What it Means to Tell Your Story

May 2015, by Jonathon | 16 Comments – latest by Fran Gross

Simon Sinek has been saying it for years: start by explaining the why of your business and you’re more likely to earn loyal fans (ideally, the kind who buy things).

As he explains in his book ‘Start With Why’ (summed up nicely here), psychologically speaking, people have a need to belong, whether to a group, a cause or an ideology. It’s why we become devoted fans of sports teams from cities we’ve never been to, feel hometown solidarity to where we were brought up and buy t-shirts to support our favourite bands.

We buy what we believe. This is why the way you tell your company’s story matters so much.

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Powerful Pointers for Your Presentations

May 2015, by Jonathon | 12 Comments – latest by http://www.josh-mckague.com/

You’ve been preparing for days. You’ve practiced your dialogue. You’ve perfected your slides. The room is set. And still your hands are shaking like you just polished off a case of Coca-Cola.

They say to pretend the audience is naked. But does it really help?

I’ve been speaking at conferences and to clients for quite some time. And I’ve never once seen a naked person in the audience.

I have, however, picked up a few tricks that help me feel more confident and lead to positive feedback and happy clients. (And no, one of those tricks does not include the “naked audience” mantra.)

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Stand out From the Crowd(cube): Luke Lang Interview

May 2015, by Jonathon | 4 Comments – latest by A

The Internet’s a wonderful thing. It’s a place to watch hilarious bloopers of TV journalists falling into water as well as being somewhere the world can pool together money to buy a disabled pensioner a new house… it’s completely altered the way we live. Crowdcube got involved in the emerging scene of crowd funding back in 2011, and was the first equity crowd-funding platform (simply receiving shares proportional to the money you contribute to the business).

Today they’re one of the go-to choices when seeking investment on the Internet, so we spoke with co-founder Luke Lang to gain some insight on how to make your company …Continue reading this article…

Game of Seats: Winners announced!

May 2015, by Jon | Add a comment

A big thanks to all the brave men and women who entered our contest! We’re chuffed to bits to see so much ‘Westminsteros’ love out there!

Now without much ado – we’re proud to crown our Game of Seats winners:

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MOO’s Top Picks for HOW

April 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

Well after one year, we’re coming back full circle to HOW Design Live once again. This year’s event – one of the biggest design conferences in the world – is being hosted in Chicago. Bringing together creatives, entrepreneurs and design enthusiasts from across North America and the globe – the five-day event is a highlight for all of you right-side-of-the-brain-folk.

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Learn About Letterpress with MOO at HOW

April 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

Calling all lovers of nice old things. We’ll be at HOW Design Live next week, using a rejuvenated letterpress to print special collectible postcards, on the spot, just for you. So, maybe you’re not up to date with the printing techniques of the 19th century… not to worry. We’ve got you covered.

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The Conference Toolkit: Must-Have Apps

April 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

If you are a little like us here at MOO HQ, chances are that you are attending a few conferences and talks this year. As well as your taking a good supply of MOO cards to hand out to the lovely new people you’ll meet,  the smartphone is a conference Must Have. Here are the best apps that may well be useful for you.

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Branding a Food Business: What You Need To Know

April 2015, by Jonathon | 3 Comments – latest by Jonathon

Starting up your own food brand can be a daunting task. Be it a restaurant, blog, pop-up stall or whatever else you come up with, the market’s already fiercely competitive. We used our noodles here at MOO to pool some advice for you guys who are considering taking a step into the (onion) ring of food business.

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Relish Their Ethos: Food Startup Lunch BXD Spill the Beans

April 2015, by Jonathon | 3 Comments – latest by Clint

Sometimes the lunch meal deals can get a bit too much. Your stood in the aisle, looking up and down for the different components to create your soporific sandwich set ,wondering where it all went wrong. The ladies over at Lunch BXD are aiming to fix this drab experience by offering a nutritional, flavoursome and filling lunch box, bike-delivered to your office at lunch time.

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Dominique Ansel Discusses His Rising Pastry Empire

April 2015, by Jonathon | 9 Comments – latest by Jennifer

Photo credit: Daniel Krieger

You may not know the name Dominique Ansel, but you’ll almost definitely have heard of his headline inducing creation the Cronut™ (half croissant, half donut, totally delicious). He’s an obsessed baker who trained with the best, then trained plenty of others, before opening his first Bakery in 2011.

This year he’s going global: opening an Asian flagship Bakery in Tokyo and a 2,500 square-foot space in New York named the ‘Dominique Ansel Kitchen’. The insurmountable sweet-savant’s got a mouth-watering resume, so it only seemed right that we chewed the fat with the passionate pastry proprietor.

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