One Man Bands Still Need a Brand

21st March 2014 by Cheryl

How do brands start? Or better yet what makes something, a company, a person a brand? Well we’re very glad you asked! From big businesses down to freelancers they all benefit from having a cohesive brand.

If you’re a freelancer, consultant, or ‘one-man band,’ a strong visual brand that translates well on the web and on your Business Cards and other printed marketing materials to leave that impression on potential clients. When you can meet a new customer, contact or client anywhere, anytime you want to make sure they remember you (and get back in touch!).

Every day on Twitter and Facebook (and running off the printers in our factories in London and Rhode Island!) we get to see vibrant glimpses of our customers’ brands – and we simply *had* to share some of our favorites. From illustrators to beauty queens we’ve got a few fantastic ones:

1. Robin Harris AKA Electrick Ink – Designer

Robin’s cards are perfect for those moments when you know you want to remember something specific about a meeting. Your contact can jot down that article they wanted to send you or the project you said you could help on. Very nifty. He’s also got a fun way of describing his brand: “I like to consider electrick  ink as the Batman to my Bruce Wayne.” Well said! It’s important to have that kind of intense confidence in your brand. You want to feel like you can take on the world.

2. Neil Perry Photo – Architectural Photographer

Neil Perry thought long and hard about whether he wanted to showcase his photography on his cards. His card is focused on being memorable instead of on his product but, as he says, “who I am, what I do and how I can be contacted.” His photography ranges from interiors to sprawling aerial shots so he built his visual brand on the simple idea of a professional photographer so as not to have potential clients write him off from viewing one singular image.

3. Andy Skipper – Startup Tech Consultant

After you see Andy’s card, there’s no forgetting his beard. He chose to represent himself by showing off his most prominent features – and used Fivrr to do it. Having a logo can be important for instant recognition. Andy’s follows through from his cards, to his online presence all the way to his face! When ask about shaving his beard his response was not unexpected: “Don’t be silly. If an unfortunate accident occurs, though, I have access to large quantities of Tippex.”

4. Samantha Russo – Miss New Hampshire/Multimedia Journalist

It’s not often you see a card with two very different professions on it, and even less often that you see a card for a beauty queen (we should know! We see a lot of cards…). But Samantha manages to pull it off splendidly; a tiara and sports equipment never looked so good. She’s got some great points but the strongest is probably: “It shows them that I am confident and capable of anything that comes my way (Hey, I walked on stage in a swimsuit in front of thousands of people).” Don’t be afraid to include things that make you, YOU.

5. Matt Doering – Concept Artist

Matt’s Cards are a prime example of showing off your best work. This adorable duo is from a children’s book entitled “The Story of Magic Kringle.” It’s a recent piece of his which serves his philosophy of a fresh brand image: “My art is consistently evolving, so I want my branding to evolve with it. It’s a fun and interesting challenge where I almost have to play catch up with myself over time. So when I sat down to work on this business card design, I started with the thought, “What design is going to best compliment my art at this stage in time?” knowing full well that I’ll probably redesign in a year or two.” An involved task to be sure but if you want to show your best and current work that’s the best way to do it!

6. Isabella – Illustrator

Every single one of Isabella’s cards is bursting with personality. That monster just gets it. He’s ready to be professional, but also totally down to party. Look at those dance moves! They’re definitely representing a positive way of thinking which fits Isabella’s mission to a T: “I recognized that business cards to me are moments of art -I’m all about making art so that people feel better about themselves and see the world around them in a deeper way…” Well said. Cards with a mission can leave a really strong impression.

If you have a really powerful, unique brand that you’d like to share with us just Tweet, tumble, or Instagram them with the hashtag #MyBrand to join the fun of Branding Week!

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