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Powerless to help

August 2011, by Simon G | 1 Comment – latest by Matthew Badsey

As many of you have probably heard, the East Coast of America has been brutally battered by Hurricane Irene over the past couple of days. Since 7am (EST) this morning, up to half of Rhode Island has been without power – this sadly includes our US Office in Providence, Rhode Island.

Thankfully no damage has been done to the office, but without power we’re unable to print and ship your orders. As soon as power is restored, the printers (and coffee machine!) will be powered up, and we’ll be working overtime to get your orders to you.

Without power we’re also unable to respond to your customer service queries sent to our US Customer Service team. Our UK Customer …Continue reading this article…

Take a peek behind the scenes at MOO

July 2011, by Simon G | 18 Comments – latest by Ingrid Ellis

Have you ever wondered how products from MOO are created? From rough sketches to template and UX design, through technical development and printing, MOO products go on quite a journey.

We took a little time out from the development of our two latest products; Stickers and Labels, to record their journey – from just a glimmer in our Product Designer’s eye… all the way to your doorstep!

Introducing – Labels & Stickers: from MOO to you.

(here’s a link to the video on YouTube)

PS. Did you know you can get 15% off all MOO Stickers and Labels until 14th July? There’s no need for a promo …Continue reading this article…

A cryptic clue to what’s coming soon…

June 2011, by Simon G | 252 Comments – latest by Kelli S

For those that follow us on Twitter or regularly read the MOO Blog you’ll know that we’re a busy bunch – releasing new and exciting features to your favourite products (like Rounded Corners on Business Cards), or enhancing the back-bone of the MOO website with upgrades to the Your Account section (like our recent Refer a Friend update). And, the end of June will be no different – we’ve got something big planned, but we can’t quite tell you about it… well, not just yet!

We’re truly excited about this new “thing”, and really can’t contain our excitement any longer, so over the next twelve days we’re going to be leaking some cryptic clues on …Continue reading this article…

We have a confession to make…

April 2011, by Simon G | 8 Comments – latest by Saani

Wow! We’re overwhelmed with the response we received to our product announcement on 1st April, but we have something to confess… MOO-D Ink and MOO-D Cards (along with the “break-in” at MOO HQ) were part of our April Fools. MOO-D Cards are still a glimmer in our Product Designer’s eye, but never say never…

Not liking to disappoint, you can get the MOO-D Card effect (no joke!) with one of our brand new Business Card designs – Hazy Days. This design, part of our latest Business Card design collection, has the same psychedelic colours and patterns as the MOO-D Cards with the benefit of being real!

A Business Card Breakthrough!

April 2011, by Simon G | 858 Comments – latest by Clyde Bess

It’s luckily not very often we have to share bad news on the blog. However, we felt we should let you all know that there was a break in at MOO HQ this week. Your orders are safe and no damage was done to our printing and packing equipment. It seems the people responsible knew exactly what they were looking for: our new product and technology – currently in development, and due to launch later this year.

Early this morning one of our customer service agents received an anonymous email containing a video which shows three people entering the MOO office, discovering and taking items from our research labs. These individuals are now attempting to blackmail MOO before our scheduled product …Continue reading this article…

Kick start your start-up!

January 2011, by Simon G | 6 Comments – latest by Charlotte

For those of you who made a New Year’s resolution to become your own boss, you’re in luck! Friend of MOO, Emma Jones, has just released The Start Up Kit – a friendly and accessible guide to starting a new venture, with the added bonus of coming complete with essential start-up products ranging from business cards to bank accounts.

The kit offers the tools, tips and techniques that you’ll need to get started and keep growing. The 200 page book also offers really easy-to-follow advice on everything from company registration, making sales, embracing technology and keeping customers happy, illustrated with stories of successful start-ups and their top tips!

The Start Up Kit means you can be up and …Continue reading this article…

It’s all in the (marketing) mix

July 2010, by Simon G | 1 Comment – latest by Julianne

With more and more small businesses turning to the internet for new and innovative ways to market their products and services, we were pleasantly surprised to read in this week’s Marketing Week that many small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are increasingly investing in offline promotion.


Whether these offline channels are PR or Conferences and Exhibitions, the savvy small business is stretching their purse strings a little further to cover every aspect of the marketing mix.

Web advertising (covering everything from pay-per-click through to banner ads) is still the top channel used by SMEs. According to the Marketing Week report: outbound email, direct mail, conferences and directories complete the top five marketing channels list.

Top five channels used …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Your advice (and prizes)!

June 2010, by Simon G | 3 Comments – latest by Jed Cohen

Last week was Small Business Week in the USA. Inspired by this week long event, the team at MOO invited you to share your small business tips with other businesses on the MOO Blog… and you sure did!

We received over 150 comments throughout the week and were stunned by your creative and constructive ideas, and advice. We know that setting up a business can be tough work; eating into your time, patience and budget and we wanted to find a way to help, which is why we are rewarding some of the best suggestions and helpful tips with a few prizes! So, without further ado, the winners are…
Taking the plunge
Our first post on Monday was all about …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Procrastination Nation

May 2010, by Simon G | 28 Comments – latest by domain

Today is the final day in our series of Small Business blog posts, just in time for the end of Small Business Week in the USA. We’ve covered topics from “taking the plunge“, through to naming your business. We’ve asked you for networking tips and ways to avoid admin and at the end of the week we’re looking at ways to help avoid procrastination. Leave your comments on the series of blog posts for your chance to win a range of prizes!
Ooo, look at that!
The internet is full of distractions and endless excuses to procrastinate. I’m sure we can all happily say it’s a lot easier to play a game …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Don’t be afraid of admin!

May 2010, by Simon G | 8 Comments – latest by Jennifer

We’ve simply been blown away by the responses you’ve left on our previous blog posts; from “taking the plunge“, naming your business and building your business network, you’ve had truly some inspirational advice for other small businesses – thank you! We’ll be announcing the ‘winning’ comments on Tuesday 1st June – keep checking the MOO Blog for updates. Without further ado, today’s topic: Finding effective admin apps…
Agh, admin!
For most people the thought of being locked in a prison of gridlines is an absolute nightmare. The brutal truth of the matter is that as a small business or freelancer you are not only the creative driving force of your business, you …Continue reading this article…

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