About DoughDough

DoughDough makes delicious edible gifts suitable for almost any occasion. From corporate clients to new mums and their babies, DoughDough gifts are flexible and bespoke - a gift that people will remember.

Many products, updated often

DoughDough's range of gifts is constantly changing and evolving. Ordering our Business Cards makes perfect sense for them, because they get two things from MOO that they can't find elsewhere.

A catalogue in your pocket

The first is that a set of Business Cards can show off the whole product range, each card showing a different photo preview on one side. That means DoughDough team members always have the right kind of card with them when they meet a new client.

Update with new products when you need to

The second is that rapid updates are quick and easy. By ordering MOO Business Cards in small, affordable packs of 50, DoughDough can be sure that they've always got photos of their newest products included, and can weed out discontinued lines just as easily.

  • using Printfinity, DoughDough use MOO Business Cards to showcase their amazing products

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