The MOO Crew talk remarkable brands

29th May 2013 by Jamie

We’ve been doing a little bit of investigating this week with some of the MOO Crew (think Sherlock Holmes, but using chocolate as an incentive). Recently, in the MOO Startup Toolkit we discussed what makes a business ‘remarkable‘. Well, it got us thinking about what we think makes a business or brand remarkable.

A brand encompasses so much – from product, marketing, communications, community, website design, customer service and even company culture. The brand and its values run through every aspect of a company, from the graphics on site, to the technology behind the scenes. It influences the way we interact with customers and the packaging of the products we ship.

Brand values are important; they set the tone for the everyone in the company, allowing all to share a common vision and path. Bran values underpin everything you do – like the bow on a great present.

Of course brands are special to different people for different reasons too (as you’re about to find out). So without further ado, some of our favourite brands, courtesy of the MOO Crew:

Matt’s pick: IKEA

When we asked Matt to write about why he loves IKEA, the list was long. Really long. I mean, he *really* likes IKEA! And here’s why:

“Simplicity is the key to most of what IKEA stand for. They lead with inspiration, not a sales pitch and they turn ‘I want’ into ‘I can have’ in as few steps as possible. It’s simple, from the name down to the stores, it helps improve the lives of people and sets it apart. IKEA stands for a promise that life can be improved through good, affordable design and that’s what makes it a remarkable brand”

 Jon’s pick: Apple

Apple generally appears quite often on a list of favourite brands, here Jon explains why they appear on his list:

“Apple are remarkable because they have created a range of products that belong together, you want to own all of them because they all share the same feeling of quality and beautiful design. And their packaging is amazing, opening their boxes is like Christmas morning x100000.” 

Kai’s pick: DevEd aims to change our attitude and approach to education in the developing world. But what here’s what makes them special to Kai:

“It’s an alternative view on education, the videos are visually unique, very simple, but surprisingly informative. I also love their tone and how they’ve managed to differentiate themselves by being less formal”

We can definitely see why he’s a fan.

Sandi’s pick: is a subscription based company that send you tasty, healthy snacks in the post (Jeez, we’re even making ourselves hungry here!) So other than the great food, here’s what else does Sandi loves about them:

“They have amazing products, cool packaging and top notch customer service.”

Melissa’s pick: Converse

You don’t have to look far in MOO HQ to see a pair of converse, it’s safe to say they’re pretty popular. But here’s why Melissa loves their brand:

“As they say on their site ‘Converse is Sneakers. And Converse is Change’ and that’s exactly what I like most about Converse. They’ve changed with the times and they help champion creativity and personalisation. If you’ve not had a chance to try designing your own, you should have a go here (It’s a lot of fun!)”

Is there one thing that sets a brand apart from everyone else? No. Ultimately, a good brand resonates on a personal level with each customer and it’s why they choose you. More and more when people come to your company, they want to learn about you, what you stand for, what you believe in. Before they become a customer, they look for trust, for a shared appreciation so they can begin to build a relationship with you. It can be hard to pinpoint exactly why your favourite brand is just that, your favourite.

What we can tell you is that it takes hard work to be ‘remarkable’.
So there’s a bit of insight into some of the favourite brands of the MOO Crew. What we’d love to know is who yours are and why you love them? Let us know in the comments below.







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    Excellent article. Highly recommended.

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