About Ilva

Swedish by birth, Ilva has spent the last 15 years in Tuscany, Italy, a region that has inspired her work as a writer and photographer.

While her specialism remains food photography, she has also branched out into fine art and cook books.

Business Cards showcase many talents

Ilva's work crosses boundaries of genre and medium, so our Business Cards are the perfect way for her to show off her varied talents to prospective clients. There's no need to keep separate sets of cards for each strand of her working life. One pack of Business Cards has enough variety for her to be able to select the one she needs when it's needed: the cards adapt to match her working context.

Keep costs low

Like many freelancers, Ilva is keen to keep her costs as low as possible. By choosing MOO to print her Business Cards, she gets a top quality solution at an economical price, and one that's uniquely adaptable and flexible.

  • Ilva Beretta uses MOO Business Cards to showcase her beautiful cookery photos

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