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We love to hear when businesses are able to combine a lifelong passion with actively helping others – and that’s exactly the case when it comes to crowdfunding site The latest in our Eureka Diaries, founders Julia Rivard and Leah Skerry talked with us about how they came up with their website to help amateur athletes tell their story, and also help their fans fund their training.

Julia and Leah were both passionate Canadian athletes: an Olympic kayaker (Sydney 2000) and a high level gymnast respectively. They experienced first hand how hard it can be to financially pursue a dream in athletics – and even harder to make their stories visible to the …Continue reading this article…

Show off your brand

January 2014, by Jon | 19 Comments – latest by Julia Bird

It’d be fair to say that we’re a bunch of nerds here at MOO HQ. We’re design nerds, food nerds and computer nerds.  But the thing that we love to get really geeky about more than anything else is a good bit of branding.

Now we know we’re probably preaching to the choir (we do love hearing you sing!) but a good, strong, consistent brand is one of the most important things about running a business. Making great products and giving great customer service is super important, too – but that’s a different blog post! Your brand is who you are, and it informs every element of your business; ultimately it’ll impact how much your customers love your products and services.

Having …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s brand new home!

January 2014, by Jamie | 20 Comments – latest by David C

Boston, Massachusetts is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States. It saw the first Puritans arrive from England, was the scene of the Boston Tea Party and was home to the first subway (that’s transport system, not sandwich chain), university and library in America.

It’s home to the Boston Red Sox, the Boston Celtics, the (amazing!) Boston Cream Pie and now… *pause for the full effect*… MOO’s brand new US office!

When we began the search for our second US office, we …Continue reading this article…

Eureka! Gogo Olive

January 2014, by louise | 8 Comments – latest by Fern

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This week’s instalment of The Eureka Diaries showcases charity start-up Gogo Olive; an organisation that helps empower women in Zimbabwe through employment and training. Founder Julie Hagan knows only too well the struggles of starting a new project- and rather unusually, her Eureka Moment happened in prison!

Tell us about the moment you knew you were going to give the project a go.

After spending a gap year in Zimbabwe I saw an opportunity to help the women there. Unemployment was at 90% at the time, and they were going …Continue reading this article…

Wanted: MOO Ambassadors

January 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by Mija

Calling all MOO friends and fans! We’re going on the road and might be coming to a city near you. We’re a friendly team at MOO, passionate about the products we make, and the way we make them. We’re looking for people who share our passion and can work part-time. If you enjoy talking to people, have experience working at trade shows or just plain love MOO, we’d like to hear from you. Not free any of the below dates but interested in working events for MOO in the future? Drop us a line, and we’ll keep you on file for next time.

Applicants must live in or near the Phoenix area with transportation to/from The Phoenix Convention …Continue reading this article…

Shop talk with The Brokedown Palace

January 2014, by Ashley | Add a comment

One of our favourite moments in 2013 was taking our online presence offline with the opening of our first physical shop in London. Naturally it’s made us quite interested in hearing from businesses making a similar transition – whether from online to in-store or the other way around. From the decision process for a location to the way communication with their customer changes, it’s fascinating to see a company navigate into a new and exciting space. When we heard one of our longtime customers (and MOO shop neighbours!) moved into their first physical shop, we were obviously curious!

Ta-da! Their new shop!

It seemed like fate was at work when The Brokedown Palace opened their first …Continue reading this article…

Snap your inspiration to win Lomography goodies

January 2014, by Jon | Add a comment

We love the Internet; the fast paced ability to share ideas, questions, and of course, pictures of cats. Sometimes though, in order to get truly inspired, it can be really helpful to slow things down, get away from your desk, and have a bit of a breather.

For proof that it works, look no further than The Eureka Diaries. It was during a family holiday that the idea for Spinfish came to Stephanie, while Steve, founder of Be One Percent, was inspired while enjoying some downtime in his hotel room while touring with Paul Weller!

That’s just one reason why we’re really excited that we’ve teamed up with Lomography. …Continue reading this article…

Eureka! SpinFish, Inc.

January 2014, by Ashley | 1 Comment – latest by Peony and Thistle

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The tradeshow industry produces over 600,000 tons of waste annually, the equivalent of 1.5 times the weight of The Empire State Building (according to data from a 2012 report from Smash Hit Displays). It’s hard to get that kind of image out of your head.

It was with this issue in mind that sisters-in-law Renee and Stephanie Hansen co-founded SpinFish Event Solutions – a business that strives to take event leftovers and re-use them, donate them, upcycle them, and freecycle them – anything to keep them from ending up in over-crowded landfills. They filled us in on that “aha” moment that …Continue reading this article…

Time to find out what Bowie and Mr. Squiggles were thinking

January 2014, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by Jill

We’re suckers for a competition, so during a rather festive photoshoot in December, we decided to combine our love for the adorable Bowie and Mr. Squiggles with a caption contest.

Dressed to impress in their finest hand-knitted garments from our lovely friends Wool and The Gang, Bowie and Mr. Squiggles strutted their stuff for our photographer.

They seemed pretty happy on the day, though of course we can’t really tell, because as you know – dogs can’t talk. So we started wondering… what are they really thinking about? Our only idea was that perhaps they were undercover and plotting the end of the world. Thankfully, your suggestions were a bit more realistic.

Without further ado, …Continue reading this article…

Eureka! Be One Percent

January 2014, by Simon G | Add a comment

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One of the most interesting parts of any business’ story is where the founder was struck by an idea that they had to made into reality, or the life changing answer to a question they hadn’t even asked suddenly dropped into their minds. We call it the eureka moment (though we’re yet to come across another person besides Archimedes who had theirs in the bath…)

Welcome to The Eureka Diaries, a series of real life accounts from MOO customers running successful businesses, telling us all about that unforgettable moment that propelled a simple idea into a fully fledged business.
Be One Percent
Back …Continue reading this article…

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