MOO Designers’ Fave Fonts

1st May 2014 by Jon

Every designer has a favourite typeface. Or do they? When we asked our design team to give us the font they like to use and read the most, we received a variety of responses. Steve had to play a quick game of ‘eenie-meenie-miney-mo’ on his fingers to make up his mind; Anna went into a daydream-like daze and started murmuring about ampersands… and as for Felix, well!

Once we’d calmed them all down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, (always does the trick) we managed to get slightly more coherent answers out of them.

Here are some MOO Designer font favourites below:

Steve – graphic designer

Anup – design director

Felix – product designer

Hannah – graphic designer

Anna – head of graphics

Got a favourite font? Let us know why you can’t help but love it in the comments below…

Comments (30)

  1. Nicki Solomon:

    The 5 beautiful expressions of font love speak well for the fonts. I like that each display is put to a different function. However, consistency, consistency, consistency. The last example is probably Caslon, but it is not treated in the same fashion as the others. It is not stand alone font name: “Mr & Mrs Kings Caslon” is cute but is not the way to communicate CASLON in this format. In addition, there is no reference in the text that might have saved the design to some extent. If one writes about the font, it is not hard to use it in a sentence.

  2. Nicole:

    I really liked this post, and I’m excited to integrate Oswald Light into my life!

  3. Ophelie:

    Beautiful post! Archer is a new favourite.

  4. Sofia:

    Love the post! I’m going crazy about typhography for the moment and like to soak in professional’s tips about good workable fonts and how they use them. Thanks!

  5. Marie:

    How can you not support Verdana? It’s all-British and legible at 4pt! We try not to use anything else… but usually at 10pt ;o)

  6. Will@interface:

    Great to see people passionate about what they do! We LOVE Century Gothic. Clean, simple but with a subtle difference – Just how I like my shirts!

  7. Devika Maharaj:

    Great article! I love seeing the passion fellow designers have when they talk about elements of design( in this case typography). I may need some tea and a slice of cake because I too experienced some immediate cluttering of my brain- it was flooded with fonts! sigh…I love it!!

  8. Pamela:

    I’ve always gravitated toward chalkboard due to the clarity and spacing of the words. Its easy to read and the print is a darker for my older eyes without selecting bold. (btw, I agree with Nicki about the Caslon- since I’d never heard of it, I really didn’t know exactly what font she was referring to).
    Loved the article and comments!

  9. Heather:

    Favorite family at this moment would have to be Neutra it is so versatile.

  10. Jean Gadsby:

    I love Graphic Light, it looks very stylish in letters, the only drawback is that it doesnt do a £ sign !

  11. Jeffery Schreiner:

    Great article! …though I think Mrs. Eaves is the loveliest !!

  12. Eric:

    Recently have been having somewhat of a love affair with Alegreya SC. It feels very fresh and modern and professional to me. Especially love the italics.

  13. Cath Prisk:

    I love Lucida, and for headings my new favourite is appleberry. Took ages to decide on these for our new business, but these work perfectly!

  14. Alicia:

    Good stuff!
    Steve: I, too, am a huge fan of Futura, so I will investigate Oswald Light.
    Felix and Anup: Archer and Didot look like great options for an all cap, one word. Paired with Futura or Oswald Light, this makes a wonderful word mark. Something I’ve been playing with for but still haven’t found the right font. Thanks for sharing it!
    Hannah and Anna: I love Baskerville and Caslon is a close second.

  15. Tim:

    Comic Sans! Just kidding, just kidding… (please don’t hurt me)

  16. michelle:

    Gill Sans. It’s a great all-purpose font: legible, clear, elegant, familiar (i.e. London Underground) yet still modern in it’s aesthetic even after close to a century of use. I especially like it in all caps, with a bit of space between the characters. (I think Archer might be a new favorite, though!)

  17. Regina:

    Lovely! And speaking of fonts, one feature on MOO that I’d really love to see expanded is the choice of fonts offered for use in printing on the back of greeting cards. The current choices are surprisingly limited for you lovers of fonts. :-)

  18. Eva:

    Archer! Beautiful. I don’t know much about type. Love these typography week articles – every week should be typography week! :-)

  19. Sarah:

    I’m in love with Museo sans and Museo slab, especially for use in motion graphics. I love Baskerville, too!

  20. Oliver:

    Lovely selection and I really like the illustrations as well! Even though it’s probably on of the most unsurprising choices, but I have to admit that I’m an admirer of the fabulous Helvetica… :)

  21. Cyndy:

    Dating myself, but Avant Garde still comes out a favorite. I love how clean and round it is, and use it on my business card, if nothing else. I’d never use it on my book covers, however.

  22. Jenni:

    I love Didot but I find it doesn’t print very well for something like business cards. The thin lines are just too thin, which makes me sad because I stopped using it. Excited to check out some of these new fonts too.

  23. Michael Young:

    Gotham anyone?

  24. Lesley Binks:

    @Nicki : Kings Caslon, from Dalton Maag – developed in 21st century – is not Caslon which can be found as a free font and was developed in the 18th century.

    I use Cantarell for print at the moment. Humanist. Pleasantly readable – not so convinced for on screen use though.

  25. Tamsyn:

    What an exciting and interesting post! As a typography enthusiast (but without formal design training), I find it intriguing to see what fonts designers like and why. I get to do some design work in my communication job, and I have lots of favorite fonts… depends on the mood I want to convey.

    A couple of serif favorites are: High Tower Text (I did my Master’s thesis in this!), for its elegance without the grating qualities of some other starkly delineated serif fonts. I also love Chaparral Pro … beautiful bold and italic faces, and conveys a respect for the past with an embrace of the future … it’s not too post-modern or old-fashioned, but seems just right.

    Sans-serifs… goodness, so hard to choose here too: I like the Folio font family a lot, as well as the Bell Gothic family. I also love the Santana family … in part for the Old English-esque lowercase “eth.” Santana doesn’t have the cross-tick through the stem of the eth, but that’s how I hand-write my “d’s” and this font reminds me of Old English orthography (which I love).

    Might need to check into Archer now! I love the descriptions of its being a large family with different weights …

  26. Sue Black:

    my current crush is HALIS. so clean and pretty. ALL CAPS is beautiful!

  27. Sue Black:

    ps… lovers of DIDOT may also enjoy the following “moderne” options:
    MODERN NO. 20
    TORINO – lovely question mark!

  28. Heather Tchir:

    I think Didot is pretty, but hard to use in a lot of the design I do. As already stated the thins can get too thin at small sizes. And I usually love your infographics, but Anna’s example is a little awkward. I use Caslon on the regular but I don’t think that’s the best representation. Major props to Steve and Felix calling out great faces I haven’t used in a while. I collect typefaces like shoes and lose track of what I have just as easily, so it’s nice to have a reminder now and then.

  29. Susan DeLand:

    …and then there is the simple, lovely Candara.

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