MOO Droplets. What’s your best score?

5th July 2013 by Jamie

We’re not getting ahead of ourselves here (even though it’s *really* sunny here at MOO HQ) but… since it’s almost the weekend we wanted to post something fun for you!

So, we present you the MOO Droplets game! (ooh….aaah!) We’ve had tons of fun with this game so far. Sure, productivity may have taken a slight dip, but we’re a competitive bunch. We want to see what high score you can all get, so remember and share it with us. We’ve heard scores of 2,900, 3,100 and even the legendary 3,600 (but we think this may just be a myth…).

We had a *lot* of help from a friend of the MOO family – Dan Broughton (and the literal family member of one of the MOO Crew, Hannah), when creating this. But we’ll let him tell you about it all…

“Hello, I’m Dan, a Games Development student from Plymouth. At the very beginning of the year I had the privilege of being invited to do three days work experience at MOO’s creative team wanted to create a game with HTML5 Canvas, one of the newer browser technologies to date, which can create animated scenes or games. This is where I came in, I was going to build it and make their ideas come to life.

To start off, I needed to know what to make! I had a meeting with the creative team to discuss what to include. It was very interesting, especially being involved in the creative proces which started with an open discussion of ideas that were then written down (on the walls, I might add!) and agreed upon in the final storyboards. We all decided on a ink drop collection game set in MOO’s printing warehouse with bonus ‘Yay!’ stickers for extra lives.

With the work ahead of me and only three days to do it in, it looked like it might have been tough to do, or so I thought. With a lot of help from the people around me in the tech team, I was able to develop and test the game to find a kind of “fun formulae” where people could play it without being bored out of their skulls. Whilst I was doing that, the creative team was working on all the visual elements in the game, such as the ‘Yay!’ stickers and the amazing background illustration.

My time spent at MOO was great, I learnt a lot about the working environment; in particular I found MOO friendly, engaging and just generally pleasant, it’s a great balance of fun and productivity. It’s quite hard to sum up in the brief time I spent there, but I think it’s like fixing a problem for a friend in a house where all your other friends are, it’s so calm and positive.

Towards the conclusion of my 3 awesome days at MOO, I was to pitch the finished game to the tech team. The game had all of it’s functional components such as: a score system, a lives system, colour changing, collection, animated text and objects in the game and a pretty user interface. Everyone at MOO enjoyed the game, as well as myself who has a special reservation for playing it now and again!

But don’t listen to me, play it for yourself.”

We couldn’t have said it any better! Have fun.

Comments (5)

  1. Carly:

    4110 was my score. The drops were going so quickly, I had to just move the dropper back and forth and hope for the best. :)

  2. alex:

    score – 1980… This reminds me oddly of playing Space Invaders…

  3. M:

    I’ve just made 3630… MOO rocks!!

  4. Allinson's Photography:

    Only 3444 not good but it all got a bit twitchy so I’m off out to buy a new Mac a new mouse and a faster fiberoptic broadband connection just so I can get a higher score – Thanks Moo

  5. Shep:

    4480 ^_^
    Thanks for the break at lunch

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