Round Labels

From £15.59
(£12.99 ex. VAT)

We get around – and so do our labels! Upload your logo, artwork, designs or photos – then use the any way you like. They’re perfect for packaging, sealing, promotions, marketing and more. Plus, our short print runs mean you can resell for specific clients and events and try out all your different ideas.

Round Labels

52 round labels in a pack, various templates to choose from. Put a different image and text on each one! Printed on thick durable vinyl with a glossy finish.

38mm or 1.5" diameter
52 labels for £15.59
(£12.99 ex. VAT)

Making Stickers and Labels is Easy

  1. Choose the shape and size you want for your pack

  2. Upload the images you want to use on each sticker or label

  3. Customise your stickers or labels by changing the pack’s layout and adding text to each one

  4. Purchase: then we’ll print, hand-pack and deliver your order to your door!

Order a sample pack!

If you'd like to try before you buy, order a MOO sample pack!

We'll send you a pre-printed sample of every product: Business Cards (Original, Green, and Rounded Corners), MiniCards, Postcards, Greeting Cards, StickerBooks, Round Stickers, and Large Labels.

Sample of MOO cards

Essential Info

High quality print

Our round stickers and labels are printed on thick, durable vinyl with a glossy finish. There are four stickers/labels printed on a perforated sheet, so you can tear and share one or more at a time, or use an entire sheet to show off 4 of your different designs at once.

The sticker sheets come in a protective box that you can easily re-brand and sell or give as a gift to clients.

How much?

52 £15.59
(£12.99 ex. VAT)
104 £31.18 £23.98
(£19.98 ex. VAT)
208 £62.35 £47.95
(£39.96 ex. VAT)
416 £124.70 £95.90
(£79.92 ex. VAT)

What you could do with Labels

  • Round Labels

    Make sure you stick around

    Round Labels – just think of the possibilities! With all that space to play with, you can promote your brand, products, service – or just have some creative sticky fun. We’ve created lots of new user-friendly templates, so whatever you want to create, we’ve got the tools to make it happen.
  • Branding packaging

    Branding packaging

    Children's Photographer and marketing specialist, Robyn Pollman, creates unique packages for clients by customising off-the-shelf products. Using MOO Stickers to seal packages and bags she ensures everything is professionally branded.

Round, Round, Get Around

How versatile are MOO stickers and labels? You can make custom stickers, kids stickers, promotional stickers using your business logo, scrapbooking stickers, personalized stickers ... then stick them on your notebook, your laptop, packaging and gifts - or create a guerrilla marketing campaign using your logo!

Our Round Stickers and Labels are made online using your own designs or photography. And just like our Business Cards and other products, there's the option of Printfinity - which means every single sticker or label in your pack can be different.

What’s more, our short print runs mean you can play around with all sorts of designs and ideas till you find the perfect fit for you. Get stuck in!