Our executive team

Some people call them 'The Executives', others 'The Management'. In real life, they're much more human than either name makes them sound. Passionate about print and great design, with a wide range of on and offline experience, meet some of the folks behind moo.com

  • Founder and CEO

    Richard Moross

    Founder & CEO

    Richard is our Founder & CEO – a job that’s kept him rather busy over the past nine years.

    After working as an Advertising Executive at Sorted, a dotcom startup, and for a design company as a Strategic Planner, Richard developed a keen eye for what he calls “remarkable consumer products” - things that people actually love to own.

    A lover of all kinds of art – Richard’s passion for design is perhaps rivalled only by his love for music. With design close to his heart, it should come as no surprise that he lists attention to detail, a drive for perfection, and innovation as pillars to his own (and MOO’s) success.

    Since MOO’s launch in 2004, Richard’s name has appeared on a number of “influential people” lists, including The Daily Telegraph's '100 Most Influential People in Technology', Digital Media's 'Top 10 most influential people', and Wired Magazine's 'Wired 100.' But we’re sure that won’t be the last you hear of him.

    Richard admits to having made "every mistake in the book" during MOO's early years. He seems to have got the hang of it now, though.

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  • Chief Operating Officer

    John Kennedy

    Chief Operating Officer

    If anyone on our team could be described as having his finger on the collective MOO Pulse, it’s Chief Operating Officer John Kennedy.

    John leads the teams responsible for operations at MOO - from sourcing our paper and making cards, to making sure we have happy customers around the world. He's also tasked with making sure that everything runs smoothly across the company as the MOO Crew grows.

    Before MOO, John worked at Green and Black’s to transform their business into a nationally recognised ethically sourced (and delicious, we might add) premium chocolate company. Instrumental in their stratospheric rise, John also helped secure DFID funding to transform their Belize-based, Fairtrade project from 30 farmers into a sustainable co-operative involving over 600 farmers. Not bad for a company that was just a five man operation when he got there.

    When he’s not helping steer the MOO ship, John splits his time between tennis, creating wooden bowls and cycling. He arrived at MOO fresh from a one-year, 8,000 mile tandem cycling trip from London to Sydney with his wife.

    John once did a stand up comedy course and according to him, was “utterly useless. It was terrifying and I loathed every second. It’s like doing a bungee jump – except that’s less scary!”

  • VP Marketing

    Stephanie Shore

    SVP Marketing

    Stephanie, our Boston-based VP of Marketing, brings a wealth of experience to MOO. She’s well known for delivering results - most recently during her time with Zipcar where membership grew eight fold, awards were won, and NASDAQ bells were rung.

    Stephanie studied marketing at University and fell in love with its ability to tell a story and connect companies to its customers - she says, “I would never market a company that I didn’t believe in – I have to be both an employee and a customer, and understand what it is that makes it special.” Which may explain why Stephanie always has her MOO cards with her and isn’t shy about who she shares them with!

    Stephanie’s free time is usually taken up by her family, her dog Barkley (get it?), hiking, cupcake-eating, and playing a fierce game of scrabble.

    Stephanie is rather proud to admit she was a 5th grade spelling bee champion… which probably explains why she’s such a demon with a scrabble board today.

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  • VP Brand & Communications

    Teresa Pereira

    VP Brand & Communications

    Meet Teresa, our VP of Brand & Communications. Before joining MOO, Teresa was responsible for setting up the European office for Blurb (the self-publishing platform) and leading growth across the UK and EU. Prior to that she worked at Yahoo! for over a decade and whilst living in Tinseltown she worked for Variety and Marvel Entertainment, sitting next to Stan Lee!

    When we asked Teresa what puts a spring in her step on the way to work in the morning, her response was effortless: the attitude, “we smile a lot around here”, she says, “and that positivity filters back through to our customers”.

    Teresa claims to have been bitten by a fox (yes a fox!) whilst asleep in her London flat. More distressing than the animal attack was the disbelief of the A&E staff that suggested that - not being a Brit - she may’ve mistaken a cute cat for a ferocious fox.

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  • VP Business Development

    Jonathan Morris

    VP Business Development

    Jonathan is our VP of Business Development here at MOO. Before jumping on board, he spent his 9-till-5 (and often more!) consulting and advising technology startups in different stages of growth - from those who were just “an idea” to more established businesses, like MOO.

    A career working in start-ups means that Jonathan can boast to creating every role he’s had from scratch, making each and every one his own.

    Never one for keeping his opinion to himself (yes – he’s one of those people who sends food back in a restaurant!), Jonathan was one of the minds behind Fizzback, the real-time customer feedback provider: an idea that grew from a coffee-addled afternoon in a cafe to an acquisition by NICE systems for $80 million.

    Jonathan hasn’t always focused his career on business; at the age of 21 he spent the summer playing guitar and singing at a bar on Mykonos. Fortunately for us it only paid in Ouzo and Musakka so he headed back to the UK to seek a new career.

  • Finance Director

    Benjamin Smith

    Finance Director

    Meet Benjamin, our resident mathemagician, or to give him his formal title, MOO’s Finance Director. He’s the man at MOO for anything financial related; working with everyone from auditors to lawyers.

    Benjamin came to finance via an unusual route – namely, avoiding what he calls “a potentially dull accounting degree” (don’t worry, he’s naturally talented when it comes to numbers) and studying music at the University of Birmingham instead.

    Before MOO, he held a number of financial positions amongst them helping shoe retailer Office triple their number of shops in two years, and working with online restaurant reservations company, Live Bookings/Bookatable.com, where he discovered he loved - and was pretty darn skilled at - the game of investor fundraising.

    Besides working his mathematical magic on the MOO books, Benjamin plays the saxophone and piano, and loves to sing. “Well, I used to anyway” he says wistfully. “Back in the day…”

    At the age of 16, ambitious young chef Benjamin cooked a meal for his entire family consisting of a different starter, main and dessert for every single person at the table. No wonder juggling numbers is a piece of cake.

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