Building a brand

KITE, a firm of Architects based in Providence, RI, were tired of their one-sided, white business cards, and needed a way to showcase the wide range of projects they’ve completed. Using MOO’s ‘Printfinity’ technology they chose a selection of 5 different photos for the front of the cards, and a striking red back with clear and crisp white text for their details. The KITE team can now show potential clients exactly what it is they do.

Bold business

With an existing strong brand identity with a vivid red logo KITE took their business card design one step further and chose a striking red as the background colour for the details side.

Creating custom cards

The business already had a wide range of crisp and bold photos from previous projects to choose from – they chose their top five favourite photos to display on the ‘front’ of the cards. After adding their logo in Photoshop, they quickly uploaded the designs via the MOO Uploader.

  • Kite Architects use Printfinity on MOO Business Cards to show off examples off their work

Create your own Business Cards...

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