Have you ever looked at a Business Card, and thought "Who on earth is this person – and where did I meet them?"

At huge conferences, your Business Card is your only weapon, so it needs to hit the mark every time. So take a leaf out of these creative MOOsters' books, whose unique cards make their product resonate long after the conference is over.

The one with your face on

Freelance graphic designer Chris Spooner has the right idea – he puts his face on his cards, drawn with his own fair hand, to remind new contacts of two important facts – who he is, and how good he is at his job! Plus, the different greetings on the front are a nifty use of Printfinity.

The one with the pitch reminder

So you managed to get their attention with the perfect 30 second pitch – but don't assume they'll remember it the next day! Take a leaf out of LinkedIn's books and use Printfinity to remind them, with a different product message on every Business Card.

The one with the freebie

Web based content managers Perch printed 100 different discount codes on the front of their MiniCards to create trackable coupons. That way, they can see just how many new customers their innovative approach really creates.

The one with the unforgettable branding

Last FM used a variety of high-impact images of up-and-coming musicians for their Business Cards. This way, they show their new contacts that they live and breathe what they do.

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18 juin 2013
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