Introducing…Collect-O-Matic by MOO

1st April 2013 by Jamie

We’re only a few months into the year, but it’s safe to say that 2013 is looking to be our most exciting year yet. Just recently we had the launch of our brand new pop up MOO Shop in London.

For the 99.9% of you who haven’t been able to see the MOO Shop first hand, we’re over the moon with how it turned out. The feedback from you has been amazing. We’ve heard how you love being able to come and pick your new cards up hassle free (the cookies probably play a part in that!) But this got us thinking, why stop there?

So we all got together, took your feedback on board and after a lot of banging heads it came to us (in a true eureka moment) – let’s replicate the pickup experience, with everything you love about the MOO Shop, and make it available all round the world.

So here it is folks… Introducing ‘Collect-O-Matic’ vending machine by MOO. Well, the ‘Collect-O-Matic AF-201-3-X’, if we’re going to be formal!

So how does it work? That’s easy, just follow the steps below:

1)   Place your order (as normal), but under delivery options, select Collect-O-Matic from the delivery options.

2)   We’ll send you your personal NFC token or order number straight to your NFC phone.

3)   Then take you this to your nearest Collect-O-Matic and voila, easily collect your order.

Want to know more? Take a little peek at our video below:

Very soon, ‘Collect-O-Matic’ by MOO will be coming to a location near you, so keep your eyes peeled! You can also keep up to date with more exciting news on our MOO blog, our Twitter, Facebook and by signing up to the MOOsLETTER.

We’d love to know where you’d like to see your nearest Collect-O-Matic? Outside your local restaurant? At your nearest airport? Maybe at your favourite landmark? Let us know below in the comments or show us (either by snapping it in the real world or by using your Photoshop skills.) Just download your very own Collect-O-Matic, add in your location image and submit it to our Collect-O-Matic Tumblr page.

We can’t *wait* to see all your suggestions.


Comments (364)

  1. Wendy:

    Happy April Fools guys!

  2. Julie:

    I loved having the collect-o-matic on my flight from Nashville to Chicago! So quick and great to ward off the boredom of flying and share with seat mates. Thanks, Moo!

  3. PK Dollar:

    Las Vegas Convention Center. OR how about partnering with a retail store that has the same values as like REI and put a kiosk in their locations. (I’m talking state side here)

  4. Anne:

    Best April Fools Ever…

  5. SocialJulio:

    You new Collect-O-Matic in Miami was really fast. Plus I like that I can use it in English or Spanish. Thanks.

  6. bill:

    April fools

  7. Evan:

    This one’s better than what you came out with this time last year!! ;)

  8. Byron West:

    Noted that you do not have plans as of yet to come to Denver but when you do, please consider adding a product line that would enable your business cards to be used as a waxing compound for skis and snowboards.

  9. marcella:

    Delivery costs and times are a big issue for anybody living outside the UK or the USA, so I’d be more than happy to try this. Provided the awesome quality of your printing does not suffer, it sounds like a great idea, no matter what other commenters say. So thank you! Any chance there will be one in Turin, Italy, soon?

    (Sounds so good that it could even be an April Fool… Just sayin’ ;)

  10. Charlie:

    God… I almost fell for this, until I realized the date…

  11. FurryPieri:

    Sounds great (April Fools I guess). But really is a good idea!!!

  12. Abiola:

    Times Square, please!

  13. Steve Birkett:

    A disgruntled USPS worker just trashed the Times Square Collect-O-Matic and is holding my order hostage… what should I doooo, Moo??

  14. Rebecca McCormick:

    Seriously? This sounds like a great April Fool’s idea.

  15. Becca:

    Is this your yearly April Fool?! ;) haha

  16. Jan:

    Love it MOO. I think you should have extra Collect-o-matics all over Wisconsin the Dairy State. That’s why I was first attracted to your products, due to the name. Happy April Fool’s Day to you, too.

  17. Jacqueline Hannah:

    Would love to see collect-o-matic in glasgow uk

  18. Kristen hugo:

    In Boca Raton, FL! Maybe in the Town Center mall, it’s a fairly big South Florida city and it’s filled with people with lots of money/small businesses. It would be a perfect fit!

    Plus I live in the area and it would be convenient ;) hehe

  19. Benjamin Wood:

    Uh, it’s April 1st guys. This can’t be real.

    Happy fools day!

  20. Jeff:

    Live the technical name! AF-201-3-X. Wonder what it stands for…hmmm ;)

  21. jeff:

    The upscale Green hills mall in Nashville, TN.

  22. Melissa:


  23. Barbara:

    Can’t wait for a Collect-O-Matic thingie in Ho Chi Minh City! It’s such a bore to wait for my cards to clear customs here.

  24. Mary:

    *is curious that this just happens to come out on April 1st* If this *isn’t* an April Fool’s joke, I’d love to see one in Austin, Tx :)

  25. Lynn Shivers:

    How about Hawaii Kai? Moo would love being in Paradise!

  26. Will:

    This is just great!!! :)

  27. Andrea:

    Sao Paulo – Brazil, please!

  28. Siobhan Bevans:

    April fools?

  29. JVK:

    It’s April 1st, so I call shenanigans ;)

  30. Liz Smith:

    My goodness you guys are so gullible ! Check the date!

  31. Kevin S:

    Love the model number. Thanks for the chuckle Moobots!

  32. Susan Brand:

    The Collect-o-matic in Maplewood, New Jersey is up and running. So convenient and – dare I say? – classy. The poor attendant is swamped, but the customers are oh, so happy. Thanks, Moo!

  33. Christer Berg:

    I think this is not only absolutely groundbreaking, but actually completely out of this world. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when I just read that Richard Branson has committed to putting these Collect-O-Matics on his Virgin Galactic spaceships. After all, who’d like to be without business cards when you run into aliens?!

  34. Charlie mclenahan:

    It’s April the first !!!! Right ?

  35. Jenn:

    I actually fell for this. Good job, folks!

  36. Pascal:

    Tokyo Narita airport or annywere in Tokyo!
    My Moo business-card have great success in Japan .

  37. Laney:

    Waiting for the…..


    This can’t be real… could it? Please?

  38. KB:

    April Fools!

  39. Daniel:

    Happy April Fools Day!

  40. karen:

    We have ordered from COuld our rock school house a collect-o-matic machine?

  41. Ollie Scog:

    Great April fool! Best I’ve seen.

  42. Deb:

    Happy April Fools!

  43. Frances:

    That video is GENIUS.

  44. Laurene:

    Anywhere in Wilmington, NC!

  45. Flint Lockwood:

    I would like to offer you $10,000 to install one in my home town – a tiny island hidden under the “A” in Atlantic.

  46. Brittany:

    Happy April Fools Day! Lol great video hahahaha

  47. Marie Z. Johansen:

    Another fine idea – living on an island I’m afraid that my only option will continue to be the post , but I love the ingenuity you always bring to your product lines! Well done !

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