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Wonderful Wallpaper #1 – Flag Day

June 2015, by Jonathon | 1 Comment – latest by Martha

If you didn’t already know guys, it’s Flag Day on Sunday 14th of June. For you non-Americans out there, this is the day that commemorates the adoption of the famous ‘Stars and Stripes’ flag, now synonymous with the good ol’ US of A.

In preparation for this occasion, we paused and took a minute of silence… and then launched into a frenzied creative brainstorm which led us to the creation of a keepsake digital wallpaper we hope will delight you for days to come.  Below find all sorts of versions for all sorts of devices.

Wave ‘em loud and wave ‘em proud, boys and girls.

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Longer than forty winks: How to launch a sleepwear brand

March 2015, by Karen | 1 Comment – latest by Eleanor Mann


Eight Hour Studio’s launch collection of sleepwear


Are you ready to take the jump? Meet Sonia Padam who made the leap from accountant to entrepreneur with Eight Hour Studios, a luxury sleepwear brand. We spoke to her about her inspiration to change careers, the importance of strong brand values, how to create a network of influencers and that it’s OK to make a few mistakes along the way. Phew! Her brand may be called Eight Hour Studio but it took much more than a night’s sleep to develop. Read below to hear all about Sonia’s story.

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Using color to make ideas (and results) pop

February 2015, by mike | 4 Comments – latest by Sandi


Tiger Lily. Chilli Pepper. Fuchsia Rose. No, these aren’t the latest celebrity baby names (OK, some might be) – they’re actually all previous Pantone Colors of the Year.

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New @ MOO: Letterpress Business Cards

December 2014, by Jon | 2 Comments – latest by Jon

Clue: it’s you guys! In the few weeks since we launched our touch-tastic Letterpress Business Cards, we’ve loved seeing how great they look with your images. You’ve really brought them to life.

In fact, you’ve done such a great job that we felt it was only fair to share a few of our favourites. Once you’ve checked out these beauties you might even be inspired to create some more!


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Luxe at London Fashion Week

September 2014, by Karen | 2 Comments – latest by Personal Fashion Shopper London

London Fashion Week isn’t just all stylish people and cool parties. This industry-based event, which just wrapped this week in the capital, is part of a worldwide fashion month that also goes to New York, Milan and Paris. During this five-day event, London hosts more than 50 catwalk shows, 15 presentations, plus over 120 UK and international designers exhibit. Who said fashion was glamorous?

So how do emerging designers get noticed during London Fashion Week when they’re just one brand out of many? MOO spoke to two sustainable, eco-friendly brands about how they turned to Luxe products to convey their brand’s quality and individuality and how it helped get the attention …Continue reading this article…

Le parcours d’une Carte de Visite Luxe

May 2013, by Pierre-Julien.Baudoin | 1 Comment – latest by Sac Vanessa Soldes

Bonjour! Sorry, we mean hello – we’re so cosmopolitan now, even we get confused. This is, clearly, a blog in French about the journey of our lovely Luxe cards (but don’t worry – we did one in English too!)

L’année dernière, MOO lançait la Carte de Visite Luxe, une nouvelle carte ultra-tendance et super épaisse, composée d’une couche de couleur intermédiaire supplémentaire. Un an après son lancement, nous sommes toujours aussi enthousiastes !

Tellement enthousiastes que nous avons décidé de lui consacrer une video afin de vanter ses qualités. Et comme toute vidéo digne de ce nom, elle est également accompagnée d’un bêtisier.

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The Business Cards of the Future – NFC

September 2012, by Martin | 211 Comments – latest by Hannah Jordan

Since MOO started in 2006, we’ve been focused on the idea of revolutionizing the Business Card. We’ve always aimed to upset the existing order within print – to do new things, think in exciting ways, and to go where no man has gone before. **ahem**

Six years later those aims haven’t changed. We still want to upset the order, and we still want to make people gasp – in a good way, and we still want to meet a Klingon. As a consequence, a small group here at MOO HQ has been secretly working on some exciting new things that we hope will help to define the way that we all exchange personal information in the future. Whilst we’re not ready …Continue reading this article…

Introducing Sean Adams to the Luxe Project

July 2012, by Dan H | Add a comment

The Luxe Project  sees us partnering with renowned designers to offer exclusive Luxe Business Card designs for a full year. And since we believe great design can change the world, 100% of all net proceeds will be donated to the designer’s charity of choice.

We’ve had some fantastic offerings from Michael Osbourne, Dan Rubin and Katie Barcelona, and we’re very pleased to introduce Sean Adams as the next designer to create some exclusive Luxe Business Card designs.

A bit about Sean

Sean Adams is an AIGA fellow, and partner at AdamsMorioka in Beverly Hills. He counts (one of our favourites!) Mohawk Fine Paper among his …Continue reading this article…

Turnaround Time: Which option is best for you?

May 2012, by Dan | Add a comment

MOO ships orders to countries all over the world, from two continents – North America and Europe. We ship orders to countries as far away as South Korea, areas as remote as the Cook Islands and to offices as close as next door to our UK office.

Wherever you are, it’s very important that you choose the best turnaround options to suit your needs. Rather than babble on about all the options available, we thought we’d group these into three easy rules of thumb:
I have a tight deadline
Whether it is a wedding, a trade show or an important meeting – it is imperative that you choose the fastest possible option, or you run the risk of turning up empty handed (d’oh!).

First of all, if …Continue reading this article…

What’s your opening line?

February 2012, by Andrea | 16 Comments – latest by Sandra

When you order our new Luxe Business Cards, you’ll notice that we include a card with one of our favourite opening lines in every pack :

When we asked you for some of yours you didn’t disappoint! As far as opening lines go, the movies are a great place to get inspired – which is why so many people end up using movie quotes on their business cards, to rather memorable effect. As always, you’ve come up with some fantastic opening lines, both from the silver screen, and the real world, so here (in full technicolour!) is the winner – and the best of the rest.

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