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In a Digital World, Handwritten Communication is King

27th November 2013 by Jamie

In a world of emails and texts, it’s the handwritten note that we value the most. Whether it’s a long letter, a thank you card or a simple postcard, eight out of ten Brits say that receiving a handwritten note ‘makes them feel special’ – that’s over three times the number of us that feel special getting just a tweet to say thank you. While life becomes increasingly more fast-paced and convenient, it’s the inconvenient acts that begin to shine as the most thoughtful.

We did a little research on the subject and came across five interesting findings, gathered from a sample group of London dwellers:

1.) A handwritten envelope gets our attention – seven out of ten of us open it before all of our other post. So, if you want to stand out in a pile of post, it’s an easy way to do so.

2.) Handwritten notes aren’t just about birthday cards and love letters – they’re highly valued in business too, with over a third (37%) of the folks we asked feeling that sending a handwritten note or letter at work builds better business relationships than an email or printed letter, and the same number feeling it adds more gravitas. We couldn’t agree more – little notes to share a short message make really great personal thank yous to customers and clients. It helps a business stand out in the mass of daily communications that we all get.

3.) A fifth (20%) of us believe that handwritten communications at work reflect well on our reputation and the company we work for. Sounds like it’s certainly worthwhile putting pen to paper then.

4.) Unlike emails, 48% of us keep handwritten letters to re-read them, and will keep certain handwritten letters forever. Who hasn’t got a box of secret letters from a long lost love under their bed?

5.) Handwritten letters aren’t only for older generations – the group most likely to keep them to re-read are 18-24 year olds.

Unfortunately though, despite the number of us that think letters show a deeper sense of consideration, in an average month, over half of us (51% to be precise) don’t send any form of handwritten communication at all. A third of us say it’s because we just don’t have enough time and 40% of us blame the expense of stamps.

So what’s the solution? Well first off – not all notes need to be mailed! Having stationery at your desk or at home like our Luxe Notecards means you can simply drop a note on someone’s desk whenever you feel like it. And while Postcards do require stamps, they’re still a quicker, easier way of sending a ‘hello’ or ‘thank you.’ Why not start out simple and drop notes to the people within easy reach? Who knows what it might inspire you to do next! Or the positive impact it could have on your career or business. A little bit of thoughtfulness can go a long way.

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  1. Peggy West:

    Hand written notes are so wonderful to send and receive. I had never thought about how many times someone would read a note. I have got to start writing more notes!

  2. DSM:

    Just participated in this year’s Snail-Mail-My-Email project & it was so much fun handwriting notes & letters to complete strangers!! Ohh if I could be a fly on the wall when the recipients get their handcrafted snail mail!! I just hope they are as excited to receive & I was to create & send!

    Hadn’t really connected the dots before reading this article… but now you’ve got me thinking about designing a special set of postcards to use next year.

    Would be *very cool* if you could connect with the project’s creator/coordinators and come up with some way to work together to put MOO’s beautiful writing materials in the hands of next year’s volunteer letter writers/artists.

    Wish I could quit my current job & spend all my time helping make a collaboration like this happen (for a reasonable stipend, of course… I have come to enjoy having a roof, heat, light, food and clothing :/)

    In any case, YEA! to handwritten letters & those who encourage them!!

  3. Kerry Adams:

    Very nice and interesting points raised here. Yes a handwritten note adds more value and feelings than an average typed copy and leaves a more everlasting impression. It acts like conveying a personalised message to the sender and thus impact is surely more effective and prominent. Thanks for sharing this one.

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