Celebrate summer with a MOO beach wallpaper!

June 2015, by david | Add a comment

School’s out for summer! And that means picnics, froyo, iced coffees, beautiful sunshine and of course THE BEACH! We get very excited about these things at MOO HQ. So much so in fact, that to celebrate the sunny season, we’ve created a beach-inspired digital wallpaper designed to make you feel like you’re practically on the beach with us.

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Wafer-thin and wonderful: Paper View round up

June 2015, by david | 5 Comments – latest by Jonathon

You may well have noticed, but we do love paper here at MOO. We love it so much in fact that earlier this year, we launched Paper View, a year-long collaboration with SCOPE Art Shows in which we celebrate the wafer-thin and wonderful medium of paper through the work of international artists and curators.

The second installment of this collaboration took place last week and we teamed up with curator extraordinaire A. Moret who selected eleven installation artists to share their paper-based works with SCOPE and MOO audiences. In case you missed it, here we introduce you to the eleven artists and their work.

We were blown away by their creations and we hope that you will be too!

Orproject, Dynamorph, Ivory Paper, 300 gsm, 4.5m x 8m and 3 m high, built at International Cultural Institute, Venice, 2014.

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Celebrate Flag Day with a MOO Wallpaper

June 2015, by Jonathon | 1 Comment – latest by Martha

If you didn’t already know guys, it’s Flag Day on Sunday 14th of June. For you non-Americans out there, this is the day that commemorates the adoption of the famous ‘Stars and Stripes’ flag, now synonymous with the good ol’ US of A.

In preparation for this occasion, we paused and took a minute of silence… and then launched into a frenzied creative brainstorm which led us to the creation of a keepsake digital wallpaper we hope will delight you for days to come.  Below find all sorts of versions for all sorts of devices.

Wave ‘em loud and wave ‘em proud, boys and girls.

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Delight your customers with these 5 free design tools

June 2015, by david | Add a comment

So the song goes ‘the best things in life are free’ right? Well here at MOO we couldn’t agree more, we love a good sunset, go gaga when our favourite song plays on the radio and the power of a well-timed hug is immeasurable.

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E-Comm tips you won’t find on the High Street

June 2015, by david | Add a comment

It’s your cousin’s birthday soon and you’ve hit on THE perfect gift idea: a personalised cat bowl for her cat ‘Molly’. Yay! you say, and add it to your shopping list below the ‘Neon Cactus Light’ that’s going to look ah-mazing in your hallway.

With your list at the ready you set off down to the local shops only to find that you actually can’t, er, find either of the items. Not so Yay eh? So, while this here story may be fictional, I’m sure we’ve all had similar experiences of not finding exactly what we want when out shopping, meaning we often settle for something a little more ordinary.

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Countdown to Here 2015: Alex Bec interview

June 2015, by Jon | Add a comment

If you like discovering great design and love reading about interesting projects, chances are you’ve come across the ‘It’s Nice That’ website. If you’ve not yet heard of their website, don’t worry, you now know about it and, like us, you’ll soon be checking it regularly to purr in wonderment at what’s new in the world of architecture, fashion, graphic design and illustration.

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Coffee Cups of the World – Henry Hargreaves Spills the Beans

June 2015, by Jonathon | 7 Comments – latest by Jonathon

Coffee is arguably the most familiar staple in the life of anyone working in the hazy rat race of urban life. We wake up: we think about it. On the way to work: we think about it. At work: we talk about it. After work… we could still use it; but what about the container that the liquid lifesaver comes in? How often do you pay attention to the cardboard gatekeeper of both sanity and awareness?

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Getting the Most Out of Your Local Coworking Space

June 2015, by Jonathon | 4 Comments – latest by Jonathon

Today’s edition of our coworking content is all about making things happen when you’re there. With such a plethora of people to meet, you need to get stuck in to make the most of it.

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Whisky Work: Package the Perfect Brand

June 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

Meet Allison Patel, the founder of single malt whisky Brenne Estate Cask. After the success of her first award-winning spirit, she fully embraced her entrepreneurial spirit and developed a second statement whisky to go alongside it called ‘Brenne Ten’ (whilst somewhat similar in name to the children’s TV show, we assure you it bares no relation).

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An Idea with Sole: The Shoe That Grows

June 2015, by david | 2 Comments – latest by Jacob Gourd

Plenty has been written about that split-second feeling you get when you’re hit by an idea, there are tons of ways describe it too, we’ve all heard about the ‘Eureka’ moment the ‘Aha’ moment and of course the (much doodled) ‘Lightbulb’ moment. If this has happened to you, it’s safe to say that the feeling is almost electric! So imagine if your idea can be used to help people across the world – it must feel like a thunderbolt right? Here’s a story of an inspired idea with some powerful potential.

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Kickstart your Mindfulness

June 2015, by david | 1 Comment – latest by Inés

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day sometimes? Or that you’re drowning in a digital sea of iCal reminders, status updates and Candy Crush notifications? Well Rohan Gunatillake is an enlightened entrepreneur who’s throwing us a lifeline and getting us all in tune with the world around us.  We are partial to a good card-based idea here at MOO so we paused what we were doing and went to meet the lovely Rohan to talk about his kickstarter campaign and discover the man behind Cards for Mindfulness.

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MOO Recommends: San Francisco Design Week

June 2015, by david | Add a comment

The 10th anniversary of San Francisco Design Week kicks off June 4! Over 20,000 Bay Area professionals will be hitting Golden Gate City and calling it home as they navigate their way around some of the 100+ events which include design tutorials, talks, tours, exhibitions, and events in every discipline – architecture, tech, illustration, branding, graphic, fashion, and more.

Grab your, city maps and Travel Cards, here are the five events that we can’t wait to explore…


5 Things You Need to Know About Designing for Web (with Adobe)

June 5th – 10:30am – 1:30pm

Shifting from print to web design, is more than swapping a pencil for a mouse. Join Adobe Certified Trainer Brian Wood (REI, Adobe, Nordstrom, Starbucks, HP) for an in-depth workshop that …Continue reading this article…

The School of Life Conference: ‘Business Wise’

June 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

This Thursday, the wonderful School of Life are set to host a day of fittingly pedagogic talks, focusing on the way in which businesses engage with the new wave of consumers and staff who demand more meaningful businesses practices.

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Boxpark’s Roger Wade on the Changing Face of Retail and Forming a Solid Brand

June 2015, by Jonathon | 8 Comments – latest by mary

Think of industrial shipping containers and you’ll probably picture gruff men in hardhats beside the water lifting girders, or perhaps a fleet of cranes all packing bubble wrap into metal boxes in unison… something like that. When Roger Wade thought of industrial containers, however, his first thought was something like “let’s create a shopping mall out of these things.” Can’t say it’s obvious, but there’s no doubt that it’s worked.

Having ironed out the creases in his vision after selling Boxfresh in 2005, Roger opened Boxpark – a shopping mall in the heart of east London comprised of 60 containers, committed to highlighting independent brands.

With a wardrobe full of experience, we grabbed Roger to discuss the changing face of retail, his view for the future and how to ensure your brand doesn’t come across as sew-sew.


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Rule the News: Max Tatton-Brown Talks PR

June 2015, by Jonathon | 4 Comments – latest by mary

So, you’ve come up with the best idea the world has ever seen and you’re sitting in a basement surrounded by boxes of fireproof contact lenses wondering how on earth you’re going to shift them all. By this point, you should probably have already asked how you’re going to get people to see them, write about them, buy them, as well as everything else in between. But it can all get a bit daunting.

With enough advice out there to put you into a literature induced coma, we thought it might be good to get someone in the know to go through the basics. I managed to pin down Max Tatton-Brown, one of PRWeek’s 30 under 30, for a chat to figure out how small businesses should be approaching the press game.

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MOO x Ace Hotel Present Miho Hatori’s ‘New Optimism’

June 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

A few weeks back MOO teamed up with Ace Hotel to put together an event with conceptual artist Miho Hatori (of Gorillaz and Beastie Boys fame), releasing a set of seven art cards, designed by Hatori and printed by MOO.

Miho and her creative crew delivered a performance called ‘New Optimism’ at the event, which may offer some form of explanation for the sportswear and megaphone, to go alongside her printed art cards.

We exchanged a handful of words with the enigmatic lady:

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Drawing Inspiration: A Design Discussion with Emma Cook

May 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

South Africa. What’s the first thing you think of? After asking a few people within prodding distance, we’ve managed to come up with: Penguins, beaches, the pointy bit of Africa, Nelson Mandela… and Lethal Weapon 2. The breath-taking natural beauty of its vistas would serve as inspiration for even the most creatively sapped soul.

Cue Emma Cook, a graphic designer from Cape Town. Her personal and collaborative work (by way of her creative collective Alexander’s Band) has been turning heads from Johannesburg to Jakarta. With an interest in Illustrator and a delight for documentaries, she’s not afraid to get stuck into the organisational things to help both her pals, and her city, stand out.

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Event Review: Lost Lectures London

May 2015, by Jonathon | Add a comment

London was typically wet and windy last week, but it all rather added to the mysterious nature of an outing to Lost Lectures latest event, ‘Lost on Trial’, held at the secretive location of Hornsley Town Hall, in London’s Crouch End.


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How To Create A Stand Out Campaign

May 2015, by david | 1 Comment – latest by Hayley Willmott

In a crowded marketplace it’s essential that your business stands out from a very crowded marketplace. We’ve heard this all before right? And while it’s an undeniable fact of business and advice one should follow, what would the concept of ‘standing out’ actually look like? Well that was the brief our creative team received when preparing our latest advertising campaign.

We spoke to Jack Newman, one of MOO’s Lead Graphic Designers and asked him to share a little insight about working on the campaign and the process of creating designs that aren’t afraid of being different.


What do you do at MOO?
I work in the creative team and look after a small team of designers, art-workers …Continue reading this article…

Want to be a Personal Stylist? Read this…

May 2015, by Jonathon | 1 Comment – latest by jessica

We hear that looking good all the time can take a load of hard work so imagine building a career out of making others look good all the time. Well that’s what Hollywood’s premiere Personal Stylist, entrepreneur and Co-Founder of School of Style Lauren Messiah has done.

After many, many, many… outfit changes and as many mirror checks, we went to meet Lauren herself. We asked her about how she’s made it, got some tips for budding stylists and even got her to show us what’s inside her toolkit.

And let us tell you, it’s much more than safety pins and scissors…

How did you start out in this business?

I feel like …Continue reading this article…

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