Leah Busque
  • De Leah Busque
  • 30 juil. 2012

Advice is plentiful when you’re embarking on a new venture – everyone from the postman to your mum wants to hand it out. For some, it’s annoying but for Leah Busque, founder of TaskRabbit, it was a godsend.

By talking to anyone and everyone about her idea led her straight into the path of her mentor– the founder of another successful startup. “I didn't care if it was the guy next to me in the coffee shop, the guy riding next to me on the bus, if it was someone I could network with, another entrepreneur or a business person, and I just really wanted to get feedback on the idea. Then a friend of a friend said “I think my buddy Scott would really like your idea, you should just email him’. I had no idea that he was the CEO of Zipcar!” Leah tells us “And we just really hit it off …it was a pretty pivotal moment for me when he said Leah I think you're on to something, I really think you should see how far you can take it."

Interested? We thought so! If you'd like to hear more, listen to Leah's podcast below:

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  • Leah Busque

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