Vince Frost talks standing out, eating frogs and being positive

May 2015, by Jonathon | 11 Comments – latest by mary

Standing out is something that a lot of people struggle with, but it’s crucial for lots of things like getting a job, hailing a taxi or even finding the love of your life. You see people getting it wrong, but how do you get it right?  How do you ‘big yourself up’ without coming across like… that guy? How does one “eat the frog?” Don’t worry, that’ll make sense later.

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All Things Pen, iPad and Paper with MOO designer Millie Davies

May 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

When I say “art” and “Shoreditch”, what do you picture? Kids with their hoodies on backwards spray painting anti-capitalist sentiments on new build properties? I thought so.

A turn out that stereotype doesn’t ring true for most of our creative bedfellows here in East London. With Digital Shoreditch just around the corner, we wanted to hear from the genuine folk who are painting themselves out of the corners and into the conferences.

We grabbed Lead Graphic Designer at MOO, Millie Davies, to discuss all things pen, iPad and paper.


How did you get involved in design?

My dad was a product designer so I was always around the design world. I took Design and Technology at school …Continue reading this article…

You’ve Graduated… Now What?

May 2015, by david | 1 Comment – latest by Rob

So you’ve graduated. Now the existential crisis shall begin. Where are you going to go? What are you going to do? What do you want to do? How will your enrolment in Lady Gaga Studies help you in the real world? Why didn’t you apply for those grad schemes instead of watching The Lord of the Rings back to back?

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(Some more) Powerful Pointers for Your Presentations

May 2015, by david | Add a comment

Apart from those times when you run for and make it into the elevator just before the doors close, there are very few things at work that get the adrenaline pumping quite like delivering a presentation. But unlike the elevator scenario, where a well-timed sprint will (usually) do, there’s a little more to think about if you want to ace your presentation.

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Keri Lambden discusses Designing Delightful Experiences

May 2015, by Jon | Add a comment

Picture yourself in Shoreditch. You’ve got a man-bun, a beard so long that it connects with your armpits, and enough opinions about coffee to give Nescafe a run for their money. That’s one side of it.  The other is the bustling creativity of both the design and tech sector. Whilst uninventive names like ‘Silicon Roundabout’ may suggest merely an attempt to remain ‘hip’, Shoreditch (the home of MOO) harbours many of the folk who are set to take Britain to dizzying new heights.

One of those is Keri Lambden, an Experience Designer at MOO. She’s giving a talk at Digital Shoreditch this coming week, so we picked her brains about what it is she does, and what it is she’s going to say.

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Brad Shuttleworth on the Relationship Between Technology and Print

May 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

With the gathering of the electronic wizards (aka Digital Shoreditch) taking place over the next two weeks, we caught up with Brad Shuttleworth, MOO’s Director of Creation Software to see how tech and print are syncing both today and beyond.

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What it Means to Tell Your Story

May 2015, by Jonathon | 16 Comments – latest by Fran Gross

Simon Sinek has been saying it for years: start by explaining the why of your business and you’re more likely to earn loyal fans (ideally, the kind who buy things).

As he explains in his book ‘Start With Why’ (summed up nicely here), psychologically speaking, people have a need to belong, whether to a group, a cause or an ideology. It’s why we become devoted fans of sports teams from cities we’ve never been to, feel hometown solidarity to where we were brought up and buy t-shirts to support our favourite bands.

We buy what we believe. This is why the way you tell your company’s story matters so much.

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Powerful Pointers for Your Presentations

May 2015, by Jonathon | 12 Comments – latest by

You’ve been preparing for days. You’ve practiced your dialogue. You’ve perfected your slides. The room is set. And still your hands are shaking like you just polished off a case of Coca-Cola.

They say to pretend the audience is naked. But does it really help?

I’ve been speaking at conferences and to clients for quite some time. And I’ve never once seen a naked person in the audience.

I have, however, picked up a few tricks that help me feel more confident and lead to positive feedback and happy clients. (And no, one of those tricks does not include the “naked audience” mantra.)

With these top tips for public speaking you too will be armed for success …Continue reading this article…

Stand out From the Crowd(cube): Luke Lang Interview

May 2015, by Jonathon | 4 Comments – latest by A

The Internet’s a wonderful thing. It’s a place to watch hilarious bloopers of TV journalists falling into water as well as being somewhere the world can pool together money to buy a disabled pensioner a new house… it’s completely altered the way we live. Crowdcube got involved in the emerging scene of crowd funding back in 2011, and was the first equity crowd-funding platform (simply receiving shares proportional to the money you contribute to the business).

Today they’re one of the go-to choices when seeking investment on the Internet, so we spoke with co-founder Luke Lang to gain some insight on how to make your company …Continue reading this article…

Game of Seats: Winners announced!

May 2015, by Jon | Add a comment

A big thanks to all the brave men and women who entered our contest! We’re chuffed to bits to see so much ‘Westminsteros’ love out there!

Now without much ado – we’re proud to crown our Game of Seats winners:

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