Image 5 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

October 2008, by Alicia | 54 Comments – latest by Bitter Tonic

Hello, and welcome to Wednesday’s installment of the MOO Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition.

So, we know you love dogs and cats in cute, festive poses. And what’s not to like about a ball of fur wearing a hat?

So loosely in keeping with the ‘seasonal animal theme’ we bring you a rather unique, creative image for our next entry.

Our fifth photo was taken by Lili Vieira de Carvalho.

Stick around! This competition is hotting up!

Image 4 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

October 2008, by Alicia | 58 Comments – latest by Fiona

As the response to image number 1 in our Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition proved, there’s nothing you all like more than a cute animal dressed up in a silly outfit.

We figured that seeing as we featured the lovely Yorkie, Trixie, it’s only right that we give the cat-lovers a turn.

Our fourth photo was taken by Dr. Hemmert.

Aw. Doesn’t your heart just melt?

Image 2 of the Christmas and Holiday Card Caption Competition

October 2008, by Alicia | 80 Comments – latest by Sophia

The MOO Holiday and Christmas Card Caption Competition is already off to a flying start!

We’re thrilled to see so many brilliant captions submitted already. From the cute to the funny to the downright ridiculous. We love them all, and picking our winners is going to be pretty tough!

Remember, you can keep submitting captions for all the images until the close of the competition, so as we add more images, keep checking back to the old images too, in case it takes a couple of days to think of the perfect caption!

Our second photo was taken by Sappymoosetree.

Once you come up with your caption, remember to post it in the comments, to be in with a chance …Continue reading this article…

MOO API hacks at BarCampLondon5 – and a winner

October 2008, by stefan | Add a comment

At BarCampLondon5, I gave a session on the beta MOO API. The slides are here. We also held a little competition – the best API hack over the weekend would win a Flip Video Ultra

The entries were as follows:

They’re all a little rough and ready (knocked together in hours, in
true barcamp spirit), but they do demonstrate the range of things one
can do quite nicely.

Make MOO postcards via MMS, with a nice little shortcode authentication method too.

by Sam Machin.

Make MOO Postcards from Flickr Sunsets

by Nathan O’Hanlon

Make MOO minicards from Amazon book covers.

by Simon Willison

Generate minicards with your Wii codes on them for sharing

by Dominic Hodgson (and (unnamed) girlfriend)

Ten Word …Continue reading this article…

MOO & People’s Music Store – Beautiful beta welcome packs.

October 2008, by Nicky | Add a comment

Because I’m into API fun, (and just like showing off) I wanted you to see a beautiful use of MiniCards the lovely chaps at People’s Music Store made up to thank their beta testers.

You all know how much we love people-powered here at Moo, whether it’s making personalised gift tags or postcards from your actual holiday instead of boring Scarborough seaside collages (well, maybe I should go on better holidays, but anyway). So what do you get when you put MOO and the People’s Music Store together?

At the People’s Music Store you add exactly the music you want to your store (they’ve got lots), start telling people about it and when they buy from it, …Continue reading this article…

Pretty in Pink, Back in Black, and… Orange!

October 2008, by Denise | 15 Comments – latest by Emily

(I couldn’t think of anything for orange – can you? Answers in the comments please). Anyway- we’ve got COLOURED MINICARD HOLDERS! They’re in stock right now – and come in hot pink, bright orange, and a black so black it could crush a man’s soul.

The office opinion is split as to which colour is best. Notable comments were as follows:
Pete (Global Marketing Manager): I like the pink one best. I mean, well… Not for me! For my wife.
Richard (Founder & Chief Executive): White is still the best, I have no need of this coloured frivolity.
Jake (Lovely German intern, since gone to study): At last! They come in black! I know it’s only a test one but can …Continue reading this article…

Delightful data

September 2008, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by Alureon

There’s a lot of things that make the MOO crew happy – and contrary to popular belief, they’re not all food related. One such thing is people doing cool things with the MOO API – like Mooplr the recent MOO/Dopplr mash-up, by Kevin Lloyd, which helps you make Stickers with the names of the cities of your past, present and future trips.

This week we spotted Alberto Naranjo Galet had made a cool little app that helps you easily make coloured 2d barcode stickers, with the text of your choice. Creating the barcode in real-time, the application lets you choose a background and foreground colour and save the results. Once you’ve made …Continue reading this article…

Start ‘em young

September 2008, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Denise

Do you find it difficult to network? To walk right up to people and say ‘Hi! I’m X from Y company, nice to meet you..!’ It’s not as easy as everyone makes out, is it? Even if you do have a beautiful MiniCard or Business Card in hand. Well, if you’re thinking of having children who will one day become Captains of Industry, you could help them out a bit by starting them off networking when they’re young. By the time they get to pre-school they’ll be old hands at this game and will work that reception room like a pro.

How? Easy, just get them some MiniCards (easier for little hands) and get them out there practising. …Continue reading this article…

Dopplr, MOO, Microformats, APIs and you

September 2008, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by Gianfranco Chicco

It’s been a busy week in the MOO office, and our trip to the dConstruct conference feels more like a month ago than the 7 days it’s really been. But while we’ve been busy behind the scenes, the team have been bowled over by the cool things people in the MOO Community have been making.

If you remember earlier in the week, I mentioned how excited we were to see MOO Stickers featured in Dopplr’s presentation. They created Stickers featuring the names and associated colours of cities all over the world, as seen on Actually – they looked just like the ones featured in this photo, by Matt Jones, Dopplr’s own Design Director.

The …Continue reading this article…

Work for MOO!

September 2008, by Denise | 8 Comments – latest by Cheryl

Got the skillz to pay the bills? Then read on, because you could be just the person we’re after. We’re looking for a few different people for a couple of different roles, and here to tell you all about them is Joy, our head of HR:

Hello! I should probably start with the obvious: What is working at a London startup like?

Well, it’s an exciting time to be in a tech startup in London. The tech community is still small but growing by leaps and bounds. We are very passionate, outspoken, and super-social. It reminds me of the climate during the dot-com boom in California in the 90′s. We got some amazing talent, and we’re always looking …Continue reading this article…

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