Introducing…Collect-O-Matic by MOO

1st April 2013 by Jamie

We’re only a few months into the year, but it’s safe to say that 2013 is looking to be our most exciting year yet. Just recently we had the launch of our brand new pop up MOO Shop in London.

For the 99.9% of you who haven’t been able to see the MOO Shop first hand, we’re over the moon with how it turned out. The feedback from you has been amazing. We’ve heard how you love being able to come and pick your new cards up hassle free (the cookies probably play a part in that!) But this got us thinking, why stop there?

So we all got together, took your feedback on board and after a lot of banging heads it came to us (in a true eureka moment) – let’s replicate the pickup experience, with everything you love about the MOO Shop, and make it available all round the world.

So here it is folks… Introducing ‘Collect-O-Matic’ vending machine by MOO. Well, the ‘Collect-O-Matic AF-201-3-X’, if we’re going to be formal!

So how does it work? That’s easy, just follow the steps below:

1)   Place your order (as normal), but under delivery options, select Collect-O-Matic from the delivery options.

2)   We’ll send you your personal NFC token or order number straight to your NFC phone.

3)   Then take you this to your nearest Collect-O-Matic and voila, easily collect your order.

Want to know more? Take a little peek at our video below:

Very soon, ‘Collect-O-Matic’ by MOO will be coming to a location near you, so keep your eyes peeled! You can also keep up to date with more exciting news on our MOO blog, our Twitter, Facebook and by signing up to the MOOsLETTER.

We’d love to know where you’d like to see your nearest Collect-O-Matic? Outside your local restaurant? At your nearest airport? Maybe at your favourite landmark? Let us know below in the comments or show us (either by snapping it in the real world or by using your Photoshop skills.) Just download your very own Collect-O-Matic, add in your location image and submit it to our Collect-O-Matic Tumblr page.

We can’t *wait* to see all your suggestions.


Comments (364)

  1. mg:

    And Happy April Fools to you, too.

  2. Paddy:

    Fantastic Idea! I hear the Popes already ordered his via Collect O Matic, if he can then I will too!

  3. Isobel:

    ROFL – wonderful! The customer service rep was a step too far though :) I look forward to seeing my Collect-o-matic on the beach in Eilat, where I live. Just to the left of the bar, if that’s ok.
    Happy Fools’ Day to you all – live long and prosper :)

  4. Stephen Coles:

    A very well executed April Fool’s, but the service is actually too enticing! Now you’ve got us all wanting it to be real. Wah-wah.

  5. Matt:

    Hummm, seems legit… Whats the date again …… (hint, hint)

  6. Mike:

    Very good. So nearly had me. Actually you had me for a while…. right up to the end of the video and then the penny dropped. Very good AF.

  7. Martin Doyle:

    I don’t understand. How can I get the NFC card in the post before I can pick up my order? Can’t you just send the order out at the same time?

  8. Kika:

    Greatest invention since…..i don’t know……forever….
    You all keep being hilarious.
    The collect-o-mattic…..please put it in my humble town next year on the same date as you introduced it ;-)

    Keep up the good work funny Moo people :-)

  9. Sarah:

    Not crazy about your idea. Keep Royal Mail in business!!!!!

  10. Maciej:

    Love the ‘formal’ name :) very clever.

  11. Treaclezoo:

    Happy April Fools, that was fun :)

  12. Pedro Rebelo:

    Woooow. That’s really a great idea. Hope to see some of those here in Portugal.
    Keep on with the good work.

  13. Becky Kingswell:

    Yeah, very funny MOO! How many more of us spotted it straight off?!
    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  14. Kenn:

    What day is it today? Oh yes April 1st :-)
    Brilliant. Well done. So glad the tradition is not dead and buried.

    P.S. A nod to Wallace & Gromit me thinks.

  15. ColmD:

    Hi Moo Teamers, just collected my business cards from the new collectomatic machine on Grafton Street, Dublin and as always am delighted. This is an excellent innovation on your behalf. Keep up the great work and excellent business cards! Colm D., Dublin

  16. dct:

    I would like to see a collect-o-matic in Switzerland. Possible locations with interesting international pedestrian traffic are Zurich City, Zurich Airport, Geneva City and possibly other towns like Basel or Bern.

  17. Darryl Hutchison:

    Nice, but thought I could be bold and call this one out :o )

    Liked the reference to ‘AF-201-3-X’

    Was a good reminder to be vigilant today!

  18. Jen:

    April Fool

  19. Saud Ilyas:

    Seems like Awesome. Is this works like, design on moo then print with the help of cell phone from Collect-O-Matic ?

  20. Kevin O'Leary:

    Can I collect before midday?

  21. John:

    Happy April !st you fools you :)

  22. Nelia:

    Hey guys, has anyone noticed what is the day today…. Very weird that Moo announces this TODAY ;)

  23. Carl Cattell:

    Anyone realised yet its April fools day some people will believe anything

  24. Daniel Lewis:

    I think we’ve been April Fooled!!! :) )

  25. Sue Hartley:

    Will you still be installing these after 1st April? :D if so I’d like one in my garden near the bird bath……

  26. Sue:

    What is the date today?

  27. Sam:

    April 1 – brilliant!

  28. Faith:

    Funny. Very funny… :-)

  29. Jay Bergers:

    do you have a collect a matic in San Francisco yet?

  30. J:

    Guessing these have to be collected before 12 today then?

  31. Philip Bergman:

    And today’s date is?

  32. James:

    I would like to apply for your customer service position inside the San Francisco Collect-O-Matic!

  33. Angel Acevedo:

    Quite an elaborate April Fools joke Moo staff.


  34. Quinno:

    The timing of this announcement is hugely significant. Can we get one installed at Birch Services on the M62 ASAP? Keep up the good work guys.

  35. Jonathon Watkins:

    Like the customer service representative sitting in each machine. ;-)

  36. jasonT.:

    hey how about a collect o matic in houston, texas!
    plenty of people here would love one!!!

  37. Andy Denial:

    Come on guys, it’s an April Fool’s joke! Look at the serial number on the front of the box! AF-201-3-x (April Fools 2013). Nice try all the same =)

  38. Designerdrew:

    Great innovation, great idea installing one just outside the 02 stadium. I designed some pretend press pass cards, turned up there the same evening and managed to blag my way into the after show party at the Justin Beiber concert, picking up my cards from the Collect-O-Matic on the way.

  39. Theresa:

    Moo would do such a thing? :o )

  40. Giora:

    I’m sorry to tell you, that my oppinion about this idea is negative. I’m sure it will not work the way you hope it should. But, may be you think that everything was done to keep the best quality of your products, so now you don’t know how spend your money.

  41. April Fool:

    Sounds great.

  42. doris:

    I see the fun fsctor, but I dont see the advantage -in terms of efficiency- yet. I mean: how nice it is if you order something and its been brought at your home or office? The excitement of this nice little package that’s been delivered! Now I have to take a bus, or train to fetch it which cost me time. So maybe this is cheaper in delivery, but for me its more expensive because it will take as least one (working)hour to fetch my order (for I cannot imagine there will be a collectomatic in the little village where I live, I assume it will be more likely this will be stationed in the nearest big city)

  43. Philip Bergman:

    And today’s date is?….

  44. Mike Turbine-Hamilton:

    Great srvice – I’ve just collected my order here at Achnalegpool in the Highlands and all on the first of April, too.

    Hard to believe, I know.

  45. char:

    who has got this kind of time to waste? fine if you live / work 5 minutes away but completely crazy to waste a few hours when the items could turn up in the post next day. what price do you put on your time (considerably more than the cost of royal mail)

  46. Helen:

    Is this an April Fool?

  47. Karen:

    What a great idea! Love the video, it makes it very clear. I feel sorry for the customer service staff though, it looks like quite a cramped work space.

  48. daniel james:

    April Fool!! Well done Moo ;)

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