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Dead Funny: Interview with Jack Rooke

August 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

Today we introduce Jack Rooke – the Watford born funny man with the world at his feet. We’d been supporting from the side of the stage for a while, but after he announced his new ‘Good Grief’ show, it seemed like time for us to get involved.

So, we did what we do best: print cards, and ask questions:

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Wonderful Wallpaper #2 – The Beach

June 2015, by david | Add a comment

School’s out for summer! And that means picnics, froyo, iced coffees, beautiful sunshine and of course THE BEACH! We get very excited about these things at MOO HQ. So much so in fact, that to celebrate the sunny season, we’ve created a beach-inspired digital wallpaper designed to make you feel like you’re practically on the beach with us.

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The more things change, the more they stay the same…

July 2013, by Martin | 5 Comments – latest by Cat Stewart

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

Tinkering. We love it! Here at MOO HQ, we’re always looking at ways to improve everything that surrounds us. Whether it’s some sneaky adjustments to our (always needy) coffee machine to make a nicer brew, to experimenting with tablets in our meeting rooms to make our days more efficient, we’re always on the look out for little ways to make our lives better.

Thankfully, we also apply that same tinkering ethic to our jobs, too. As such, we’ve been spending some time “under the bonnet” of our MiniCards and Postcards. and we’re please to say this week we’ve rolled out our tinkering to – well …Continue reading this article…

Faites les malins (s’il vous plaît) !

June 2013, by Pierre-Julien.Baudoin | 1 Comment – latest by marie myth'of the rainbow

What’s the French for “Don’t adjust your screen, this blog post isn’t in English”? Oh….never mind.

Soit vous les cachez, soit vous en parlez sur tous les toits, ou plutôt sur Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram…Enfin, vous voyez ce que je veux dire.

Mais de quoi s’agit-il ? Des hobbies, bien sûr ! Parfois plus que des hobbies, de véritables passions.

Notre communauté rassemble des individus à l’imagination débordante, tout comme vous. Les différentes manières dont vous utilisez vos Cartes de Visite, MiniCards et Autocollants nous le rappellent tous les jours.

Nous avons donc décidé de dérouler le tapis rouge et de faire honneur à votre passion.

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It’s a most wonderful time of the year to get even more crafty!

December 2012, by Jovanna | Add a comment

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a crafty piece of inspiration for your left-over Christmas Cards and showed you how to create your very own crafty star. So we thought we’d continue the theme of home-made decorations made from printed products, and this time I was inspired by  Chinese paper lanterns, and I realised they sort of look like baubles, too!

This craft is really straightforward to make; you don’t even need any glue, so it’s less messy! You’ll just need 2 greeting cards, a hole-puncher, a pencil, a ruler, 2 paper fasteners, 1 piece of string.

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Too pretty to open – creative packaging with MOO

October 2012, by Andrea | 9 Comments – latest by Photo Booth

Obviously you want people to open the present they’ve received or parcel they’ve ordered – but if you’ve done a great job with the packaging, they’ll probably think twice about ripping the paper off without taking the time to admire the effort!

Once again, we turn to our creative community for inspiration – because while we make the cards, we never stop learning ways to use them from you. And these three examples are a really good start to unleashing your pretty packaging potential.

Photographer Robyn’s an old friend of MOO – and she’s a lady who understands the positive power of packaging. She creates festive MiniCardContinue reading this article…

Scary good ideas from our Halloween competition winners

October 2012, by Jon | 6 Comments – latest by tankrides

Despite not having the scariest of product ranges (what could be scary about Business Cards?) we do quite enjoy Halloween here at MOO HQ. Mainly because it gives us an excuse to dress up in silly costumes and eat lots of tasty treats.

And with fright night only a couple of weeks away, we’d thought we would ask for inspiration from our wonderful customers. We asked you to show us your uses of MOO products in your Halloween celebrations. And we were absolutely delighted with what you showed us. Here are our favourites.

These tasty (trust us, we sampled them!) and stylishly wrapped Pate de Fruits by our friends at Zukr Boutique who use …Continue reading this article…

Celebrity Cards – our Lego photography winner

October 2012, by Jon | 14 Comments – latest by Ali

For our most recent design competition, we combined the launch of our Gloss Business Cards and MiniCards, a love of Lego (which we had a hunch many of you would share!) and a love of classic photography and art. Phew! With such a broad range of inspiration, we received a wide range of submissions, from film and music posters to classic and modern paintings.

We’re very pleased to announce that Chris Marwood has been chosen as our winner! Chris’ ‘subterranean’ design appealed to the music fans at MOO HQ and the fact that the whole image is composed purely from Lego. Fantastic. Chris wins the lovely prize of $300 cash and $100 …Continue reading this article…

MOO and improved

September 2012, by Brad | 13 Comments – latest by Jon B

At MOO we think it should be easy to make the card you want. For many customers, a big part of their Business Card is their artwork and photography: showing off your product or yourself is a great way to make an impact. So we took a long look at the way your add photographs to your MOO cards, and decided that there were three things we wanted to try and make easier:

1. Trying out lots of photos to find the one you want on your business cards.

2. Using your pictures from multiple places: whether they’re on your own computer, one of our image partners (Flickr, Picasa, Smugmug, or Etsy), or a freshly created QR Code.

3. And being able to …Continue reading this article…

Getting seen at Edinburgh Fringe

July 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

We really do love Edinburgh Fringe here at MOO, especially with Andrea and Bec from our UK office heading up and performing over the coming weeks, and we we’re looking at ways to let all the performers know that they could pick up a packet of MiniCards to help promote themselves and their shows.

Once the concept for the first ad had been agreed, Felix disappeared to bring the idea to life. After a day of paper cutting, setups and lighting arrangements, he reappeared and Rob was able to get the perfect picture for us to use:…Continue reading this article…

MOO for Artists

July 2012, by Dan H | 13 Comments – latest by Steven Keating

Every week we see lots of different, creative and exciting businesses choosing MOO for a whole range of reasons. Recently inspired by TEKSTArtist’s miniature Business Card art prints, we’ve decided to hunt down some more artistic MOO customers and see what they’ve created.

Margaux Wosk uses both Postcards and MiniCards to showcase her Retrophiliac artwork:

Jun Arita is a Japanese pop artist who’s work mixes elements of Pop Art, Traditional Japanese Art, Kanji (Chinese characters used in Japanese writing) and graffiti. His brightly coloured MiniCards caught our eye …Continue reading this article…

Introducing the new MOO Lightroom Plugin

July 2012, by Rebeka | 12 Comments – latest by Scott Masterton

If you’re a photographer, there’s a good chance you use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. It’s a super professional piece of software perfect for editing all your digital photos.

And if you use Lightroom to edit the photos you use to create MOO Business Cards (or MiniCards or Postcards), your life is about to get just a little bit easier.

With our newly created Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Plugin you can now export your photos directly to MOO. Yay!
Here’s how it works:

Select the photos you wish to export
Select File > Export…
Select MOO in the Export To: menu
Choose which product you wish to make (Business Cards, MiniCards or Postcards)
Choose your orientation (Landscape, Portrait or Automatic)
Click Export
After the photos have been exported, you will be directed to, where you can make final adjustments to your cards …Continue reading this article…

Celebrity cards – From the Tooth Fairy to Columbus

June 2012, by Dan H | 23 Comments – latest by 505 glenrock

Hot off the back of our Zeus cards competition, we asked you to think about the Business Cards that the Tooth Fairy might hand out. Again, we were overwhelmed with the responses and seriously impressed with the time and effort some of you have taken to create the ideal card for the Tooth Fairy to leave behind.

Still, there can only be one winner and Monika has chosen Gavin Martin’s entry. Congratulations Gavin, you’ve won $300 in cash and $100 MOOlah to spend at MOO. Monika had this to say about Gavin’s design:

This clean and simple design has a really interesting use of negative space. Plus, I liked the nice …Continue reading this article…

Your biggest business mistakes

June 2012, by Dan H | 4 Comments – latest by Phil Wheatley

We always love to hear about your businesses and  success stories here at MOO, but we understand that it isn’t always plain sailing, which is why we asked you to share your biggest business mistakes with us on the MOO Facebook page.

There were over 60 suggestions, ranging from the insightful to those that raise a smile – and all of them are worth considering when building your business.

As with all our competitions, there has to be a winner, and it was really tough to single out just one. But we eventually settled on Stuart Shevlin’s entry:

The fact this is such a simple mistake to …Continue reading this article…

You’re inspired by…

June 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

We were thinking about inspiration last week at MOO HQ and who, or what, has inspired us. Our list included authors, with Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson getting a mention, as well as musicians as diverse as Brian Wilson and Beyoncé and designers such as Jessica Hische and Josef Müller-Brockmann.

Not wanting to have all the fun ourselves, we decided to ask the folks on MOO’s Facebook page who inspired them and of course, we’d pick one of our favourites to win some MOO goodies. It was a tough choice but eventually we settled on Whitney-Anne Baker’s inspiration – her old headmaster! Congratulations Whitney-Anne.

Of course, we couldn’t …Continue reading this article…

Spending a day as a MOO Ambassador

June 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

You may recall that last month we were looking for a few good (wo)men in London to help us out at a tradeshow, and after receiving quite a few eager replies we ended up bringing Mark and Rob on board to be MOO ambassadors at the Great British Business Show.

It was hard work but we all had a lot of fun, and here’s what it was like in Mark and Rob’s words:
I was very excited when i received the email from Melissa to confirm that I had been chosen as a ’Ambassador’.

Basically I had the pleasure of talking moo for 2 days at the Great British Business Show at ExCel in London docklands. It all began in an East London storage …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s door is open for Digital Shoreditch

May 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

We’re a social bunch here at MOO, and next Wednesday’s Digital Shoreditch event is the perfect opportunity to throw our London HQ’s doors open, invite you in and mingle with some of the MOO Crew.

Guided tours are running at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, and 5pm, where you’ll get a chance to see the inner workings of MOO and how we produce all your cards. Plus it’s the perfect excuse to check out the recent re-fit of our whole office – from the Reception to creative spaces and everything in between.

Drop in Business Card design sessions with MOO’s design team will …Continue reading this article…

We’ve got a ticket to ride

May 2012, by Paul T | 9 Comments – latest by 3BYTE

Have you met our new refer-a-friend tickets? They are all the fun of the fair with added value. We have designed a new way for you to share and earn at the same time.

Our new tickets are designed to look and feel like fair tickets. They are a simple way to share in the joy of your new purchase. With their compact MiniCard size and perforated folds they are easy to rip and share your unique codes with your friends so you can earn MOOlah.

So take a look in your next order. You should …Continue reading this article…

Turnaround Time: Which option is best for you?

May 2012, by Dan | Add a comment

MOO ships orders to countries all over the world, from two continents – North America and Europe. We ship orders to countries as far away as South Korea, areas as remote as the Cook Islands and to offices as close as next door to our UK office.

Wherever you are, it’s very important that you choose the best turnaround options to suit your needs. Rather than babble on about all the options available, we thought we’d group these into three easy rules of thumb:
I have a tight deadline
Whether it is a wedding, a trade show or an important meeting – it is imperative that you choose the fastest possible option, or you run the risk of turning up empty handed (d’oh!).

First of all, if …Continue reading this article…

Let’s get techy!

March 2012, by Andrea | 6 Comments – latest by Claire Barnhart

It probably goes without saying that a large percentage of the MOO crew are massive tech geeks. We love anything cutting edge, forward thinking and…well…shiny! Particularly if it combines with our other passion, great design. That’s why these MOO customers stood out to us. They’re a mix of web and app developers, web designers and a tech gadget reviewer – but the one thing they all have in common is great Business Cards.

This cool street food app by developers Tatlow Park Software Inc is short and to the point on MiniCards.

Tech review website Gadget Mac use a funky word cloud to make their Business Cards say a …Continue reading this article…

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