What’s in your toolkit?

1st August 2013 by Jodie

So you’ve taken that step and opened your own business or maybe you’re just getting ready to. You’re your own boss now, the man in charge, the person who talks to the bank manager and deals with suppliers, you have to make sure that deadlines are met, the buck stops with you. But it’s also you who makes the decisions, you created this business from the ground up; it was your creativity and determination that made all this happen.

Your business is a living thing, it’s as much a part of you as something you created and you should manage it with the same honesty and integrity you show in your everyday life. People will choose your business because they feel they can trust who you are and what your business represents.

Remember it was your ambition and sense of individuality which first led you to go out on your own and start up by yourself and you need to maintain that same spirit of adventure now. With the world of ecommerce moving so quickly you can’t afford to sit back and relax.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and take your business in new directions. See what your customers respond to and let that guide you in the future. Nothing is set in stone, if you need to you can always head back to the drawing board and come up with a new approach, but whatever you decide to do you need to track its success. Web and email analytics programmes can show you the areas where your investments have paid off and others where maybe you need to cut your losses.

You can never afford to stop exploring and trying new techniques. Social media is an ever expanding market and is becoming a bigger part of our lives every day. Getting people involved with your business is a great way to spread the word and once you’ve got it started it’s a fairly hands off way to publicise. An easy and effective way to let people join in is by sharing their photos. Is there any way you can get people to post themselves with your product on social media pages? Don’t just focus on the big two, there’s more to social media than just Facebook and Twitter. Nowadays, with a Smartphone in every pocket, being able to share your photos on Instagram is a great way for your customers to share in your story.

Finally remember that starting a business takes time. You’ve taken a huge step and struck out on your own, that’s not something that everyone does. It’ll take time for you to see a return on your investments. You’ve taken the first step but the hard part isn’t over yet, it’s only just beginning.

If opening your own business and going it alone was easy then everyone would be doing it but they’re not. It takes courage to go it alone and to keep at it with enough dedication to succeed. Of course you’ll make mistakes, it’s only natural but what will set you apart from everyone else it that you’ll learn from them.

Hopefully the seed of an idea which first sparked in your brain months or even years ago has now grown into a flourishing business or if it hasn’t then it’s well on the way. We’d love to see, tweet us your success stories or share your comments below with the moo community.

Comments (5)

  1. Cynthia:

    Good toolkit! Another key: take stock of your assets. Not just money in the bank, but your network and skill set. Consider how you can help those you know and they are likely to help in your new endeavor as well. At GatherWell, that’s been the most useful tool in our box.

  2. Suzanne:

    At Salty fig we let you save your recipes your way. You can make ebooks with your recipes. So we made an anwesome eRecipe book and put the link on super cool Mini moo cards with photos from the farmers market in the other side. People loved them! Our site grew too.
    Thanks MOO!

  3. Steve:

    Thanks for the series of advice, I am loving the toolkit to help grow my business of helping everyone be smarter with their frequent flyer points, to fly first and business class.
    And I’m v.excited to be finally using a moo product, designing something to use the sexy new luxe notecards soon.

  4. Sarah:

    I have found my connections on Twitter to be incredibly powerful. And of course continued learning — success is brought on by learning from others and keeping an open mind.

  5. martin:

    im not sure which cards I prefer but my customers love them, especially the mini cards …… Martin

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