Halftone Satisfaction

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Estas tarjetas tienen mensajes de todo tipo, desde los más divertidos hasta los más antipáticos y atrevidos. No las podrás editar, así que no te las recomendamos si no te gustan las emociones fuertes.

Más información sobre Sagmeister & Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister

Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh like to tell it like it is, and they wanted to provide others with an easy way to speak their mind, so they created "Halftone Satisfaction" a collection of seven sets of seven cards to be handed out to anyone you meet who either delights or annoys you.
The lighter the card, the nicer the message: The fronts of the cards are solid black with a message to share, and the backs of the cards have a black dot pattern that builds from mostly white for the brighter sentiments, to a solid black for the darkest of messages. Sagmeister says of the collection, "It's a test of what kind of person you are..."

Información esencial

Attribute Valor
Ancho 84mm
Alto 55mm
Peso 600gsm/32pt
Incluye 50 Cards
Material Quadplex Mohawk Superfine con relleno negro
Use with Tarjeteros de lujo