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22nd August 2013 by Martin

When we began working on the expansion of Luxe, we don’t think anybody at MOO knew how much work we were going to be undertaking. Taking the Luxe family from a concept and turning that into a fully-fledged range of products took a lot of work – and we mean a *lot* of work.

Ever since we launched Luxe Business Cards at the beginning of 2012, we always knew there was more to the story. We’ve been actively working on extending our range of Luxe products since autumn 2012: finding out what you wanted to see, what products you’d like most and also trying to understand how we make our ideas come to life.

Of course, having a great idea and making that idea a reality are two very different things. On the surface, three new products doesn’t sound like it should be that big of a challenge, but we’d never undertaken something this big in one go before. But we’re not scared of a challenge, so we got to work!

What did our journey involve? Well, below are some facts from me (the Luxe product manager) and 2 of our other incredibly instrumental MOO Crew who helped make it all happen – Paul T, our head of product design and Kam, who project managed the entire process. Hopefully this will help to give you a bit of insight into how we brought the Luxe family to life:

• 3 – We tripled the size of our design team to deliver our range of Luxe MiniCards, Postcards and Notecards.

• 50% – We tied up half our amazing development team for over four months while the re-architected the ‘MOO Designs’ section, and gave us the foundation for these, and other, amazing products in the future.

• 39 – The number of weekly meetings for Kam.

• 63 – The hours Kam spent in those meetings trying to organise everything (It’s safe to say that Luxe kept her busy).

• 12 -Number of internal prototypes made.

• 257 – The number of days of work from conception to delivery.

• 1 – Completely new process that nobody at MOO had tried before.

But of course, we couldn’t leave out the *real* facts we know you want to find out, so here are just some of our other interesting stats:

• 144 – The number Friday lunches consumed.

• 189 – The number of biscuits brought in as bribes.

• 54 – The number of cakes brought to wipe memories (cake really does solve all problems!)

• 0 – which we think is obviously a big bonus.

As you can imagine, there are probably a few more grey hairs around the office now – we worked long days (and nights) preparing the Luxe family for your eyes. We’re a closeknit bunch here at MOO, and everybody had a part to play in making sure that your new Luxe MiniCards, Postcards and Notecards have the same impact on you as they did on us the first time we caught sight of the prototypes at the beginning of the year.

From the Design Team who painstakingly created a range of stunning MOO Designs for you to choose from, to the Operations guys who wrap each box in the distinctive purple Luxe ribbon, and the Customer Service Experts who hand-check each order. We’re immensely proud of this new family of products and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Now, I think we should all celebrate with some cake – well, it would be rude not to.

Comments (3)

  1. Ward Chandler:

    I have never had people fight over my business cards until now. Recently at a dinner with friends I broke out my new Luxe Card of Hearts cards. All hell broke loose. “He gave me that one get your own” “I want the Pin Up Girl” “Give me that one”. Come on people – I see you guys all the time!! Needless to say these cards are a huge hit. I have yet to hand someone a card without them commenting how unique, amazing, and impressive these cards are. I build products too – I understand and appreciate all of the hours and energy that go into creating a product experience this great. Congratulations to and the entire Luxe team on this product. The entire experience from end to end is over the top.

  2. Martin:

    Hey Ward, that’s awesome to hear! When you get reactions like that, you know all the hard work is entirely worth it!

  3. Robert:

    I agree…every one of my cards got handed out quickly with quite a few ohhs and ahhs…

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