The joy of writing: to whom it may concern

8th August 2013 by Jamie

Notes and letters are something to hold on to and cherish. We heard from so many people via Twitter, Facebook and on the Blog how a handwritten note can brighten up even the dreariest of days.

With their personal touch, they can really emphasise the amount of effort a person has made… which says so much more than just the words on the page. It seems there really is a joy in receiving, and writing a note.

You mostly write to those who you want to make feel special. Those who are worth spending that little extra time on – at least a little more than a 20 second email.

While you may not want to start turning all your correspondences into handwritten notes, sending a couple of letters every now and again to the people you want to make feel good, is a great way of building a great relationship.

Even if you’re only saying the equivalent of ‘hello, have a great week!’, writing it on a piece of paper and sending it to someone will always mean more (to them, and you) than texting or tweeting it. Expressing this kind of sentiment needn’t stop at your friends and family either – write to your customers, the people you do business with, and your partners – after all, you’re building relationships here too.

Writing isn’t just for the recipient: it can often make the author feel just as good. It’s cathartic and mind-clearing; a way to sort your thoughts out. Whether or not you write letters for the sake of it, or put them down to post, it’s a therapeutic way to sort out what you’re feeling or what’s going on if it’s all become a bit confusing.


We love emails for their speed and efficiency, but they simply don’t compare to a handwritten note, a note which someone spent a portion of their day composing. It’s unlikely you’ll keep an email, but everyone’s got that stash of old birthday cards, Valentine’s Day notes, and letters that made you smile, hidden away somewhere.

So go out, and spread a bit of happiness; who knows what you might start.



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  1. Steve Jeffery:

    I have just written to all of the new children joining my “house” at Worthing High School – just letting them know that I am thinking of them and encouraging them that they need not worry – enjoy the summer – we shall be there for them to help them make that important and sometimes scary transition to “big school”. I have offered them my email address so that they can ask me questions if anything is concerning them. I have already heard from a number of them! I always hand-write these cards as I want each person to know that I am writing to them – the individual child – and that this is not a mass email/photocopy letter.

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