MOO Egg Hunt Ultimate Egg Basket Winner

April 2008, by Alicia | 3 Comments – latest by pete

This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for – the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner of the Ultimate Egg Basket.

After a busy two weeks of hunting online and in the ‘Great outdoors’ at the beginning of March, and discovering eggs hidden in products throughout March and April, it’s time to say a final goodbye to the Egg Hunt 2008 and a big hurrah! for the Grand Prize winner.

Our lucky winner is…

Alex Yirrell

Alex is the lucky winner of;

A Canon DSLR;

A silver video ipod nano;

Kim’s handmade bunny;

as well as a selection of prizes from all our Egg Hunt partners;

A Flickr Pro Account
A Picnik Premium Account
A $200 Timbuk2 Gift Certificate
A Blurb book
An …Continue reading this article…

MOO Stickers for sellers

April 2008, by Denise | Add a comment

Hopefully, you’ll’ve already spotted that MOO is having a Sticker promotion. Buy 3 books of StickerBooks for the price of 2. All you need to do is make up any 3 books, using your own photos, or some of MOO’s designs, and at the check out stage, enter the promo code: moostickersfree. Voil

Design a Sticker, Win a Flickr (pro account)!

April 2008, by Denise | 12 Comments – latest by 股票分析

Yes, MOO’s having a Sticker Design Competition! After heading off to various conferences, we’ve seen a *lot* of stickers on laptops. Some are good, some are ok, and some would just be a lot cooler if they were designed by someone good. That’s where you come in.

We want to create the perfect StickerBook of laptop Stickers. 90 different Stickers, with great designs, illustration or photography. Something that will really stand out, and something you’d be proud to stick on your shiny new laptop.

How do you enter? Well, it’s as easy as 1,2,3

1) First, design your sticker. It should be 283×283 pixels, at 300dpi. (Or 24x24mm at 300 dpi). You should save it …Continue reading this article…

The Webbys, The London Marathon and leather holders

April 2008, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Denise

There is much excitement at MOO for a variety of reasons this week – first up, we’ve been nominated for a Webby! Twice!

We’ve been nominated once in the ‘Retail’ category, and once in ‘Services’. You can see all the nominees here. As you can imagine, we’re honoured to be in such great company – among sites that we use and love ourselves.

Voting has already started on the ‘People’s Voice’ section of the site, and the winners will be announced on May 6th. If you’d like to take part in the voting yourself (and vote for MOO, obviously) – sign up and when your registration has gone through, you’ll find us under the ‘Marketplace’ group in the …Continue reading this article…

Special Sticker Offer!

April 2008, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Kerry Kibort

Oh alright then, we admit it – we were just kidding about the MightyCard – happy April, everyone! (It has to be said though, I’m rather attached to the name. Here, take my card – my MIGHTYcard!’ What’s not to like?)

But enough about cards, lets talk about Stickers. For the whole of April we’ll be selling 3 StickerBooks for the price of 2, when you enter this promocode: moostickersfree.

You can use the code on any 3 packs of Stickers – which means 3 different packs, or 3 identical ones. Just make sure that there are 3 packs selected in the basket, before you enter the code. You can use the code as many times as …Continue reading this article…

Sneaky peak of MOO’s latest product: The MightyCard

April 2008, by Denise | 30 Comments – latest by Alicia

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but at last we’re extremely excited to be able to show you a sneaky peak of our latest product. Still in development (but almost there), it’s called The MightyCard.

Since the launch of the MiniCard, many of our customers have said ‘They’re great – great quality, great options, but… so Mini! I need something bigger to really impress my business clients. I feel inadequate handing over such a small card. What does it say about me? Small company, small pockets, small… I just need for something bigger.’

The MightyCard is the ideal solution. Here’s Richard Moross, our CEO on the way to a meeting. It’s an important meeting – he needs to make a good …Continue reading this article…

Madonna, could you hold these for me?

March 2008, by Denise | 8 Comments – latest by Martin Lindeskog

It’s awfully glamorous working at MOO, as I’m sure you can imagine. Based in the heart of the up-and-come ‘East End’ of London, we’re working in a place steeped in history, industry and creativity. The oldest printing company in the country is just around the corner. The first magazine in England was published about 5 minutes from here and Charles Dickens set the scene for much of ‘Oliver’, on the Green around the corner. If that wasn’t enough, Madonna and Alexander McQueen have been spotted hanging out in the very market where the MOO Crew buy their lunch.

Look, it’s Madonna, hanging.

Yep, the glamour never stops. Or, that’s what we tell ourselves when faced …Continue reading this article…

Post-Easter inspiration (& vote for MOO!)

March 2008, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by liyingying

Here we are, just a few days after Easter, and already the Egg Hunt seems like ages ago. It’s not over yet though, don’t forget – the grand prize draw is still to come, on April 21st! In the meantime, look at this:

It’s MOO’s very own Mexican Wrestling Eggs, in real life! Painted very carefully by tonya2hadassah. We can only applaud such a steady hand and such dedication. Amazing!

There’s been lots of great stuff whizzing by in the Flickr pool recently – here’s a few colourful photos to get your creative juices flowing:

Cards and photo by ‘Hello I’m James’, to promote ‘Gimme’, his new Facebook App.

Lovely card and packaging, by ‘Pukashell …Continue reading this article…

Winners and weekend fun

March 2008, by Denise | 7 Comments – latest by Jo Eaton

First up, something to make you smile. The wonderful Jonathan Howells, film making star of the MOO Egg Hunt has finished his latest masterpiece. You met ‘Hugo, The Cat of 1000 Faces’, while searching for Eggs – here we present Episode 3, The Star Wars special. We’re not sure who we love best, Leia, Darth or Yoda… Enjoy!

Next-up, something to read. We’ve talked about Flickr user Epmd many times before. He’s been leaving MiniCards in various places around the globe as an ongoing ‘Found Art’ project. Now he talks about the project in this great article on JPG.

Epmd has also inspired other Flickr …Continue reading this article…

Clicky, Slidey, MiniCard holders – here at last!

March 2008, by Denise | 9 Comments – latest by Deborah Hilton

Yes, after all this time, our very own, custom designed MiniCard holders are in stock and available to buy! Forgive me for sounding over-excited, but really, we’ve waited so long for these, we’re like Children at Christmas now they’re here.

They’re specially designed for MOO, by Steven Jones, and hold up to 15 cards. You can slide them open with your thumb, and there’s a special ramp inside to help the cards come out easily.

They’re designed to be opened and dispense cards with one hand, so you can hold a drink in the other, and not spill it on the oh-so-important person you’ve just met. “My Card” – you can say, with a slightly raised, James Bond eyebrow, …Continue reading this article…

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