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19th March 2013 by Felix

Have you heard the news? We just opened a shop in Shoreditch, London. As well as featuring the creativity of our customers in our shiny new shop, we’ve also treated ourselves to a shiny new embossing machine – which you can come and try out for yourself!

While we are not able to offer letterpress printing at the shop, we have the next best thing on offer: foil block embossing! To make sure you get the best experience, make sure you follow these steps:

1. Ensure you live in London, UK or close by to be able to come to the MOO ShopBOXPARK, Shoreditch

2. Go online to and order one of the 4 designs available to be embossed (see below for the four packs)

3. Bring your pack of Luxe Business Cards to the MOO Shop, or pick them up from the shop and start embossing your own cards yourself.

4. Impress yourself and everyone else with your handmade Luxe Business Cards.

Don’t worry if the cards look a little bare when they arrive, you will put the finishing touched on the cards – stripes, lines, dots or ornaments. Before you indulge in the designs on offer, please note: Embossed foil blocking is a manual process. While it is possible to create a beautiful product, there is more room for error as a further step in the production, which might result in slight misalignment. However, that’s what makes a handmade process, and ultimately your cards, unique and special, right?

Without further ado, here are the four packs, especially designed for use with our embosser in the MOO Shop.

Diagonally Yours

Stripes are an integral facet of the huge artistic umbrella known as Modernism. I used big chunky Sans Serif type and geometric forms, inspired by Morris Benton, an influential early 20th century American typeface pioneer.

Extreme dottiness

I think that striking raw images of the natural world contrast brilliantly when set underneath a regimented dot grid – the perfect round beautifully highlights the jagged edges of nature.You don’t like mountains? No problem, just upload your own images.


I went to Italy recently and saw a lot of Renaissance art and was inspired to fuse a simple background with an ornate type – I like the contrast between the slim and wide strokes of the typeface.


Criss Cross

Have you been to see the London Gherkin? Well, no prizes for guessing where I found my inspiration for this design. Hand emboss the crossing lines to create a mesh, which is a great way to play with negative and positive space.

For all those savvy designers out there, due to handling constraints we can only offer clear foil and cannot change the pressure to create a greater or lighter indent in the paper. However, please let us know what you wish we had and we will see what we can do.

So… why have we decided to offer embossing?

We love digital printing (no surprises there!) but perhaps the printing world has lost its touch. There’s a wonderful effect that is created when we use traditional printing techniques. Wouldn’t it be great to bring some of that tradition back into our lives?

Back in the days when Johann (Gutenberg) started playing with his bit of metal (type), printing was a combination of using ink and pressure to make a mark on a sheet of paper. Since then the printing world has changed dramatically. The hi-tech printers of the modern age can print countless pages in a day in pretty much any colour you can imagine, bringing great quality printing to almost every country in the world. We love this technology; after all it’s what makes MOO Business Cards, MiniCards and other MOO Products possible.

During my studies, I fell in love with letterpress and other traditional forms of printing for two reasons: As a typographer it’s wonderful to have total control over what you are doing (you get what you see, which is not always the case when you work on a computer). When we decided to open the MOO Shop, I saw a great opportunity to do something a bit special in order to celebrate the history of print as well as to give you a chance to be part of the experience of (literally) making your Luxe Business Cards.


Comments (3)

  1. Mo Abdi:

    Love the ‘Renaissance’ design and can’t wait to come visit the store!

  2. Doms:

    Very inspirational. Great to see an old technique with some modern styling ideas. Will be trying out one of these designs sooner than later :)

  3. Gianfranco Chicco:

    yay! So I came by the shop a couple of days ago and tried the machine… the result was brilliant and might buy my own plaque to mark the next batch of luxe cards… so keep it there please!

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