Meet the judges: Richard Moross, Founder and CEO of MOO.COM

22nd October 2013 by Jon

Richard Moross started MOO with little more than an innovative idea and a burning desire to be his own boss. Since its first incarnation – the rather unfortunately named Pleasure Cards – MOO has gone from strength to strength, and thanks to the support of our customers, is now one of the leading companies based in Silicon Roundabout (the UK’s version of the Valley).

Naturally, Richard is a huge fan of entrepreneurialism, and his background in product innovation and fearlessness in business make him a perfect judge for the MOO Awards.

How and when did you first come up with the idea for MOO?

I was in bed, and I couldn’t sleep. At the time I was working as a strategic planner for a big design company, which was great. I often had ideas but it’s really difficult to force the agenda of a company when you’re not the one who runs it. I let my mind wander to product ideas that I could successfully bring to the market – my version of counting sheep. At that point, I wasn’t even considering the idea of profit or business – it was all about the product. That’s when I came up with the idea to reinvent the business card.

Why have you decided to be a judge in this year’s awards?

Well, it would have been a little churlish to turn it down. But in all seriousness, nothing could make me more excited than the project of discovering, nurturing and being inspired by a brand new entrepreneur, who’s hungry for success. That’s how I was, and still am, and it’s incredibly rewarding. The idea behind the MOO Awards was to give a helping hand to people just starting out, because that’s when you really need it.

Which companies or people are you most inspired by?

I think that the drive to start a new business is based on a strong emotion, whether that emotion is anger, revenge, frustration, or love for a product. So I’m not sure any one person or company inspires me as much as I’m inspired by the emotions that lead people to make those kinds of decisions. I started MOO when I was working as a design planner, and couldn’t get my ideas heard. My frustration at my position pushed me towards creating my own company.

That said, I love great design and a very strong brand, so I admire companies like Nike, Dyson, Innocent, Ikea and Red Bull.

What do you think you’d be doing if you weren’t doing what you do now?

I always wanted to do my own thing, and I was excited by the idea of being my own boss, so I’m pretty confident that I would be working for myself one way or another. I love product and design, so I’d like to think I’d have invented (or more likely, improved) something awesome and innovative, like a flying car, or rocket powered shoes, or anything from Back to the Future.

What’s the first thing you’re going to do when you’re done answering these questions?

Continue to wade through my giant mountain of emails, go to meetings, forget to eat lunch, and berate myself for not being able to come up with a way to add more hours to the day.

Fancy your chances at impressing our CEO with your entrepreneurial skills and ideas? Enter the MOO Awards!

Comments (3)

  1. Donna Mooney:

    Truly enjoyed reading about Richard Moross and how he got started. Our company was started by entrepreneurial co-founders who have similar stories of inspiration and drive. We’re in the SMB market, and like MOO, also market to others in the same space. Principals of our company have purchased Moo products and were impressed with the quality. We’d like to be able to do business with Moo. If interested, please contact me. Thank you!

  2. Lance Trendall:

    We love innovation and use MOO business cards for networking meetings and have a different photo on the back of each card, which really engages the new people we’re meeting in our business. They can see photos of the people receiving donations to charity from Probate Sales Office after a probate sale. This gives them evidence that we really do give 10% of our fees to charity and it livens up a networking meeting and gives people something to talk about instead of just business. We believe that every picture tells a story and a great story will make a business more memorable than a business card that is blank on the back.

  3. Mary of The Simplifiers: Event Planning:

    Waiting to hear who the moo awards nominees are…is like a kid waiting at the top of the stairs at the crack of dawn on Christmas. Richard, we’re eager to see who you and the judges choose as the most inspirational and witnessing the sweet kick-in-the-pants designs of others. fingers (and toes and scarves) crossed!

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