Meet Michelle - she's a gem!

Michelle Pryde, aka GemGirl Art, is a self-taught mixed media artist, creating "fun and unique, quirky art pieces", often in collage form, from found objects and vintage imagery with particularly colourful backgrounds. She uses Business Cards and Postcards (and Printfinity!) to make Artist Trading Cards - but that's just for starters.

Small is beautiful

Michelle loves handing out her MiniCards - they're always a talking point because they're so tiny and cute! And sometimes, they're the perfect alternative to the more traditional Business Card - especially if, like Michelle, your business is a little out of the ordinary. They add, agrees Michelle, "a little something extra to packages and swaps and trades and getting your name out to other artists and art fans."

Say it with stickers

Printfinity works on all MOO products, so why stop at cards? Michelle prints Rectangular Labels of her art work and sticks them to the back of each piece, as a reminder that there's more where this came from. She's also branched into StickerBooks, explaining, "I was excited to try my images out on a sticker set, which I'll use as gifts for my Etsy customers. In the future, I might work on a design to use the large stickers as Mailing Labels as well."

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18 jun 2013
Adhesivos, Marketing, Printfinity
  • GemGirlArt - stunning stickers, labels and MiniCards
  • GemGirlArt - stunning stickers, labels and MiniCards

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