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We can now reveal the winner of our Cleopatra Sticker competition…

March 2013, by Jamie | Add a comment

That’s right, a new pharaoh has been crowned! A few weeks ago we asked you to reimagine Cleopatra’s branding. What would the last Pharoah of Egypt’s branding look like? How would she use Stickers to network? And would she *constantly* be instagramming pictures of the pyramids?

We’ve had loads of fantastic submissions (we’re always amazed how creative you all are *hides own stick-man-drawing entry*) and earlier this week we sat down with a small judging team (think X-factor but without the cameras and audience) and our graphic designer Jovanna to pick our worthy winner.  So without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner of the MOO Cleopatra sticker …Continue reading this article…

Want your cards featured in the MOO Shop?

March 2013, by Jon | 26 Comments – latest by Victoria Colette

We love discovering new businesses that you guys have got kicked-off and love it when your creative use of MOO Products has been some small part of a success story. That really is the icing on the cake. (CAKE! Did someone say cake?)

So when we decided that we wanted to open a shop, pretty much the first thing (after deciding that there were going to be cookies) was to ensure that you, our customers, and your businesses took pride of place.

We’ve taken our Inspiration Gallery and made it into something you can touch, pick up and feel. Here you’ll find some of …Continue reading this article…

Design some Stickers for Cleopatra in our latest competition

February 2013, by Jon | Add a comment

Last month, you helped us kick off 2013 with our 5 Card Pitch competition, which was great fun. Why stop there, we asked ourselves. It’s been a while since we asked you to show us your creativity and carry out some rebranding in a celebrity themed competition. So who better to undergo a MOO makeover than the Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra (a.k.a CEO of Nile Enterprises).

We like to think that if MOO had been around a few thousand years ago, Cleo would have been a MOO fan. After all, she was a powerful (business) woman, and might have used Round Stickers to seal her papyrus …Continue reading this article…

Too pretty to open – creative packaging with MOO

October 2012, by Andrea | 9 Comments – latest by Photo Booth

Obviously you want people to open the present they’ve received or parcel they’ve ordered – but if you’ve done a great job with the packaging, they’ll probably think twice about ripping the paper off without taking the time to admire the effort!

Once again, we turn to our creative community for inspiration – because while we make the cards, we never stop learning ways to use them from you. And these three examples are a really good start to unleashing your pretty packaging potential.

Photographer Robyn’s an old friend of MOO – and she’s a lady who understands the positive power of packaging. She creates festive MiniCardContinue reading this article…

Scary good ideas from our Halloween competition winners

October 2012, by Jon | 6 Comments – latest by tankrides

Despite not having the scariest of product ranges (what could be scary about Business Cards?) we do quite enjoy Halloween here at MOO HQ. Mainly because it gives us an excuse to dress up in silly costumes and eat lots of tasty treats.

And with fright night only a couple of weeks away, we’d thought we would ask for inspiration from our wonderful customers. We asked you to show us your uses of MOO products in your Halloween celebrations. And we were absolutely delighted with what you showed us. Here are our favourites.

These tasty (trust us, we sampled them!) and stylishly wrapped Pate de Fruits by our friends at Zukr Boutique who use …Continue reading this article…

We have a winner! Da Vinci’s Label competition

September 2012, by Jon | 4 Comments – latest by Joe Sparks

A few weeks ago we asked you to design a sticky label for Leonardo Da Vinci. Drum roll please… It’s time to announce the winner of the design-a-sticky-label-for-Leonardo-Da-Vinci-competition (we really are excellent at coming up with snappy, memorable names for things at MOO)!

We were really amazed at the number of submissions that were attractive and intelligent (two adjectives we like to think also apply to the MOO Crew) and we have whittled them down to select a winner.

After much deliberation and hours of sifting through great big sacks full of postal entries (OK, we lied – emails) we’re very excited to announce that Micha Lema has been selected as the winner! We loved the fun mix of old and modern, …Continue reading this article…

Bunny Business

September 2012, by Jovanna | 4 Comments – latest by directorio empresas

Jovanna's Bunny

I had a peculiar dream one night, where a bunch of little fluffy white bunnies were following me around. They didn’t do much, as bunnies do, they just looked up at me with their black peppercorn eyes and hopped after me where ever I went. I could never figure out what they wanted, if they were evil spy bunnies or just some cute company to make me feel less lonely?

When I woke up in the morning I kind of missed them, somehow I quite enjoyed their presence. So I thought that it would be nice to make some bunny stickers and place them around the office. They appear in odd places, where you …Continue reading this article…

Leonardo’s Label

August 2012, by Jon | 24 Comments – latest by Dina

Buongiorno, designers! It’s time for the next celebrity cards competition. We’ve chosen the king of designers, and not a bad painter either, Leonardo Da Vinci. This time we’re adding a little twist; we’d love to see your ideas for sticky labels for Leo.

Sticky labels are a great way to add a customised signature to documents, letters, in fact, just about anything! They’d be practically perfect for our friend Leonardo’s sketches, paintings and anatomical drawings.

Here’s what we’ve come up with for Leonardo’s label:

Leonardo's Sticker

Right on the Mona-y, don’t you think?

Every design we receive will be entered to win $300 cash and $100 to spend at MOO, so simply email your Leonardo …Continue reading this article…

Don’t come unstuck

July 2012, by Dan H | 1 Comment – latest by baby on board

We’re big fans of Business Cards here at MOO, but we’ve also got a fondness for stickers. Especially when we see our customers using them in creative ways.

Who would have thought a simple sticky label could have so many uses and be the perfect compliment to branding your business? From mailing labels, to miniature CVs and even a sticky business card that you can hand out with your other marketing material (it’s much less likely to get lost).

Here’s some fantastic examples we’ve seen for MOO stickers out in the wild:

When wood is your business, a rectangular sticker Business Card is the perfect way of promoting yourself on unusual materials

Continue reading this article…

Celebrity Cards – Our Christopher Columbus Winner

July 2012, by Dan H | 5 Comments – latest by Julissa

Last month, we set out our third Celebrity Card challenge and asked “what would Christopher Columbus have? We were really excited to see the entries fly in and there were some absolutely fantastic designs sent through. From ships to compasses, pictures of Columbus himself and the occasional map, so much thought had gone into what Business Cards Christopher Columbus would hand over.

Monika was left with a tough job of picking a winner, however, we’re glad to announce that Mal Webster has been chosen as the winner of the Christopher Columbus competition. Mal’s design caught Monika’s eye with a style appropriate for Christopher Columbus and well considered details (which made us giggle). Mal wins $300 …Continue reading this article…

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