MOO in a nutshell

“A remarkable startup story” - The Happy Startup School

When MOO launched in 2006 there were only a few members of the MOO Crew in a small warehouse space. We’re now a little larger, with offices in the Shoreditch and Stratford areas of London, and Providence and Boston in the US.

We’ve grown from a few people into a much larger MOO family, but we still believe in the same things as we did on day one. Design is a fundamental part of our DNA – as is a sense of fun in everything we do. Our small-team feel is alive and kicking - everyone says hello in the morning, we laugh a lot, and we look after each other too.

You’ll find yourself working alongside people from all parts of the world, who’ve come here from a huge variety of backgrounds, previous experience and of all shapes, sizes, ages and pudding preferences.

MOO culture

We hire friendly, hardworking and ambitious people. We love what we do and we like people who’re excited to come to work every day. Challenges are embraced at MOO, and we try to learn from every single one.

Talent and passion are traits we look for in our people. But more than that, we want folks that question the norm, and always look for better ways to do things. Innovators, creators and forward-thinkers, step this way…

The learning never stops

Sharing is caring, cheesy but we think it’s true. We encourage everyone to get involved in MOO U – workshops for employees, by employees. The sessions showcase skills related to work, or sometimes totally not related to work! We’re looking forward to one of our team to sharing their taxidermy knowledge (we’re a little bit scared too)…

Social is our middle name

There’s always something going on at MOO. The whole MOO Crew chow down on free lunches from Shoreditch eateries every Friday, and our after-work drinks (they’re usually on us) are pretty popular too. We can’t imagine why…

We also hold an awesome (some might even say legendary) summer party. From circus carnivals, to an English country garden party, we celebrate with colleagues, customers and the local community every year.

There’s so much else for you to enjoy too, including the mandatory ping-pong, a pool table and table football. We’re not competitive at all… we promise! If you’re the type who’d rather tackle a real ball, you could find yourself the signing of the season on the MOO Crew’s football team.

If sport-based gaming isn’t exactly your forte, you may like to try your luck with some of our board game aficionados. Or there’s always Cheese Club if discussing a good gouda or cheddar is more your style than goals or chess!

Location, location, location

“One of the most established players in the London tech scene” - Tech City News

We may be a little biased, but we like to think we work in one of the coolest areas of London. But don’t worry - we promise we don’t all have beards and checked shirts, and we’re the first to admit that skinny jeans don’t look good on everyone!

MOO HQ is smack-bang in the middle of Shoreditch, the heart of the London start-up scene. We’re surrounded by restaurants, bars and pubs all within stumbling (er, walking) distance. In case you were wondering, the coloured dots in the photo above are a ceiling of umbrellas we built (one by one!) for one of our parties.

Let there be light (and space)

"A startup office you wished you worked in" - Buzzfeed

MOO HQ is split across four floors of spacious, open-plan loveliness. And with huge windows letting in lots of renowned London sunshine (ahem), we’re a little spoilt. But if that’s not enough, we’ve got lots of comfy couches, breakout areas and our own fully stocked kitchen.

Food, glorious food

Eating and drinking is very important to the MOO Crew, so our kitchen is always brimming with free food. For caffeine addicts we have some rather swanky coffee machines, and there are jam-packed fridges full of soft (and slightly harder) drinks. We need something to wash down all the cake we eat, after all! And if all that wasn’t enough, imagine an unlimited supply of Nutella and organic peanut butter… drool.

Brilliant Benefits

As well as all the free food, we also offer a range of other benefits, including:

United Health Care (UHC) - Health, Dental & Vision - We'll pay 100% of the employee cost, plus 65% of any dependent cost is paid by MOO too. Coverage begins 1st day of month following date of hire.

401(k) TransAmerica - We'll match up to 5% of your salary in contributions. Matched funds are fully vested.

Group Life, Basic Accidental Death & Long Term Disability (with Mutual of Omaha) - 100% paid for by MOO.

If you think we might be the people you’d like to take on the world with, you can find a list of all our current opportunities, right here.