The right tools for the job

12th June 2014 by emma

We’ve all had that ‘not-enough-hours-in-the-day’ feeling, so finding those things that make our working lives that little bit easier can be a real blessing.

As an online business, we’re big fans of calling on technology to help us do our jobs better. We caught up with a few of the MOO Crew to discover the tools they swear by for getting things done.


1.  TweetDeck

Jon Baldwin, Community and Content Associate: “Tweetdeck is a super useful tool. It lets me see all the tweets that mention MOO, Business Cards or any of our other products, as well as follow interesting conversations with different hashtags. I can also create filters to show me only the relevant or most important tweets, which is perfect for dealing with queries and directing customers to our support team.”


 2. Instagram

Steve Turner, Junior Graphic Designer: “Instagram isn’t just for my down-time, it keeps me up-to-date with the people, brands and agencies I find most inspiring and insightful. The things they’re creating, the places they’re visiting, and the environments they’re working in are all there at the flick of a thumb. It’s great for taking me out of my own headspace for a moment or two.”


3. Dash

Jak Spalding, Developer: “It’s near impossible to stay on top of the various web languages I use all day, every day, but with a simple key press Dash allows me to look up the documentation for any one of those languages. It makes coding so much simpler.”


4. Poetica

Andrea Hubert, Copywriter: “I like Poetica for group feedback on my writing – both at the office and in my personal projects. It’s a much easier and more efficient way of using tracked changes – you can import and share feedback in real time, it’s really simple to grasp (ideal for a technophobe like me!) and it works on any device. Which means that if I’m out of the office, and I need to make a change, I can quickly do so on my phone.”


5. Adobe Kuler

Sophia Del Pizzo, Artworker: “Just pick a colour you like and it automatically finds complementary colours – so cool! It’ll also save the swatch to your Creative Cloud account and show up in programs like Illustrator. It’s ideal if you’re trying to work out your brand colours!”


6. Trello

Emily Atkinson, Developer:

“I use Trello to keep track of the tasks I need to complete each day. It helps me to stay on top of those immediate and short term things that aren’t in our internal project planning tool, and which I might need to get done outside of the office or on my commute. Tasks like watching lectures for my iOS course and keeping up with Girls in Tech tend to make it into Trello.”

7. Solar

Felix Ackermann, Product Designer: “This beautifully designed weather app can transform my mood in the swipe of a finger. Plus, the intuitive interface makes it a real joy to use. Ok, so I don’t use it directly in my job, but naturally the better my mood, the better my work!”


8. Gimp

Mike Pearce, Development Manager: “GIMP is an image editing tool with many benefits, not least that it’s free and works on Linux. It doesn’t have Photoshop’s power or range of features, but for day-to-day photo editing it does the job admirably. It’s particularly handy for editing images and photos to put on the website, or superimposing horses’ heads onto pictures of colleagues.”


9. Workflowy

Leila d’Angelo, Content Manager: “Workflowy is intuitive, it works in the same way my brain does, and it’s the best management tool I have. It syncs across all devices so I can quickly access and update my meeting notes wherever I am. It’s perfect for managing a team as I can see every meeting I’ve had at a glance and either keep it to the heading or go into more detail if I need to. No more scrambling through a notepad or getting caught without my notes!”

10. WeTransfer

Cat Totty, Brand Manager: “Larger attachments are usually important things like videos, photos, or big polished documents, so it’s great knowing they’ll not get stuck because of their size. WeTransfer lets you send documents well above your email attachment limit. It also shows the document uploading, and lets you know when it’s been downloaded, which is very reassuring. Free, takes a few secs, all good.”


Without these awesome tools our days would probably be much longer, and our stress levels much higher, so we have plenty to thank them for. What’s your (not so) secret workplace weapon? Tweet us and Jon will keep an eye out for your messages on TweetDeck!

Comments (3)

  1. Ric:

    Great to see such a large company promoting Gimp. I actually prefer it to Photoshop in many ways – it’s selection tools especially are much more intuitive to use in my opinion.

    May I also suggest ? It’s not exactly a snazzy looking tool but it does save hours of time when you have a large number of images to resize. Just zip them up and upload!

    • emma:

      Thanks for the tips, guys – it’s great to share ideas. We’ll be checking your suggestions out too!

  2. Rich:

    I’m loving Podio for project management, HelpScout for simple email handling across multiple websites, Buffer for social media posting and Canva for working with images.
    Thanks for your post – I’ve now got four more apps to check out.

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