Print is Power: A day at Aida’s screen print workshop

19th September 2013 by Ashley

Living in this digital age, it can be easy to forget what life was like before laptops and high-speed wi-fi connections. Days are all too easily filled with iPads instead of notepads, instant messages instead of coffee chats, and FaceTime instead of, well, face time.

So, to show that we’re still in touch with the origins of our business we decided to put our money where our mouths are – well, our fingers where the paints are – and spend a day experiencing the hands-on, computers-off method of printing.

Who better to help us with a little soul searching  (and a chance to get our hands dirty) than Aida Wild? A MOO customer whose day-to-day work as a screenprint artist involves a hefty amount of ink and paper (not to mention a big helping of talent).

To give you a little background, Aida has been an associate lecturer at the London College of Communications for the past 10 years. When she isn’t busy teaching, she runs a hand-printed clothing line, The Glorious House of Brag, as well as this, she also exhibits her non-textile art pieces at galleries and events across the UK.

More up our street, however, is Aida’s recent creative campaign, “Print is Power”. These workshops aim to involve and educate the public in printmaking. Aida explains how, “Print is Power was an idea I had around three years ago when I started printing the slogan on tiles…The idea that you could be self-sufficient and independent with creative freedom, sparked many ideas about how I could expand this [concept] out of the traditional education environment and spread the message further afield.” Print is Power demonstrates how, with the right messaging and design, traditional printmaking can allow anyone to make a large-scale, social impact (or should we say “imprint?” – sorry, couldn’t resist).

When we heard Aida was running another workshop at the Fun Factory in East London, we thought about taking a company-wide holiday. Then we realized you might miss us if we disappeared from the Internet for a whole day (you would, right?). So instead we sent off one very lucky Artworker by the name of Will for a paint-packed day of printing with Aida and her team under the promise that he’d share all the details upon his return.

This is what Will got up to: The group began by watching a few inspiring films about printmaking then followed up by sketching their ideas on paper. Finally, under the helpful gaze of Aida and her team, they graduated to cutting their designs into stencils and pushing pigments through them to create their own pieces. “For those of you who’ve never done it,” Will explains, “pulling acrylic paint across a screen is a very satisfying process, matched only by seeing the freshly printed sheet underneath for the first time!” He adds, “The workshop ran like clockwork, with everybody busy drawing, cutting and printing until the lines strung up along every available surface were hung full with drying prints.”

Preparing the paper

Careful cutting

The completed artwork

Many thanks to Aida, her wonderful helpers and Esther at Fun Factory Art for hosting us! Check out the colourful results of Will’s adventure on Aida’s blog, and on our Pinterest board.

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  1. edward:

    The screen print work shop is helped me a lot. I had done one for me after reading this. I had really encouraged because of this article. I got the confidence to do something innovative.Thank you for this update. Keep updating.

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