Introducing…Collect-O-Matic by MOO

1st April 2013 by Jamie

We’re only a few months into the year, but it’s safe to say that 2013 is looking to be our most exciting year yet. Just recently we had the launch of our brand new pop up MOO Shop in London.

For the 99.9% of you who haven’t been able to see the MOO Shop first hand, we’re over the moon with how it turned out. The feedback from you has been amazing. We’ve heard how you love being able to come and pick your new cards up hassle free (the cookies probably play a part in that!) But this got us thinking, why stop there?

So we all got together, took your feedback on board and after a lot of banging heads it came to us (in a true eureka moment) – let’s replicate the pickup experience, with everything you love about the MOO Shop, and make it available all round the world.

So here it is folks… Introducing ‘Collect-O-Matic’ vending machine by MOO. Well, the ‘Collect-O-Matic AF-201-3-X’, if we’re going to be formal!

So how does it work? That’s easy, just follow the steps below:

1)   Place your order (as normal), but under delivery options, select Collect-O-Matic from the delivery options.

2)   We’ll send you your personal NFC token or order number straight to your NFC phone.

3)   Then take you this to your nearest Collect-O-Matic and voila, easily collect your order.

Want to know more? Take a little peek at our video below:

Very soon, ‘Collect-O-Matic’ by MOO will be coming to a location near you, so keep your eyes peeled! You can also keep up to date with more exciting news on our MOO blog, our Twitter, Facebook and by signing up to the MOOsLETTER.

We’d love to know where you’d like to see your nearest Collect-O-Matic? Outside your local restaurant? At your nearest airport? Maybe at your favourite landmark? Let us know below in the comments or show us (either by snapping it in the real world or by using your Photoshop skills.) Just download your very own Collect-O-Matic, add in your location image and submit it to our Collect-O-Matic Tumblr page.

We can’t *wait* to see all your suggestions.


Comments (364)

  1. Brandy:

    haha, this must be an April Fool’s joke.

  2. Carmela:

    Toronto, Canada Please!

  3. Jackie:

    I love this idea! How about one in Vancouver? And maybe you could dispense umbrellas as well so we don’t get our Moo cards wet? If you put it near Pacific Centre, someone could always run and grab your customer service rep a sandwich. And since it’s never really hot here, you don’t need a/c in the machine for them. ;-)

  4. Amanda:

    Orlando would be great!

  5. stephanie:

    Houston, TX!!!!!! montrose area or downtown would be perfect.

  6. Adam:

    How about you install all these ONLY on every April 1st!

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  7. Melissa:

    Hmmm… Do I sense an April Fool’s joke? ;)

  8. Raven:

    Providence Place Mall, Providence RI

  9. Brittanie:

    Haha are people serious in these comments? Or just really good at playing along? I didn’t see a single comment on here pointing out that’s it’s an April Fool’s day joke… Or maybe these comments are fake?
    Haha pretty good stuff.

  10. Terri:

    Indianapolis!!! Please! We love you Moo!

  11. Laura Soria:

    Okkk am I the only one who thinks this is sooooo April Fool’s??? ;p

  12. April F:

    Wow this idea is new and fantastic!
    That poor customer service rep though: maybe the collect-o-matic could dispense coffee for them to drink as well?

  13. Chad:

    The Collect-O-Matic has been installed in the bathroom at the W in South Beach! I tried it and the printing was done before I was! Thanks Moo!!!!!

  14. Ramona:

    I vote Houston….!

  15. James:

    How about the MOO-n?!

  16. Very Vivi:

    Can’t fool me…
    This is an April Fool’s!!!

  17. VeryVivi:

    Ha ha!!! April Fool’s!!!

  18. Irene:

    I 2nd Carmela’s request for Toronto, Canada. Right @ Yonge-Dundas square. It could be seen on TV every morning when CITY does Breakfast Television

  19. RobertV:

    Melbourne, Australia. Chadstone Shopping Centre please?????? Thanks in advance:)

  20. Martin:

    When Toronto?

  21. Amanda:

    I’m sorry, but this seems highly ineffective and just foolish. if you’re going to take the time to mail out a token, just mail the cards! i dont really understand this concept, it’s like an extra step that people shouldn’t have to take: they have to drive around and find one of these things to get their order, when, by the time they get a token mailed to them (if they don’t have a smart phone, like me) in that same amount of time, the cards could be mailed to them and they wouldn’t have to drive anywhere. sorry, but this just seems like a total waste of money and time

  22. Hannah:

    Brisbane, Australia please!!! It would be amazing to not have to wait so long and pay the big postage fees!!

  23. Heather:

    Love the retro feel of your April Fool’s reminds me of the 70′s! XO-

  24. Candace:

    everyone knows this is an april’s fools joke, right?

  25. Kell:

    Oh goody! I’ll put in an order for some Moo-D cards and a Lightbox. ;)
    Hope to see this new tech in Australia by next April so we can take advantage of the next amazing and foreward thinking idea from Moo.

    Hehe. :)

  26. Suze:

    Melbourne Australia, pretty please??!!!!!!!!

  27. marie:

    Sooo..they celebrate April Fool’s in Europe too?

  28. Declan:

    I love reading the comments on Moo’s annual April 1st innovations. Well done again, guys.

  29. Chi:

    I second the suggestion for a Houston,TX location. I live in the suburbs but I’ll drive to a business area such as downtown, galleria or westchase for one of these.

  30. Anthony J.F. Yelenick:

    Wonderful concept!
    I want in! (IPO)
    Bought your business cards, and they’re awesome.
    Time to go to the next level!
    I live in downtown Denver
    Connect with me

  31. Daniel:

    How about a mile high as in Denver Colorado.

  32. Emma Tumelty:

    Would love one in any of these places; stanstead airport, Cambridge, Liverpool street station x

  33. Lisa:

    I’d also love to see this in Brisbane, Australia – pretty please!

  34. Vikram Mehta:

    How about New Delhi, India

  35. Brandon:

    Haha.. Come on people, really?! It’s an April fools prank that you all fell for! I’m laughing at you all for believing this!

  36. Jeanie:

    Rolling on the floor laughing. Love the April Fools joke! =P

  37. Neus:


  38. Vicky Ink:

    April Fools?!?!?!?!

  39. Ben:

    Sydney Australia!
    Then I’ll be able to do more designing, less delivering and dazzle customers too!

  40. flippinwilly:

    Oh dear. Amanda.

  41. Martin:

    Sydney please. Somewhere close to Town Hall would be good.

    Amanda, if you don’t have a smart phone it’s probably not for you, but no need to rubbish the concept. Anything that helps to reduce the cost of shipping has got to be good.

  42. Emanuela:

    Need one in Rome, pretty please **

    If you need some help with the location or something, contact me :)

  43. Matt:

    This was posted on April 1st……?? Hmmm ;-)

  44. Cristina:

    Brussels Belgium!!

  45. Barry Gorman:

    Hmmm… Check the machines code people!

    Collect-O-Matic AF-201-3-X’ (A)pril (F)ool 2013.


  46. vagabondted:

    Earlsville! Dont fergit abouwt Earlsville!

  47. debolsillo:

    Barcelona!Catalonia, actually in Spain ;)

  48. Tad:

    Really? No Collect-O-Matic in Silverlake? Duh! Come on.

  49. Rich:

    Nice one. Nearly had me for a minute ! Loving the code AF-201-3.

    Excellent work Moo mirth makers…

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