A double work life

13th August 2014 by Karen

With an ever-changing work climate, there’s a good chance you’ve worked freelance before, have heard of the 4-hour workweek (and want to try it, right?) or in fact, work a double life.

What’s a double work life? This is when you spend your day at a 9-5 job and your evenings or weekends working on your own business, a second job or passion project. Here at MOO, we’re fascinated by these ‘double lifers’ and even have quite a few of them working for us too.

So, we’ve started a series where we get to know some exciting, inspiring folks in our community and at MOO too, to find out what it takes to lead a double life, err work life, we mean…


By day, Caz Roberts is a freelance producer, responsible for all the planning, content and budgets for films, websites and digital posters in the advertising world. If that isn’t enough, Caz is also founder of Gluugle, a website and app where users can share and rate their favourite gluten-free spots. On top of this, she writes the blog The Gluten Free Foodie, a restaurant review guide.

Her diagnosis as a coeliac fifteen years ago started Caz’s necessary quest for gluten-free food, yet it was on one of her first freelance gigs at a digital agency that inspired her to start her blog, and later her app. “Through working at agencies, I learnt a lot about digital production, and the advertising world is always teaching me new strategies and thoughts on design that I can apply to Gluugle.”

Caz’s Gluugle app

But the influence isn’t one sided. Running her app has also impacted Caz’s day job in advertising. “Dealing directly with users helps me to understand how the public reacts to products, and that helps when I am thinking about social media strategy as a producer,” says Caz.

Although juggling both jobs can be difficult, working freelance enables Caz to work on her app when she can. “While I don’t like to have very long gaps in between jobs, a few weeks here and there allow me to dedicate time to Gluugle. I admit, when I’m freelancing, I am a bad parent to Gluugle – I just babysit!”

Caz on the job as a producer

Having your own business can have its bonuses too, especially if there are any day-to-day struggles with your day job. “I find that having something that is yours is really important and empowering. Knowing that you’re also the boss in your second job can be a strength,” finds Caz.

True to the Glause

There’s no doubt that your own business can be rewarding, and for Caz, her app has created a whole new world outside her work as a producer. “I love interacting with the Gluugle community. I go to lots of gluten-free events, and speak on behalf of the gluten-free community at conferences and in the press.”

Gluugle business cards

Organising gluten-free parties and going to events has proven to be a great way for Caz to promote Gluugle. MOO Business Cards and Postcards have also come in handy, as Caz gives them to restaurants after a meal to let them know they’ve been reviewed. For Caz, being true to its spirit and purpose is at the heart of any Gluugle promotion. “It’s about helping a community to find great, safe food they can eat and promoting the wonderful establishments that do so!”

A MOO match

We’ve got a few app owners at MOO too – like Mara Goes, an Experience Designer at our London HQ, who also runs an app and website GiddyFingers. A huge fan of Instagram, Mara’s own app grew organically when she started designing funny icons to overlay onto images. Mara began to get a lot of interest from people wanting to use the icons too, so she started offering her icons for download on her website and within a month, the icons went viral and the demand for an app was born.

GiddyFingers app

Like Caz, Mara’s day job at MOO influences the work she does after hours on her app. “Because I work in design, I am always learning new things, especially as technology is ever evolving. Understanding design principles as well as the best user experience practices has been vital to the success of GiddyFingers,” says Mara.

Yet, Mara didn’t go it alone with setting up GiddyFingers, though. Instead, she partnered with one of her co-workers Bruno Sousa, a native developer at MOO on her app. “I bought Bruno on as a 50/50 partner once my designs were nearly ready and I needed a native developer. Bruno had heard about my project and offered to help. Instead of hiring a developer, I thought it would be much nicer to have a partnership and we recently set up Giddyfingers LLP to support the app.”

Because Mara already works full-time, starting Giddyfingers hasn’t been about the financial rewards, but instead, her end goal is to eventually develop a creative community of users. “My app is free and I offer my icons for free too. As I invest more time in developing the app, tweaking its user interface and adding new features, my goal is to build a creative community where artists and designers can share and sell their designs through it.”

On top of her work at MOO, Mara dedicates at least three hours per evening to work on her app and does all her own marketing. So, what’s the reward for all her efforts? “It offers me lots of joy to be able to share my work and see how it impacts other people’s lives. I get thousands of messages daily from followers all over the world telling me how much they enjoy my work and that’s what keeps me going,” says Mara.

Comments (15)

  1. Dave:

    This is great! I’m with you! I work all day at a full time job and after hours work on LiveToSpeak and working towards this to go full time. Thanks for the inspiration and I no longer feel alone. Your marketing worked; I will now loov for more MOO services!
    Thank you so much,

  2. Rachel Cotterill:

    I’m a PhD student in computer science… but in my spare time I write fantasy novels. My Moo cards are designed to let people know about my books: http://instagram.com/p/q3tqfAtFjO/

  3. Julia:

    Congrats to both ladies! – from a structural engineer by (week)day / photographer by weekend : )

  4. Rich:

    I love these stories about side projects. I agree that having the ownership of a growing community has empower you in your full-time role as well.

  5. David:

    Curious that there’s no mention of balancing a family life along with a second job/hobby in either of these case studies. That is when it starts to get really tricky.

  6. MO:

    I am a school psychologist by day, blogger and photographer by night, wife and mom of three all day long. Sometimes, I describe myself as one with creative-impulse control issues. I used the Moo platform for facebook cards from my school psychologist page (burgeoning school psychologist) and now I’m trying to conceptualize business cards and note cards for my fledgling photography business. Living la vida loca people!

  7. Kristi:

    My “day job” is being a graphic designer for a large retail company, My “side job” would be my invitation business I work on nights & weekends from home. I am also a wife & full time mom of 3 boys! Juggling all of my jobs can get really hectic at times to say the least. My invitation business is my passion that I hope to grow into my full time job one day. And although sometimes I have to put it on the back burner… I always come back to it and LOVE what I do. :)
    I used Moo for my business cards for My Paper Invites invitation business and have had so many compliments. Love my cards!

  8. Giamaro LLC:

    I have come across this TED talk, which I would like to share here on moo.com:

    This 3:57 min video reveals a work habit that is successful. The success formula is:

    1. Passion
    2. Work
    3. Focus
    4. PUSH (and this is where this blog post falls into)
    5. Ideas
    6. Improve
    7. Serve
    8. Persist

    Great blog post! Very inspiring.

  9. DJ Reflecta:

    Wow! Yeah, I’m the same way. I am in Property Management in the day time and DJ at night. I am only asked to spin certain times of the week and then the rest of the time I’m making mixes on my down time and Youtube Videos.

  10. Danielle:

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one with a double work life. By day I’m a freelance marketing manager and around that I work on my housewares business Aubeterre Blue (www.aubeterreblue.co.uk) It’s so busy but I love having a creative output in my spare time. I also have two small children, I think it’s important to show them how to follow your passion and work hard x

  11. Clemens:

    Hey Moo. Thanks for the post. I, too, have a few different passions and love the diversity. Sometimes they even culminate beautifully. Keep on mooing, Clemens

  12. Frances:

    So lovely to hear everyone’s stories. I love that I’m not the only one doing this. I work full time as a University Survey Manager and one day a week and weekends as a Plant Spirit Medicine Healer. It’s challenging! I’m working towards tipping the balance into more healing work and less uni work but it’s nice to have a foot in both camps :)

  13. Kacy:

    This is really inspiring! It’s great to hear success stories and how they can balance two jobs, both of which they enjoy. I bet it’s great to have another passion outside of your ‘day job’ that you can build upon! It must feel really empowering and rewarding.
    Also, I am allergic to gluten myself, so I will definitely be downloading Gluggle, it sounds like a great idea, thank you!

  14. turn wordpress:

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    I’ve no understanding of coding however I had been hoping
    to start my own blog in the near future. Anyhow, should you have any recommendations
    or tips for new blog owners please share. I know this
    is off subject however I just needed to ask. Thanks!

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