From hello to handshake

5th September 2013 by Jamie

From your first day at school, to finding prospective business investors, first impressions are vital. We all know how we’d like to present ourselves, but these days, with competition so high, standing out becomes more and more important. It’s no real surprise then, that the more memorable you are, the more likely you are to hear from someone again. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you dye your hair green or speak in rhyme to everyone you meet – maybe something a bit more subtle would do the job.

But we all know the journey doesn’t stop after handing over your first card. There’s so much more to say, and this only develops and grows over time. With so many touch points, it’s important you make the most of each: from meeting potential clients to forming lasting relations.


When you’re at a networking event, an open house, or just chatting with someone in the queue for coffee, it’s likely that you’ll be short of time. Ensure that your Business Card doesn’t get lost in the depths of someone’s bag by offering them something different: perhaps it’s the design, the message, or the quality which helps it stand out. Whatever it is, add your personal touch.

 “Lovely to meet you”

One of the most important parts of networking is the follow up – usually a phone call or email will do, but why not go the extra mile and let them know that your new relationship is worth more than just an email? Sending a Notecard to your newest acquaintances can set the precedent for the standard of your burgeoning relationship. Remind people how much they mean with a Notecard; it doesn’t have to be much, just a quick note to keep in contact. Make it short and sweet; but send it by post, and see how much of a difference it makes.

 “For everything you’ve done”

Losing touch with people shouldn’t be a problem these days: with social networks spilling out of our ears, and apps encouraging us to text and call people for free. However, life does tend to get in the way, and important and valued people can often be forgotten. Send a reminder and let them know what happening with an update on what’s new for you – invite them to a launch, a special event, or maybe just for a coffee. Keep a theme running through your business with a consistent design, and you can align every aspect, from hello, to handshake… to welcome back too!

 “Let’s not lose touch”

In today’s high-speed world of communications, sadly not all first encounters will blossom into working relationships. Some people you’ll keep in contact with while other will drift away. If you’ve already exchanged Business Cards, try using a MiniCard (with a continuation of your design) as a fresh way to catch-up, and get ready to begin the cycle again.

Every part of the networking circle can be daunting: whether it’s getting tongue-tied on hello, or rewriting your follow-up note hundreds of times. If you’re worried about being at a loss for words – make sure that you’re not at a loss for Business Cards – and says enough in case you can’t.


Comments (7)

  1. thebumgun:

    Love the MOO style guys!! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  2. Ted:

    I agree with the above, great content! Coming from a communication’s major, I say, you, Jamie, hit the nail on the head!

  3. Cherlyn:

    I just received my cards – and I haven’t even opened it yet but am in LOVE with the packaging..I MUST know who/where/what is the vendor for this magnificent piece of packaging work!

  4. Sean Gannon - Headshots UK:

    Love the packaging on these. Can’t sing Moo’s praises highly enough!

  5. Mark:

    Great job, guys!)

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