An introduction to #MOOTypeWeek from Design Director, Anup

April 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by Emily

I find typography fascinating and I’m not alone. In our office, debates rage daily amongst the designers and writers about stems, serifs, kerning and tracking. The world (of fonts) is our oyster – from simple letterpress blocks or fanciful pen and ink calligraphy to using photographs of household items for letters and of course, there’s the ever-evolving digital font library we have to plunder.

Just last week, there was a feisty debate between Anna, our Head of Graphics and the team over whether the perfect slab serif was Rockwell or Clarendon.

This energy and excitement I’ve felt and witnessed on countless occasions around typography has led us to dedicate a week entirely to the opinion-dividing art of type. So, no matter …Continue reading this article…

Design with Type

April 2014, by Jon | 2 Comments – latest by Alexa

Hello designers, typography nerds, and newbies! This is a fun challenge just about anyone can do. We want you to work that creative muscle and create some type-based artwork for a chance to win MOOlah and a classy Behance Dot Grid Journal.

We want to see what you can do with some type characters used in this somewhat unorthodox manner. Every designer starts with a simple brief, so here’s yours:
create something new using any font or combination of fonts, symbols or any part of type characters.

And in case you need some inspiration, why not check out artist Tiago Pinto’s work who inspired us to make our own little character:

You can create the …Continue reading this article…

To Printfinity and Beyond

April 2014, by Cheryl | 3 Comments – latest by scène ardente d'éjaculation faciale

We know you love Printfinity, but how do you use it to stay in your customers’ minds? With a personalized message? A company fact? Show us how you use Printfinity to be remembered by sharing a photo of your Business Cards, MiniCards or Letterheads (that use Printfinity!) and you’ll be entered to win £100/$150/€125 MOOlah!

Simply send a photo of your beautifully designed printed products to with the following: the subject line ‘Printfinity Competition,’ your name, company and 3-4 sentences about how you went about designing your cards and any moment they truly helped you be remembered. Be sure to submit your entries by  11:59pm (BST) 24th April 2014 and we’ll announce the winner …Continue reading this article…

Behind the scenes at the MOO TV ad

April 2014, by leila | 4 Comments – latest by Josh Cummins

There’s no denying that figuring out how to present your business in the right light is a tricky task! There are so many decisions to make – the choices are practically endless. So when it came to creating our own brand new TV ad, you can imagine the hours we spent exploring a range of creative directions… even on the day of the shoot.

If you’ve not seen the ad, you can take a peek here.

Design Director, Anup describes the day of the shoot best: “We wanted the advert to have a low-fi feel to it with a muted colour palette and a dry, almost dull office tone that would contrast epically with the fun, irreverent, wonka-esque mood …Continue reading this article…

A new product deserves a new paper

April 2014, by Ashley | 2 Comments – latest by Vida Gabak

Have you heard the happy news? We’ve launched Letterheads! We wanted to let you in on some of the behind the scenes tidbits, so we sat down with our Director of Product Design, Paul Thorogood to find out how our new Original and Luxe Letterheads came to be.

First off, why Letterheads?
Paul Thorogood: We felt it was one of the most important pieces of stationery that you need for your business – after your business cards, of course – and was another way to really make an impression with customers and clients. Printfinity – our option of a different image on every card or page – really came into its own here too. As …Continue reading this article…

Ok, we’re ready to come clean!

April 2014, by leila | Comments Off

We had an overwhelming response to our blog yesterday announcing our latest delivery option – Pug Post. We had tons of dog owners putting their pets forward to join the Canine Courier programme – deciding it was about time their dogs brought in a little money of their own.

But you might have also noticed that the date was April 1st. So, as much we truly wish we were rolling out Pug Post (we’re suckers for puppy-dog eyes too), we have to confess – it was an April Fools.

April Fools has become something of a tradition over at MOO HQ. So, we’re sorry if we got your hopes up – we just couldn’t resist. Some …Continue reading this article…

Introducing – a delivery option that’s sure to put a smile on your face

April 2014, by leila | 77 Comments – latest by Olesya

What’s cute, cuddly and ready to deliver your MOO order? It’s Pug Post!

Yes – from tomorrow you’ll be able to select the option to have your MOO order delivered by one of our furry canine friends.

Introducing Pug Post!

We’ve never been ones to let the tide of change leave us behind, so when Amazon announced they’d been testing delivery by drones, we decided to re-think our delivery options too.

Our event pick-up service and MOO Shop have helped make delivery a little more convenient and personal. But, we wanted to take it even further, and give our customers a real ‘Yay!’ feeling when they received their order from MOO.

We knew drones …Continue reading this article…

When MOO met MOO

March 2014, by DavidM | 1 Comment – latest by Evi

Here’s a little story about two MOO teams that were so close, yet so far away (over 3000 miles, in fact!). These teams look after businesses with 20+ employees at MOO; one team lives in the UK and the other lives in the US.

The teams were in regular contact over the phone and via video conferencing, but they felt something was missing. They harboured a secret dream … that one day they could meet up.

But there was a barrier to their dream – a little expanse of water known as the Atlantic Ocean (gasp!) With rubber dinghies not being an option, the teams almost gave up on the idea.

But wait a minute, …Continue reading this article…

Eureka! Happy Days Publishing

March 2014, by louise | 1 Comment – latest by Michelle

Continuing our series on those one-of-a-kind lightbulb moments where businesses are born, this week we’re featuring Happy Days Publishing. Founded by Gillian Hesketh, the business produces creative resources for organisations that support people going through difficult times.

Gillian has always had a love of creative processes, and a yearning to become a writer. Her journey towards Happy Days Publishing began when she signed up for a degree and then a Masters degree in English language, literature and writing, alongside caring for her sons, her mother and volunteering too!

During her Masters degree, she studied how creative writing and drawing can help people that are going through traumatic times to access and understand their emotions. …Continue reading this article…

‘Take the Edge Off’ with rounded MiniCards!

March 2014, by Ashley | Add a comment

When we first created rounded MiniCards, we wanted to find the best way to show off their versatility and style – which is why we turned to fellow design enthusiasts, RockPaperInk! Together we made ‘Take the Edge Off’ – a challenge for designers to use rounded MiniCards’ as a tiny canvas to create something special. Some chose to showcase their portfolio, while others used it to represent how they ‘take the edge off’ and relax. Needless to say, the results blew us away! From Zen-style stones to business mantras, we loved how each designer put their own personality into their MiniCards. And because we like to share, here’s a handful of the brilliant outcomes below!:

59 National …Continue reading this article…

Say Hello to MOO on TV!

March 2014, by Simon G | 2 Comments – latest by Zenobia

There’s a definite buzz of excitement around MOO HQ at the moment, perhaps partly because we’ve changed the beans in the coffee machine, but it’s mainly due to the fact that we’ve been busy working on something rather special – a brand new TV commercial!

The project has involved teams from London and Boston, across various departments – from our creative and marketing masterminds, to our operations and printing perfectionists – everyone has (in some way or another) been involved.

The commercial will be airing in the US over the next few weeks, so you may just spot MOO on your TV. But, if you can’t wait until then or you’re elsewhere in the world, we’ve shared the video for you to …Continue reading this article…

Branding Week – it’s been a blast

March 2014, by Cheryl | 11 Comments – latest by usana health sciences

When we first put our heads together and decided we wanted to spend a whole week talking about branding with the MOO community, we had a sneaky suspicion that we’d be blown away by your brands… And we weren’t wrong! We had a real blast sharing some of our favourite examples of brilliantly branded MOO customers, and you wowed us with your tips in return.

The highlight for us was chatting with you about your what makes your brand tick and why it’s an important part of growing a business:

Well said, guys! It’s great to hear that your own values …Continue reading this article…

Frugl: Rebranded

March 2014, by Ashley | 1 Comment – latest by Free Weight Loss Meal Plan

It’s always exciting when a business grows – but sometimes a big change requires a fresh branding strategy to match! Rebranding takes a lot of work (and it’s certainly a bit tricky when it comes to making sure your customers will still recognise you). But in the end, giving your business a really brilliant new look is often worth the risk, long nights and extra cups of coffee.

We sat down with Suzanne Noble, founder of London freebie event-finder app, Frugl. As she’s just finished up the long process herself, we thought we’d ask her what she took into consideration when going through her own brand refresh.

How …Continue reading this article…

One Man Bands Still Need a Brand

March 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by moncler doudoune pas cher

How do brands start? Or better yet what makes something, a company, a person a brand? Well we’re very glad you asked! From big businesses down to freelancers they all benefit from having a cohesive brand.

If you’re a freelancer, consultant, or ‘one-man band,’ a strong visual brand that translates well on the web and on your Business Cards and other printed marketing materials to leave that impression on potential clients. When you can meet a new customer, contact or client anywhere, anytime you want to make sure they remember you (and get back in touch!).

Every day on Twitter and Facebook (and running off the printers in our factories in London and Rhode Island!) we get to see vibrant glimpses of …Continue reading this article…

My, my, my… What a lovely brand you have

March 2014, by Cheryl | Add a comment

A little while ago we set you a ‘brand-new’ challenge (see what we did there?!). We asked you to show off your consistently branded MOO products for the chance to win some MOOlah.

Without further ado, we’re very pleased to unveil the winner – as chosen by MOO Design Director Anup. Hats of to Steph – a.k.a. Wild Woman! Steph’s simple, clean and elegantly designed visual identity caught Anup’s eye. He was particularly impressed how the identity design was perfectly situated on each of her chosen printed products; Round Stickers, StickerBooks, Business Cards and MiniCards. And – added bonus – her identity flows flawlessly into her website. Great work Steph – you’ve got some MOOlah heading your way to help …Continue reading this article…

Eureka! Chillipeeps

March 2014, by louise | Add a comment

A moment of frustration leads to business inspiration

Moments of inspiration can strike at any time, as business owner Claire Mitchell knows only too well. The next instalment of The Eureka Diaries continues with Chillipeeps; an award-winning company that was born out of the need for something that didn’t exist…

“Chillipeeps began from a real moment of frustration.” explains Claire. “My husband Rob and I were going out to a family party to show off our new baby daughter, Mimi. I had cartons of ready-made formula in the car. But within a minute of driving, I asked Rob if he’d picked up the clean sterilised bottle off the kitchen top. He told me not to worry, he would’ve done. But knowing Mimi …Continue reading this article…

Recipe for a Brand Infographic

March 2014, by Ashley | Add a comment

Think of your brand as a specially crafted identity that can set the tone for your entire business. You want everything from the design of your logo, to the items you choose to communicate with, to reflect your brand’s unique story – both verbally and visually. A well-done brand can help your audience love your business as much as you do – so take your time picking the right ingredients! Here are a few tips for making it perfect:

(Tip: you can click on the image below to see it in full size)

Want to share your brand recipe with us? Just use the hashtag #mybrand and tag us to tells us about it and share …Continue reading this article…

7 Tips for how to explain your business

March 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by Catherine Marshall

What’s on a Business Card? Usually it’s important information so that new contacts can pick up the phone or drop you an email, following up on your initial conversation. It’s often overlooked as an opportunity to tell people more about your business than basic details? What if your cards told your story, explained what your business does; helps give that ‘wow’ factor?

Turns out, there’s no shortage of imaginative MOO customers who do all these things brilliantly. We’ve gathered seven stellar inspirational examples for you to have a look at:


Because who doesn’t love colouring-in?! This card is fantastic for companies who can relate their product to something visual and creative. This example from Carlton …Continue reading this article…

Get ready for Branding Week!

March 2014, by Cheryl | Add a comment

We’re excited to announce our very first week dedicated to all things branding-related! Creating your brand can be one of the greatest (and most challenging) parts of starting a business – after all, it’s often one of the first things a customer or client will notice.

Great branding can really help you communicate your company’s beliefs and personality in a way that captures their attention. From your logo, typography, and colour scheme to your tone of voice and packaging, your brand is what makes your business totally unique.

At MOO, we’ve always cared a lot about our brand’s aesthetic and voice. So, we’ll be sharing our own best brand-building tips as well as some of our favourite resources and inspiring examples from …Continue reading this article…

UNITE-ing with Design Museum Boston

March 2014, by Ashley | 3 Comments – latest by susan williamson

The Design Museum Boston believes design “has the power to make our everyday lives more comfortable, more efficient, more exciting, more rewarding, more… better.” Well, that’s certainly an idea we can get behind! Each quarter, Design Museum Boston organizes an event to “UNITE” their community with their Boston neighbors. Last month we were lucky to welcome the DMB and SMARTY (a community for women in business) to our new Boston home for UNITE @ MOO.

While munching on Bee’s Knees Supply appetizers and sipping Harpoon Brewery beer (a couple of local favorites of the MOO Crew in Boston!), attendees networked with fellow members of Boston’s design community. We had a great panel …Continue reading this article…

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