Turning Business Cards into Letterheads

8th May 2014 by steph

We’ve launched Letterheads, and now it’s time to design yours. Yay! If you’re not sure how to get started, never fear – we’ve asked some of our very own designers who helped create our lovely Letterheads to show you exactly how it’s done. MOO fans, meet Stephen, Sophia and Jaime. They’ve gathered together to bring you their top hints and tips on how to work your existing theme into a striking Letterhead. Over to the experts…

I want to design a Letterhead! Where do I start?
Letterheads are the perfect place to get creative with your brand, but they’re also a practical document too, so your design should complement your content rather than distract from it. Before you play with the design, it’s good to figure out what information you’ll need on the page so you can create a template to work with.

How do I strike a balance between a fun yet professional look?
You can print in full colour on both sides of the Letterhead, giving you the balance between subtle, pared back design on the front, contrasted with a burst of personality on the back. And thanks to our Printfinity technology you can print a different image on every sheet – so the back really is your blank canvas.

How can I make my name and logo stand out?
Managing these two key elements successfully is a lot to do with hierarchy, text weight and stroke. Layout is important too, and you should give each enough space to fulfil their purpose. Some people will have logos that include their name within them, which can also be a great way of resolving this issue.

Any quirky design tips?
Letterheads can show off that you’re professional and creative all in one place, which means there are lots of quirky things you can do with the design. Why not play around with the placement of type? Or you can use the folds or corners of the Letterhead to reveal a picture or message for the recipient to find.

What sort of colours work best?  
It’s good to keep your background colour palette light on the detail side to make your letter copy stand out – pastel backgrounds and light gradients work really well. Try not to use really dark colours, or your text will get lost.

Should I use my Business Card fonts?
It’s always a good idea to keep your fonts the same. On your Business Card you’ll have hopefully selected fonts that are legible and have a few different weights – giving you more scope to play around with what works best on your Letterhead. Remember if you’re using multiple fonts (we’d recommend three as the maximum) make sure they complement each other and don’t cause confusion.

My Letterhead and Business Card look different – does it matter?
It’s important to have a consistent look and feel as it helps to build a stronger, more professional brand. From the start it’s good to create an identity that has a mixture of design themes and elements that can be easily be applied to a range of applications, so that you can play around with each printed product, but keep a similar identity throughout.

Who should I get to check my Letterhead design?
Once you’ve finished your design it’s best to check it with a creative, and a non-creative person. You could create a really elaborate design but you could be sending this to someone more professionally minded who might think it doesn’t quite do the job – it’s always good to get more than one opinion!

Comments (2)

  1. Katrina Garner:

    From the email offer, I was hoping that I could click on “design letterhead from business cards” and get to an example of my own business cards made into letterhead — or at least one example to get me started. That didn’t happen. Maybe I misread the email offer?

  2. Gans K:

    Awesome Stuff… Just I would except…
    Clear the written flow with proper understanding…
    Thanks for sharing..

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