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And the winners of the calligraphy competition are…

October 2013, by Jon | 4 Comments – latest by Val

A while ago, we caught a bit of a bug. Don’t worry, we’re not unwell, just a little bit obsessed with putting ink to paper. That might not be what you call ‘news’… but I guess what we’re trying to say is we’re hooked on calligraphy.

It all started when we invited Douglas Bevans from Central St Martins to come into MOO HQ and impart his wisdom with a MOO-U calligraphy lesson. We were pretty much hooked as soon as we picked up our pens and started making swirly shapes, discovering how much fun it is to see your own name written in ink.

You know how much we love getting creative, so naturally, we set you guys a challenge; to scribe your favourite quotes for an extra special prize; a set of personalised Luxe Notecards to help you delight clients and friends with handwritten notes.

Before the big reveal (well, we have to build suspense), we just wanted to offer a snapshot of how many entries we received!

Big stack of paper

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Want your cards featured in the MOO Shop?

March 2013, by Jon | 26 Comments – latest by Victoria Colette

We love discovering new businesses that you guys have got kicked-off and love it when your creative use of MOO Products has been some small part of a success story. That really is the icing on the cake. (CAKE! Did someone say cake?)

So when we decided that we wanted to open a shop, pretty much the first thing (after deciding that there were going to be cookies) was to ensure that you, our customers, and your businesses took pride of place.

We’ve taken our Inspiration Gallery and made it into something you can touch, pick up and feel. Here you’ll find some of …Continue reading this article…

Bits and Pieces – a deconstructed look at old mobile phones

February 2013, by Felix | 1 Comment – latest by raquel

For our latest set of Business Card designs, which we’ve aptly named Bit and Pieces, there was a fair amount of destruction that had to occur before any creation took place. I’m always interested by the way things work, or why things are the way they are, take, for example, the ever-present mobile phone.

MOO Inkdrop made from disassembled old phones

The mystery – a bit like invisible magic –  inside products really fascinates me. When I was about to throw away a few broken old mobile phones that had accumulated over the years, it struck me that …Continue reading this article…

Our top picks of your Christmas Card designs

December 2012, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by Tour Operators Sri Lanka

Last month we showcased some innovative Christmas and Holiday Cards that MOO Creative Director Matt G tracked down. This got us thinking; there must be hundreds of wonderful designs out there in the big wide world that Matt simply wouldn’t have time to track down by himself. So we asked our friends on Facebook and Twitter to show us what they’d seen or created.

We got so many responses that there’s simply not enough blog space to hold them all! We’ve picked just a selection of designs that really caught our eye. Without further ado, here are our top picks:

We loved …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s Mo Bros – Movember 2012

November 2012, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by Hugh

The Mo bros at MOO HQ have enjoyed the excuse to sport some dashing facial hair this month. We’ve been raising money and awareness for men’s health (and having a jolly good time, too.)

To celebrate the end of the Mo growing month, we fooled around a bit and took some artsy (and a little bit silly) pictures. Here they are; enjoy!

You can see more about what we’ve been up to on our team Movember page.

MOO Mo Bros

The 'arty' pose

Mo Bros

Photography by Quentin Ferier.

Behind the scenes with MOO designers

November 2012, by Felix | 1 Comment – latest by Gael

I always appreciate receiving a handmade present, there’s something rather personal and special about it. When we decided to make new sets of Greeting Cards, I wanted to bring as much as possible of a handmade feel into my designs.

For inspiration I settled on one of the most iconic seasonal themes and symbols; the snowflake. Snowflakes are incredibly intricate and fascinating objects that always amaze me when I see them up close. ‘But how do I bring the human touch into a printed product?’, I asked myself. The answer to this question lies in the combination of paper and photography. I decided to create five different …Continue reading this article…

We’re not the only ones who make Greeting Cards!

November 2012, by Jon | 27 Comments – latest by Kimberly Mortson

We just launched a new range of Greeting Card packs, and we’re rather pleased with them. It occurred to us, though, that we’re not the only ones who come up with creative designs. We’d absolutely love to see the cool company greetings you’ve sent and received or simply stumbled upon. You can share your finds with us by posting them on our Facebook page or by Tweeting them to us @overheardatmoo.

To get us started, we turned to Matt G – MOO’s very own creative guru (and fashion guru, have you seen those jumpers?) He thought he’d have a look around for how companies …Continue reading this article…

Celebrity Cards – our Lego photography winner

October 2012, by Jon | 14 Comments – latest by Ali

For our most recent design competition, we combined the launch of our Gloss Business Cards and MiniCards, a love of Lego (which we had a hunch many of you would share!) and a love of classic photography and art. Phew! With such a broad range of inspiration, we received a wide range of submissions, from film and music posters to classic and modern paintings.

We’re very pleased to announce that Chris Marwood has been chosen as our winner! Chris’ ‘subterranean’ design appealed to the music fans at MOO HQ and the fact that the whole image is composed purely from Lego. Fantastic. Chris wins the lovely prize of $300 cash and $100 …Continue reading this article…

“Agent Wilson, Agent Grey; your mission, should you choose to accept it…”

September 2012, by Matt G | Add a comment

King of all I survey

Little did Rob and I know that the mission would be quite so much hard work, and involve quite so much walking.

Armed only with charm, wit and our cameras (and a couple of very fetching safety harnesses) Rob and I ventured to the top of quite a tall building as part of what has been fondly dubbed ‘Project Umbrella’. Continue reading this article…

We have a winner! Da Vinci’s Label competition

September 2012, by Jon | 4 Comments – latest by Joe Sparks

A few weeks ago we asked you to design a sticky label for Leonardo Da Vinci. Drum roll please… It’s time to announce the winner of the design-a-sticky-label-for-Leonardo-Da-Vinci-competition (we really are excellent at coming up with snappy, memorable names for things at MOO)!

We were really amazed at the number of submissions that were attractive and intelligent (two adjectives we like to think also apply to the MOO Crew) and we have whittled them down to select a winner.

After much deliberation and hours of sifting through great big sacks full of postal entries (OK, we lied – emails) we’re very excited to announce that Micha Lema has been selected as the winner! We loved the fun mix of old and modern, …Continue reading this article…

…some more #CityStickers (less than a week to go!)

August 2011, by Charlotte | 2 Comments – latest by HerArtSheLoves

‘Start as you mean to carry on’, that’s how the saying goes, right? Well, the last couple #CityStickers round ups have been grouped in definite themes (the great outdoors and, of course,food) and I’m sticking to my guns!

Representing the great outdoors we’ve got Rita making all of us in the UK office jealous with her Portuguese beach shot and Bill representing Connecticut’s natural beauty. Food is covered by HerArtSheLoves showing her handmade robot balancing on a Florida orange. We’ve also got a new theme emerging in the form of travelling, with bearandrobot showing us how often they’ve left the UK archipelago (um, jealous?). Heather takes it a stage further and goes all multinational on us by …Continue reading this article…

Sticking with the great outdoors

August 2011, by Charlotte | 1 Comment – latest by juliette

Keep those entries coming in! We’re absolutely loving what we’re seeing, hence we’ve decided it’s time again to round up and show off a selection. Last time it seemed food was very much on the mind of you intrepid City Stickers. This time however, we’ve noticed another wholesome pattern emerging: animals and the great outdoors. A special round of applause please for Pie, the patient thoroughbred and willing sticker model for his owner Juliette’s photo!

Oh yes, and there’s less than two weeks left now, so if you’d like to enter the competition all you need to do is this:

1. Stick ANY MOO sticker on something particular to your city or country
2. Take a picture with …Continue reading this article…

Hungry, hungry #CityStickers

July 2011, by Charlotte | 3 Comments – latest by Charlotte

With just two weeks to go for the #CityStickers competition you’ve been getting your entries in thick and fast these past few days. And, we must say, we’re beginning to see a foodie theme emerging in the subjects you’ve chosen: Tortilla, capuccino, coconut slice and beer. Nice to see that you share the same loves as the MOO Crew!

If you’d like to enter the competition all you need to do is this:

1. Stick ANY MOO sticker on something particular to your city or country
2. Take a picture
3. Post to our Facebook wall and/or Flickr pool.

We’re then tasked with the tricky job of choosing 20 winners, who will receive $200 / £125 / €140 …Continue reading this article…

City Stickers: the story so far

July 2011, by Charlotte | Add a comment

After getting the City Stickers party started by representing Britain and sticking stickers on a tea pot, a pie and a red postbox, it’s been great seeing what you’ve come up with yourselves.

So far we’ve got entrants from the USA (Austin and St. Louis to be precise), the UK and Australia – thanks guys. We’re greedy types though, and we want to see even more!

We have 20 prizes up for grabs totalling $4000 / £2500 / EUR 2800 worth of MOO goodies to be won, and one lucky person will also receive a copy of Corel Paintshop Pro photo editing software as well.

You can enter by:

1. using ANY MOO sticker your heart should fancy
2. sticking …Continue reading this article…

Announcing People’s Choice!

October 2010, by Rebeka | 16 Comments – latest by Akemi

It’s been a whirlwind few months here at The Business Card Project. We’ve kept our designers nice and busy redesigning some of the most boring business cards we could find. We just finished our last few redesigns, so be sure to check out our business card inspiration gallery. Now there’s really no excuse to have boring business cards!

We had a blast working with every company and think all the redesigns are remarkable. But which redesign do you think is the best? We’re torn, that’s for sure. So help us decide! Rate each ‘before and after’ using the star rating at the bottom of each gallery page and the company with the highest number of votes and the highest …Continue reading this article…

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