The joy of writing: when?

16th August 2013 by Jamie

Once upon a time, we’d be writing all the time: we’d be writing letters to declare war; to announce births and deaths; to charm a potential suitor; to say what we’d like for dinner. Now, however, writing a letter or note only occurs when something is more significant than the everyday.

The happiness behind writing may stem from when we do it most often: birthdays, holidays, and weddings, or when we want to offer more affection and support, where a phone call, email or text won’t cut it.

While sending letters has ceased to be our primary form of communication, it’s usually our favoured method of alerting people about special events. Due to the rarity of receiving and sending letters, the situation instantly becomes more than it is.

But we believe that sending letters or leaving notes shouldn’t be restricted to the formalities of invitations: write to people you love, leave notes for those around you. There’s no hard and fast rule for when you should or shouldn’t write to someone. Just remember that your message becomes worth so much more when you’ve taken the time to write it by hand.

You may want to consider writing to your customers or partners, beyond what they would expect: send cards on their birthdays, or around significant holidays, include a note in with any goods you’re sending out. Or just drop them a note if you’ve got something exciting to share: a postcard or personalised note is always going to be more exciting than a newsletter via email.

Letters and notes needn’t be reserved for special occasions – in fact, receiving a note can make an ordinary occasion feel that little bit special.


Comments (4)

  1. Chris Copp:

    The standard of people’s handwriting drops as they write less and less with pens…..some hand written letters I receive are $40**72nni^ing illegible!!

  2. Brian Curliss:

    Love it!

    My favorite use for handwritten letters are events; cold lead goes warm, a client/customer hasn’t made a purchase in 8 months, or new customers.

  3. Tom Groenfeldt:

    I do a lot of photography — that’s the source of my images for Moo business cards. So when I want to send a card, I take a 5×7 photo, use double stick tape and add a card to a 8.5×11 sheet of card stock, writer a personal message and send it off in an appropriate size envelope. One or two personal lines beat the most lyrical Hallmark sentiments, I think.

  4. Stephen Walker:

    Excellent idea. Will be ordering some thank you cards with our next business card order.

    Many Thanks

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