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ColaLife visits MOO HQ

January 2013, by Justis S | 4 Comments – latest by Yannis

When we invited our UK MOO Award winners Simon Berry (along with his wife and business partner Jane) from ColaLife to have lunch with us at MOO HQ, we didn’t plan for them to walk in halfway through dessert – but sadly, a combination of late trains and a Twitter meltdown meant that we didn’t get to have the long lunch followed by their presentation, as we’d planned.

Simon and Jane Presenting between bites

However, this didn’t deter Simon and Jane, who had a quick bite as they prepared to talk to MOO about their own, rather more personal long journey – from the conception of the ColaLife idea, to its current …Continue reading this article…

MOO Award Trophy

December 2012, by Phil T | 3 Comments – latest by Dennis

With all the entries for the MOO Award 2012 being so creative, our creative department wanted to get in on the action too! So we set about designing a special trophy for the winner.

After some research, I found trophies were generally made out of plastic, metal or glass, which just didn’t seem right seeing as we just love paper so much! So I wanted to do something a little different, and create a trophy made entirely out of paper…


I spent a couple of weeks drawing and testing out concepts, before narrowing down our favorite three concepts to just one. I then set about figuring out how …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s Mo Bros – Movember 2012

November 2012, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by Hugh

The Mo bros at MOO HQ have enjoyed the excuse to sport some dashing facial hair this month. We’ve been raising money and awareness for men’s health (and having a jolly good time, too.)

To celebrate the end of the Mo growing month, we fooled around a bit and took some artsy (and a little bit silly) pictures. Here they are; enjoy!

You can see more about what we’ve been up to on our team Movember page.

MOO Mo Bros

The 'arty' pose

Mo Bros

Photography by Quentin Ferier.

MOO Developers’ sprint finish

November 2012, by stefanos | Add a comment

MOO Dev team celebrate Sprint 100

A couple of weeks ago, there was much celebration of a big day for the Development team here at MOO HQ; we reached the release day of our 100th Sprint. “100th Sprint, what on earth is that?” I hear you ask. Apart from being an online printing company do you also happen to participate in competitive athletics? No, unfortunately not. In the software development method we follow, a Sprint is the basic unit of development. The method is called agile development (ours is called Scrum), which consists of Sprints. The Sprints iteratively and incrementally help us build more and more of the remarkable …Continue reading this article…

Happy Birthday to MOO!

September 2012, by Sally T | 2 Comments – latest by Justis S

Last Thursday, you may have seen a certain Scrutton Street car park awash with brightly coloured umbrellas, and later in the evening perhaps you heard the strumming of your favourite local folk band.

What else could it have been but the MOO birthday party, I hear you say.

From the moment our first guest arrived, the umbrellas were a fantastic talking point as we munched on Big Apple Hot Dogs and falafel from Hoxton Beach. They had our mouths watering for most of the afternoon with the aroma of frying onions wafting into the office. MOO’s famous sweet tooth was satisfied by naughty but delicious ice-cream sarnies from …Continue reading this article…

Spreading the MOO love

February 2011, by Snow | 1 Comment – latest by Chloe

Whether you’re cozying up by the fire during the recent blizzards, or embracing the cold weather by ice-skating or skiing with a sweetheart, Valentine’s Day is approaching. We know love is in the air. In fact, we’ve even received some love and thankfulness from many of you! We’ve been grateful to have several happy customers give us a taste of their products (literally) after helping them out with their MOO orders.

What could be better than receiving a box of baklava in the mail while we’re hard at work answering your customer service questions? We’re not sure, because the baklava we received from Glad Annie’s Old World Baklava, …Continue reading this article…

Festive new Ready Mades… and a discount!

November 2010, by Rebeka | Add a comment

It’s November and we’re already feeling festive here at MOO HQ. Nothing says holiday cheer like a bright and beautiful card celebrating all that’s great about the season. So why not spread the cheer with festive Greeting Cards?

We know that finding that perfect holiday image can be tricky and that’s why we’ve added some new designs to our Holiday Card Ready Made Gallery. Our personal favorites? These designs from our designer Snow. She’s been hard at work designing some new Ready Mades that we hope you like.

See these beautiful designs (and hundreds more!) in our Ready Made Gallery. We’ve got something for every taste and style. So …Continue reading this article…

The Party’s Over (for another year)

July 2010, by Lisa | 2 Comments – latest by shanfan

Here’s a short note from our Party-Planner and awesome Office Manager – China.

Hey Guys,

A huge thank you for everyone who came down to our 4th summer party last night I think it’s fair to say it was a huge success! Here’s a few shots of the festivities for those who couldn’t make it (we realise that without a teleporter, London’s a bit far for everyone to attend)
Big MOOs

There were times when it looked like we we’d fallen down the rabbit hole and landed in a MOO Wonderland.

The Truth About Little MOO

We …Continue reading this article…

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