The Big One - 25% off

    It’s THE BIG ONE! Get 25% off Business Cards with the code 6MX5HB – and have a wonderful holiday!

    *Excludes shipping and rush printing, expires 11 January 2013

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