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Oh, what a year!

December 2013, by Simon G | Add a comment

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… although it really wasn’t the worst of times at all. In fact, we’ve had a genuine blast in 2013, although looking back, we do wonder when we found time to sleep.

So as they say in showbiz… let’s take it from the top!

The biggest news at the start of the year was the grand opening of The MOO Shop at Boxpark, or a pop up mall near MOO HQ in London, in February. It marked a big, creative side step away from our original comfort zone of online retail, giving our local customers a chance to come and touch or products in their hands, …Continue reading this article…

Thoughts from the desk of Bowie and Mr. Squiggles

December 2013, by Jamie | Add a comment

‘Twas a cold Christmas evening, a fire roared in the hearth and at an imposing desk sat Bowie and Mr. Squiggles, pens in paws. They pondered life’s biggest questions, jotting down their momentous thoughts – How does Santa get to every house in just one night? Why is Rudolph’s nose so red? How many pugs does it take to change a (Christmas tree) light bulb…

Okay, so maybe we’ve let our imaginations run away with us a little, but Bowie and Mr. Squiggles *are* writing personalised notecards, and you could get your paws on one.

All you have to do is email with the subject “Christmas Pugs” and the short message that …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s Top Ten Christmas Songs

December 2013, by Jamie | Add a comment

Love them or hate them, Christmas songs are inescapable in December. So we’ve embraced them whole-heartedly and voted for our favourites. So without further ado, have a little look and see if you agree.

What are Bowie and Mr. Squiggles thinking?

December 2013, by Jamie | 21 Comments – latest by Brittany

Bowie the pug and his adorable sidekick Mr. Squiggles we’re at MOO HQ recently, and were having a ball dressing up as Santa and his head elf. We took lots of cute snaps for you, including this one, which we thought would be perfect for a caption competition.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. If you can think up a great caption for Bowie and Mr. Squiggles in this picture, just post it in the comment box below by Friday 29th December.

We can’t imagine what they two of them are thinking… could they be tiny evil geniuses plotting the end of the world? (If they are, their cute outfits are a great cover-up – we’re …Continue reading this article…

All in the name of art…

December 2013, by Jamie | 1 Comment – latest by Diana

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Here at MOO HQ, we’re always keen to take up a challenge. So when we were asked to create a giant Christmas image entirely out of business cards, we were like – “all in a day’s work”.

Well, maybe we were a little bit hasty with our oh-so-confident acceptance of the task – a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into it (don’t worry, we don’t mean literally). Along with 805 business cards, seven packets of Blu Tack, one pizza, a few beers, a late night and some very questionable dancing!

So here are the results of all our hard work. …Continue reading this article…

Get MOOsical this Christmas

December 2013, by Jamie | Add a comment

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This year, we asked the creative team here at MOO HQ to come up with a fun, interactive and unique idea for our Christmas card. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, they put their heads together…

Matt, one of our designers, is a bit of a music buff. He plays bass guitar in a band (he’s even been on a world tour before!), and also writes music for films and TV. So it goes without saying that he’s kind of into music.

Matt started …Continue reading this article…

And the 2013 MOO Awards Charity category winner is…

December 2013, by Simon G | 2 Comments – latest by argentina

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Choosing between one worthy winner and another is always challenging; we’d love to be able to reward everyone who runs a charitable business. Eventually, we decided on a cause that, as a digital company, is close to our own hearts. So we’re very pleased to announce that the winner of the Best Charity category is… Code Club!

Code Club is a not-for-profit social enterprise that offers a network of free, volunteer-led after-school coding clubs for children aged 9-11. Organisation founders Clare Sutcliffe and Linda Sandvik were ecstatic to win the category, and will be using …Continue reading this article…

Bowie’s Grotto

December 2013, by Jamie | 2 Comments – latest by edie

Ansicht in Deutsch – hier klicken
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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Bowie the pug has returned, and this time he’s been having a blast dressing up as Father Christmas. We couldn’t think of anybody better for the job!

But Christmas is a big task for just one little dog – Bowie needs some help. So here’s a double doggy bonus for you – he’s been joined by his partner in crime Mr. Squiggles, who is playing the part of head elf.

It was their job …Continue reading this article…

Top 10 festive films (according to the MOO Crew)

December 2013, by Jamie | 10 Comments – latest by Leilani

It’s a question that always causes a debate, but we’re not afraid of a bit of friendly banter, so we put it out there to everyone at MOO HQ – What’s your favourite Christmas film?

We had a mixed bag of answers, some more traditional and others a bit more outlandish (Terminator 2??). But without further ado, here are MOO’s top ten Christmas films of all time.

Did your favourite festival film make the cut? We’d love to know which film tops your list – let us know in the comments below.

A Christmas thank you

December 2013, by Jamie | 1 Comment – latest by Suzanne Fluhr

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Remember your mum teaching you the importance of saying thanks when you were growing up? Well she was right. The same goes for closing your mouth when you chew. No one needs to see that.

As a freelancer or small business, saying thank you is a really good thing to do at Christmas. It helps to build relationships, shows you care and is also a chance to showcase your creativity.

Customers today have higher expectations; they’re often searching for something more than just great prices or products. With …Continue reading this article…

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