The Habit Journal – Kickstarting your habits, one page at a time

March 2015, by Jonathon | 21 Comments – latest by Buzz


Remember that New Year’s resolution where you promised to only eat foods that were shades of emerald green? Me neither! There’s tons of digital habit tracking stuff available to help keep focused, but if you’re not interested, you can just turn it off and swallow another slice of pizza.

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Be more ballsy and listen to Beyoncé: advice from Birdie List founder

March 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

Simple rules for work and life right?  That’s certainly the approach of Samantha Lott, founder of Birdie List.  Simplicity is all you crave during the whirlwind of wedding planning. When you’re considering which brand of toaster to put on the gift registry, sometimes all you really want/ need is a bit of extra money towards the downstairs toilet, or a helping hand with your trip to Thailand to relive that oh-so-distant youth of yours.

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What Does Design Sound Like?

March 2015, by Jonathon | 1 Comment – latest by Diana Terry

We all know that design usually concerns aesthetics – how something looks. But have you ever asked yourself what design sounds like? Whether the heart-breaking choice of tone for your morning alarm to the breaking news app alert on your phone, the accuracy and creativity of sound design is an important piece of the artistic puzzle.

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What Do You Mean What Does It Mean? Anthony Burrill explains

March 2015, by Jonathon | 10 Comments – latest by Jennie Lennon

Anthony’s studio workspace. Photographed by Jim Stephenson.


What do you mean what does it mean?  Nope, this isn’t a flashback to that time you questioned the logic behind basic mathematics (“A minus times a minus equals a plus, Jon, for the 500th time!” *sob*); it’s a famed print by Anthony Burrill. The English graphic artist, print maker, designer and all-round good guy’s simple yet brilliantly provocative creations have titillated type fans all across the globe.

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Longer than forty winks: How to launch a sleepwear brand

March 2015, by Karen | 1 Comment – latest by Eleanor Mann


Eight Hour Studio’s launch collection of sleepwear


Are you ready to take the jump? Meet Sonia Padam who made the leap from accountant to entrepreneur with Eight Hour Studios, a luxury sleepwear brand. We spoke to her about her inspiration to change careers, the importance of strong brand values, how to create a network of influencers and that it’s OK to make a few mistakes along the way. Phew! Her brand may be called Eight Hour Studio but it took much more than a night’s sleep to develop. Read below to hear all about Sonia’s story.

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PAPER VIEW: A catch-up with curator Lori Zimmer

February 2015, by emma | 6 Comments – latest by Stella


Alongside her roles as a media director, events planner, editor-in-chief and all-round artist advocate, Lori Zimmer is the first of our guest curators for Paper View, our 2015 content series in partnership with SCOPE. We snatched some time in her busy schedule to discover more about her passions for paper and pulverized refrigerators, and how on earth she manages to stay sane with so much going on.

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Introducing our SCOPE + MOO Partnership: PAPER VIEW

February 2015, by emma | 1 Comment – latest by Jean M. Trawick


Paper. Where would we be without it? No fridge doors drowning in kids’ crayon masterpieces. No office doodles for psychologists to have a field day with. No sickly love notes exchanged between teenage crushes before hearts are so cruelly broken (we’re not bitter, honest).

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Design that changed the world: The (road)work of Margaret Calvert

February 2015, by emma | 2 Comments – latest by Keith


Design isn’t just about making things look nice. Truly great design solves problems, communicates messages and, in many instances, changes the way people think, act and live their lives. For General Assembly’s Laura Hasting (whose claim to fame is interior-designing Kevin Spacey’s house, no less) there’s one designer whose simple creations are as important today as they were when they left her drawing board over forty years ago. Here she tells us more about her design hero, Margaret Calvert.

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Keep Austin Weird! The MOO guide to SXSW

February 2015, by emma | 3 Comments – latest by MARIA ALCIONE

Dazed and confused? You won’t be at SXSW.


‘Alright, alright, alright’, as a certain Matthew McConaughey might say. We’re here to talk to y’all about a certain lil festival in the good ol’ US of A.

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The fake fur is flying: Shrimps injects some fun into fashion

February 2015, by Karen | 1 Comment – latest by Diane

Hannah Weiland photo credit: Ki Price


Who said fashion is serious business? London-based designer Hannah Weiland’s brand Shrimps brings fun to fashion with her collection of bold and beautiful faux fur coats and accessories. Since launching her label in 2013, her faux-tastic line has been very popular on the FROW (you know, the front row dahlings) and beyond. Well beyond. It’s no wonder really – her playful and quirky coats would give an instant mood lift to any dreary winter’s day.

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