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11th April 2013 by Melissa

Has spring sprung yet in your hometown? While we’re waiting for it to come to London (we’re still in winter coats) we thought we’d take some time to ponder everyone’s favourite activity, Spring Cleaning. Chances are you’ve thought about that bottom right desk drawer that needs tidying, updating your web browser’s bookmarks, or perhaps simply to take care of your taxes (or if you’re me, all three of those things…). But what about a spring clean of your business’ brand identity?

MOO Card Swap

MOO is launching the MOO Card Swap to make sure your Business Cards are representing yourself and your business in the best possible way that you can. Maybe you’ve been saying to yourself “I’d love to get some MOO Cards, but I have a stack of hundreds of flimsy, outdated non-MOO business cards that I need to use up first.” Well, now’s the time to give them up!

From now until the end of April, if you come visit us in the MOO Shop* and hand over a pack** of your old non-MOO cards, we’ll give you a voucher to order 50 free Classic, Green, or Rounded Corners Business Cards on moo.com. Just pay for shipping and your shiny new cards will be posted to your door.

Whether you want to use MOO Designs or create your own, the choice is yours – either way, there’s no excuse for having anything less than the best Business Cards around.  (Now you can get back to cleaning out your desk drawer – you never know what you might find!)

*Can’t make it to the MOO Shop in London? You can still take part – send your old non-MOO cards by the end of April to: MOO Card Swap, 32-38 Scrutton St. (REAR), London, EC2A 4RQ along with an address or email address we can send your voucher to.

**A pack is at least 20 cards – but we won’t turn more than that away! Once per customer please.


Please note this offer is now closed.

Comments (23)

  1. Staci:

    Awesome!!!! I am on it!!!!!

  2. Ian Witlen:

    Are you offering this for those of us in the USA?

  3. James Dabbagian:

    I’m guessing this offer is for UK members only? Or can US Members join in the fun?

  4. anna:

    Hi there,
    love this swap! I need an info, free new moo cards need to have same data (e.g. company name and address) as old ones?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Anna. The moo cards can be customised in any way you see fit. We will send you a voucher to use on the website to create your own cards.

  5. Marinda:

    What a great idea! Can’t help but be curious, though… What are you planning to do with all the old cards?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Marinda. Our creative team is coming up with something but its top secret even to us. Watch this space

  6. Saskia:

    Dear Moo people: is this offer only available if I send old business cards to get new ones for the same name? Or is it also possible to change simple personal ones for more business like cards? I’m curious and hopeful!

  7. Caroline:

    Is this offer good for US customers? May I mail to you from the US?

  8. Welmoed:

    I’m curious too! :-) I’m sure the mail man knows where your office is by the end of April ;-)

  9. Melissa:

    Hi all, thanks for the interest! If you do want to get involved from the US (or anywhere worldwide outside of the London area) you can still post them to our UK address, but sadly our US office won’t be able to accept them at this time.

  10. María del Pilar:

    Que fantástica idea, pero ¿Puedo enviarlas desde España?

    • Justis S:

      Sì, è possibile. Basta inviare al nostro ufficio nel Regno Unito, e vi invieremo o e-mail un voucher.
      Yes you can. Just send them to our UK office and we will send or email you a voucher.

  11. Sarah:

    My old business cards are Moo cards, but they have my old web address so I can’t use them :-( Can I take part or will you only accept non-Moo cards?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Sarah. Glad you are using MOO cards already but for this promotion we are only accepting non-MOO cards.

  12. michelle:

    For US participants, must you receive the old cards before the end of April, or is a postmark ok? Really want to participate but I can’t afford the flat rate envelope!

  13. Ben:


    I have some old moo.com cards that I can’t use as they have an old URL on them. Is there any chance I’d be able to use them?

    Do the new ones have any moo.com branding or are they exactly as I design them?

    Thanks. :)

  14. Justin H.:

    Our old business cards are custom-shaped laminated cards, would you accept these or does it have to be standard dimension cards?

    • Melissa:

      Hi Justin, you are welcome to submit any kind of non-MOO cards.

      Hi Ben, unfortunately this campaign is only for non-MOO users upgrading to MOO.

  15. Ben:


    Will the new ones have the moo.com branding like your normal free offers?

    Would I have to pay the P&P?


  16. Gaurav:

    Intriguing! This is some idea.

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