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Subject:Newsletter article: 2010-01-06 01

Date:mié, 6 ene 2010

We love to print, January 2010
In this issue we:
It's the MOOsLETTER!
January shipping sale

Free shipping offer Finances hurting after the festive season? We know the feeling and want to help, which is why we're giving away free shipping if you spend more than £20/€23/$39 (that's just two packs of MiniCards or Business Cards!) on MOO until January 31st.

To get FREE shipping on your entire basket, it's easy: Enter this code on the payment page:* 8AMX4Z

New Year, new MOO?

January's a good time to cast a critical eye across your business and your promotional materials. Are they still accurately reflecting your brand? Do your Business Cards still give a clear portrait of yourself: your interests, your products? Or is it time to shake things up a little?

John moodboards How to use MOO to: work smarter

Web designer John O'Nolan uses MiniCards in a novel way: not as MiniCards to showcase examples of design across a range of different styles and applications. Sharing these with clients means they’re able to quickly and accurately demonstrate what they were looking for, by selecting specific cards. This gives him a great starting point for the first stage of design – and a perfect communication tool to use with future clients!

Find out more about John's "MOO'd cards", and download the PSD file and JPEGs so you can create your own.

Crumbs and Dollies cards How to use MOO to: represent your business

Sometimes the best way to represent your business isn't with a fancy logo or some snappy text, but with a cornucopia of images. If uniqueness and variety are your style, then make the most of what you’ve got! Cupcake makers, Crumbs and Doilies are doing exactly that - find out how they’re using MiniCards in our mini-interview.

How to use MOO to: showcase your products

Sometimes a single card isn't enough. If you've got a range of products that need to be seen together, take inspiration from some of our creative customers and use MiniCards to create a pocket-catalogue:

Hint MiniCards Hint Jewellery use two or three MiniCards tied together with ribbon to showcase their charm necklaces: affixing a sticker to the back of the cards to tell the story of each individual charm. A great way to use MiniCards to give context to your products!

Glitzer MiniCards Meanwhile Glitzer created a lookbook for their Fall/Winter 09/10 collection by binding five MiniCards together: four key pieces from the new collection plus an introductory image showing the theme behind the collection. It's a straightforward yet brilliant idea that transforms a simple card into an elegant keepsake.

We have a winner! (Or three...)

The MOO MiniGiftBox competition is now over. Our judges (Design Director of Etsy, Michael Craig, MOO's Creative Director, Denise and MOO's Product Designer Paul) have, after much head-scratching and debate, decided upon some winners! They all win a Mosaic Frame and a pack of MiniCards.

Best festive gift wrap Best reuse of a MiniCard box as festive gift wrap: Bcome Our judges loved the simplicity of this design and it’s Japanese influences. Understated and smart, this box is festive enough to use to wrap a Christmas gift, yet stylish enough to use all year round.

Best packaging wrap Best reuse of a MiniCard box as packaging design: Hine Mizushima Our judges loved the attention to detail on this - not to mention the ‘cute factor’! The box has been transformed, given a whole new lease of life - and yes, it still opens and closes just like a MiniCard box should.

Special winner Special award: Doreen Kassel Each of our three judges were blown away by this amazing polymer clay creation. ‘It’s like an exhibit from an Egyptian museum!’ ‘Or a fairytale’ - take our word for it, they were impressed, and thought it deserved a special prize all of its own.

Happy New Year!

See you soon,
The MOO Crew

* The offer expires on January 31st at Midnight PDT. Valid only if your basket (without shipping) is more than £20/€23/$39. Free shipping on cheapest method available.

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