Colourful Acrylic

Business Card Holder, From $9.99

Keep everything in your pockets? This lightweight holder will keep your Business Cards looking good, without weighing you down.

More Information

These acrylic cases are very thin - ideal for the reluctant networker! Easy to slip into a shirt pocket, they won’t weigh you down or get in the way. They hold up to 8 different Business Cards, in two sections — meaning that as you empty one side, you can fill it with cards you’ve received. While 8 cards might not seem like a lot, many of the MOO Crew liked the idea of keeping this case permanently in a pocket or bag, and refilling it as needed.

acrylic business card holder

The vital statistics

Attribute Value
Width 61 mm
Height 89 mm
Depth 5 mm
Holds Up to 12 Cards in Standard and MOO sizes
Material Acrylic
Use with Business Cards