Talking about a New Year’s resolution

9th January 2014 by Simon G

Setting individual New Year’s resolutions can help you change or improve parts of your personal life – so why not do the same for your business?

Whether your business is well established, brand new or just a year in, it’s a great idea to use this time of year to pick an area that needs a little work, and find a way to improve it. You’ll make your business more efficient, profitable and altogether better and what better way to start the year?

There are a lot of areas in any business that even just a little bit of TLC would make all the difference. So without further ado (or procrastination!), here are our top five to get you started in 2014:

My New Year’s Business Resolution is to….

1. …make my To Do list less terrifyingly long (so it actually works!)

2. …finally get myself organised – no more piles of post-its!

3. …be more creative – and never stare at a blank piece of paper again! .

4. …get some funding one way or another!

5. …be better at networking (and the follow up!)

Of course, there are countless other areas you could work on – SEO, market research, a new logo designs, or a refreshed Social Media strategy to blow the competition out of the water. And it’s up to you to pick the one you think will help the most, (which can be tricky)!

We’d love to hear your resolutions; you always manage to surprise us. So, leave your New Year’s business resolutions in the comments below – and the one that inspires us the most will win a special New Year’s prize – £100/$150 MOOlah to spend on whatever takes your fancy on – perhaps new Business Cards, MiniCards or Postcards to kick off the new year! You’ve got until the end of January to share your suggestions. We’ll let the lucky winner know by email (in early February). So, over to you…

Comments (6)

  1. Barbara:

    At a low moment last fall, my iPod thoughtfully began playing the song “Rockaway” by Nikki Jean. Music has always been part of my creative engine, and often its navigator. I realized that my job for 2014 is to rock myself away from a period of exhausting, distracting personal commitment, happily completed, and rock my work forward with all,the energy and dispatch I hear in the music that inspires this watercolor artist.

  2. Anne Belden:

    My resolution is to : Love myself unflinchingly !
    I have my own small coaching biz , mainly working with women/couples struggling to build their families ( so that means infertility and adoption are big issues ). In the midst of this messy stuff, people begin to not love themselves so much and forget how to champion their needs, wants and desires. By loving myself unflinchingly, I am able to deliver the best services possible, and leverage that energy to build a phenom of a business ! Thanks for asking.

  3. Khristy Kim:

    Five years ago I moved to Seattle with the dream of one day becoming a full time artist in this fine city. Since then, I worked countless odd jobs to make a living and buy my paints. Finally, last August, I decided it was time to let go of my jobs and sail the North Pacific with my sweetheart to collect images that inspired my art and give me a fresh start. Upon returning, I hit my studio hard and am determined to give my artist dream a full time go. I am on the my third round of MOO business cards and super excited about it. My New Years Resolution is to live and feed myself off of my art sales. To keep pushing and sending out positive energy (and attractive business cards) with the firm belief that what you put out is also what you take in. Happy New Year!

  4. Paula:

    My non-new year’s resolutions, but rather aims for the year are:
    - Be kinder to myself
    - Challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone
    - Be happy

  5. Kelly Cort:

    My resolution is to work harder and longer at my creative small business. I’m not tired enough when my head hits the pillow at night. Samuel Goldwyn said, “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” So, no more dawdling!

  6. Anna Sircova:

    My resolution is to finish as soon as possible the research projects from my previous life and get rid of the stuff that we don’t need, so that there is energy to do a totally new project and there is actually space for it, both physical and mental.

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