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Small Business – Networking 101

May 2010, by Simon G | 20 Comments – latest by Nigel

It’s time for the third blog post in honor of ‘Small Business Week’ in the US. For the whole of this week we are blogging about small businesses; from “taking the plunge” to choosing a business name.

We’re also asking you to share your tips and advice in the comments – sharing your experiences with other small businesses. We’re also giving away some wonderful prizes, thanks to a few friends of MOO! We know you’re busy people, so we’ll be announcing the winners on Tuesday (1st June), to give everyone a chance to respond.
Making connections
There are plenty of ways to network with the internet quickly becoming the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way. In fact, hundreds of …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – What’s in a (brand) name?

May 2010, by Simon G | 85 Comments – latest by

Continuing our week of blog posts in honor of ‘Small Business Week’ in the US, we’ll be blogging about small businesses and the things they wish they’d known, ways to promote yourself, and ways to get – and stay – motivated.

We’re also asking you to share your own experiences in the comments for some useful prizes, and to help out others in the same situation. We know you’re busy people, so we’ll be announcing the winners next Monday, to give everyone a chance to respond.

What’s in a name?
In Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare’s famous heroine Juliet passionately asks:


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Sadly, the same …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Taking the plunge

May 2010, by Simon G | 30 Comments – latest by SYOBO Works

It’s ‘Small Business Week’ in the USA, celebrating, helping and promoting independent small businesses. A small business ourselves – all be it much bigger than when we started – we get excited to hear about anything promoting smaller companies. So this week, we’ll be blogging about those that have started their own business, things they wish they’d known, ways to promote yourself, and ways to get – and stay – motivated.

Getting started; making it happen
Every business has to start somewhere – even ours. From big players like Google and Microsoft, to the local restaurant or bakery on your block, every business began with an idea. The guys at (from the creators of Behance) …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s Classic Paper Contest: The Results!

May 2010, by Simon G | 7 Comments – latest by Lisa

WOW! We’ve had an overwhelming response to our ‘Classic’ paper contest and are now really quite spoiled for choice. We really underestimated how many of you would have so many ideas, thank you!

There were some creative (and some rather crazy) ideas in the comments on the original blog post, as well as over on Facebook. The whole MOO Crew had great fun reading them all.

As to not keep you waiting any longer, we’ve narrowed the 150+ entries down to a shortlist – although our short list is actually quite long! We’re going to continue to battle it out at MOO HQ to decide on the ultimate winner, but in the meantime we’d like to give a few extra …Continue reading this article…

Capture your Creativity

April 2010, by Simon G | Add a comment

At MOO we’ve always considered creativity important, and we’re constantly amazed at the creativity of our customers.

As you know, we share ideas through our blog and in the MOOsLETTER (you can sign up in the box on the right). We also share speedy links we’ve spotted on Twitter – and keep a long-term library of links on Delicious.

Part of the reason we like to share all this, is because – like you – we know ideas don’t just generate themselves! We can all use a little inspiration sometimes.

So, whether you are looking for new marketing ideas – perhaps a refresh for your email newsletter or new stand for a trade show – passion, …Continue reading this article…

Spreading the word

March 2010, by Simon G | 3 Comments – latest by CoolBeans

As we collected ideas for the MOO Ideas Book we were blown away by how many of our customers create jewellery, sweet treats or t-shirts to sell. Some of you own a shop or café, whilst others own online stores – either custom built, or created with the help of websites like Etsy or Dawanda.

With this is mind we thought it’d be a great idea to catch up with our friends at online T-Shirt printers, Spreadshirt, to ask for their advice about using your creative talents and passion to make money through their online store.

Kathrin, Spreadshirt’s Shop Partner Marketing Manager kindly answered our questions, with some great tips we thought …Continue reading this article…

What’s the big idea?

March 2010, by Simon G | 30 Comments – latest by Gretchen

Are you always looking for new and different ways of promoting yourself or your business?Well, look no further – the MOO Ideas Book is here!

If you want to take a slightly larger look at the book, check out The MOO Ideas Book on Issuu and SlideShare, or click the view in fullscreen button on the book.

What is the MOO Ideas Book?

The original “real life” MOO Ideas Book (printed by our friends at Blurb) has been such a smashing success when MOO has been on the road at various events, we thought we’d share it with everyone. The book …Continue reading this article…

See you on the flipside!

March 2010, by Simon G | 3 Comments – latest by Nancy Stall

We just spotted these cards by mrloofer in the MOO Flickr Pool.

If you don’t want to use MOO’s range of flexible templates, you can always design your own back side to your card. These wonderful Business Cards from West Palm Beach Photographer Alan Lougher were made using MOO’s upload feature for the “details” side.

MOO’s upload feature allows you to upload a JPG or PDF for the “details” side of the card, allowing you to use your own colours, fonts, logos etc…, making them truly unique!

Oh, and it looks as though Alan has already blogged about his cards over on his blog –

What’s the Buzz?

February 2010, by Simon G | 2 Comments – latest by Simon G

Google Buzz

The web is full of social networks. Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Bebo, LinkedIn, XING, and now… Google Buzz.

Google launched their own foray into the world of social networking last week (somewhat a little later than it’s search rival Yahoo!) with what seems like little concern for privacy, but aptly a lot of Buzz.

There are reports across the web (from some major news sources) of ‘privacy violations‘ and …Continue reading this article…

Let the judging begin!

December 2009, by Simon G | 7 Comments – latest by Emma

It’s time to put down that sticky glue-gun, fasten the lids on your favourite pot of glitter and tidy away the beads, buttons and bows – the MOO MiniGift Box Competition is over.

Thank you to everyone who took part, but the deadline for the competition has now passed and the judges are forming their opinions on the finalists, ready to give the results in January 2010.

In case you’d forgotten (or perhaps didn’t know) the competition is being judged by MOO’s very own Product Designer (Paul) and Creative Director (Denise) along with Michael Craig – Design Director at Etsy.

Every entry we received was unique, and truly creative. The judges have got some tough decisions to make in awarding the …Continue reading this article…

MiniCard Boxes: before… and after!

December 2009, by Simon G | Add a comment

The ideas have been popping into the MOO Flickr pool over the last few weeks and we thought it was time to share another one of the crafty creations that caught our eye for MOO’s MiniCard MiniGift Box competition.

We’ve had a few entries, and can only imagine that the rest will come pouring in over the next few days with the deadline not far away now (midnight PDT 28th December 2009).

Everyone at MOO Towers has been completely blown away by this next entry….

Before……and After!

Doreen Kassel has crafted something truly, 100%, unbelievably unique …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s Countdown to Christmas

December 2009, by Simon G | 4 Comments – latest by group housing concepts

MOO’s Countdown to Christmas…

The MOO Crew have carefully selected a list of great creative and marketing resources from across the web, giving those on MOO’s “nice” list a few favourite sites and blogs to help you pass away the hours on the countdown to Christmas!

Ranging from the best ways to SEO your site through to a few posts on “how to be a freelancer”, these blogs and sites are a great place for inspiration and tips when setting up your own small business or your very own studio.

For the ‘snap-happy’ user we’ve included some photo and portfolio ideas, and for those more comfortable with things of a graphic (design) nature, we’ve dropped in a couple of articles on design. …Continue reading this article…

MiniCard Boxes – for a MiniGift Competition!

November 2009, by Simon G | 10 Comments – latest by melanie

If you’ve used up a whole box of MOO MiniCards, you’ll be left with lots of new contacts and… A white box without a purpose.

Luckily we’ve got just the purpose for these blank canvases – the MOO MiniCard MiniGift Box Competition! We’ve been inspired in the past by the amazing things you’ve done with MiniCard boxes and thought we’d give you a little nudge to celebrate your creativity, in time for Christmas and the Holidays.

We’d love to see what you can do with some felt, marker pens, glue, glitter, scrapbooking paper, polymer clay, yarn, and anything else you can find about the house by crafting a MOO MiniCard box (old or new) into either a festive …Continue reading this article…

Talk is cheap (with VoIP)

November 2009, by Simon G | Add a comment

Even an online/web business cannot live in a vacuum.

When you started your web based business you probably had coffee with your suppliers, posted freshly signed contracts through the mail and called potential new clients. All of these really important milestone events happened offline, in the “real world”.

Whilst it’s great to meet face-to-face, we have to admit it’s not practical all of the time which is why the UK portion of MOO’s Marketing team don’t fly from MOO HQ in London (UK) to our office in Rhode Island (USA) for our weekly Marketing meeting (despite how much fun it’d be to pay the Providence office a visit). Instead, we try to make use of all of the latest technology to keep …Continue reading this article…

Question 33 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 10 Comments – latest by Mike

Prepare yourselves as we bravely enter The Third Zone!
The Third Zone: Mysterious Visions

A monstrous figure rises simultaneously beneath the feet of our young heroes. Blaise, Grant, and Rod can scarcely grasp the immensity of the brutal form. It is a troll, but a troll unlike any they could have imagined. A troll that could only exists… in the Third Zone.

All three turn to run. They do have any rational thought–only a deep primal instinct to flee the beast. Although each of them perceives themselves to be in distinct physical locations, they turn and run as one entity. As they run images flash through their minds. Images of people, strangers to them and yet vaguely familiar. Images of people who seem …Continue reading this article…

Question 32 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 22 Comments – latest by Clare Selley

For the question junkies out there, here is question 32 (our second for today). It’s a cryptic question (quite fitting for our cryptic quiz)! MOO is celebrating our third birthday all month, with quizzes and discounts throughout September. We’re giving away a selection of prizes, including today’s prize (1 year Pro membership) from our friends at SmugMug.

For your chance to win, why not have a go at today’s questions!

Unbearable Lightness of Being

If you or I had received a note signed by the 3 Blind Mice, we’d likely know right where to go to ask questions like, “Why are you being so cryptic,” or, “Hey mice that can write, didn’t I see you in that Flower for Algernon …Continue reading this article…

Question 31 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 32 Comments – latest by Gabi Nüchter

SmugMug ProIt’s time for Question 31 of MOO’s Birthday Quiz. Today we’re giving away 3 SmugMug Pro accounts – one for each of today’s winners. You’ll need to post your answer in the comments below for your chance to win. Each Pro account is valid for one year, and worth almost $150!

Hardboil’d, Part XI
For Want of Accord

Confound it–this is turmoil most vicious! Unusual sounds spring forth from our mouths. Sounds both long, loud, and of a uncommon pitch for such small mus musculus. So dramatic is our dismay that it actually alarms all similar sounds and no abutting paragraphs may contain it. You must work hard to find this monstrous lack, or …Continue reading this article…

It’s answer time (Questions 28, 29 & 30)

September 2009, by Simon G | Add a comment

How do you think you did? Confident? All of the answers have been marked, and the winners from Monday 14th have been randomly chosen by one of our brilliant developers, Gordon. It won’t be long before they’ve developed us our very own “random quiz marking machine” – they’re very good!

Question 28:
Answer: KNIFE
Wondering how we got there?
[KNIT - (Cousin) IT] + [WIFE - (George) W Bush] = KN + IFE = KNIFE!
Winner: Dana K

Question 29:
Winner: Cleopatra Browne

Question 30:
Answer: Twingor the Troll
The name of this villain was spelled out through the first letter of each line in …Continue reading this article…

Question 30 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 12 Comments – latest by Victoria

Yay! We’ve hit the big 3-0 (in our quiz questions that is, MOO has only just turned 3)!
30 questions down, 36 left to go! (We’ve got plenty more prizes left too!)

So far we’ve seen the three bears encounter a new client and the three (legally) blind mice get themselves a little lost. You can catch up on the story so far here! Now, onwards…

The Third Zone: Interlopers

Now that you’ve stepped in and diverted the fatalistic flow of fate, we can resume our–

They are not welcome, these intrusive three
with their bursts of color and imagery.
I won’t abide such abundance of art
nor allow expression to this degree.
Growling and roaring are to no avail
on I go now to …Continue reading this article…

Question 29 of the Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number!”

September 2009, by Simon G | 15 Comments – latest by Chi

It’s question time quiz fans! This is question two for the day (the 29th in total). If you also want to try your hand at today’s first question (no.28) feel free. We’ll be picking our winners at random tomorrow morning. We now join the three bears as they continue on their adventure…
Unbearable Lightness of Being

When the three bears were finally all back at the office together, they found that their tempers had cooled considerably. What they didn’t find was their client–Goldilocks. Instead, they found a cryptic note:

T N G J K U ! J Y B T A B Y M V L A L G Y O R …Continue reading this article…

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