A day in the life of a MiniCard

14th March 2013 by Jamie

If I believed in reincarnation, I’d come back as a MiniCard every single time. Who wouldn’t? You get to travel all over the world, you meet interesting people and you’re almost always the centre of attention. I’m not usually one to brag, but in the world of offline communication, I’ve been told I’m kind of like a celebrity.

People always say to me “There’s something about you that’s a bit different. What is it?” Well, it’s not my hair, is it? Seriously though, size matters – and being small does make me stand out quite a lot. But just because I’m small, doesn’t mean I’m not just as effective. I’m like Scrappy Doo. Or some kind of small energy drink. Or…like…something else small but powerful!

The point is, I get around, and I have a pretty good time. Here’s me getting in the zone for a day of networking.  (I know, it looks like I’m just lying around.  But I’m not. I’m in the zone.)

It doesn’t really take a lot to get me excited about getting out and about – I really like meeting new people (you might say I’m built for it). Here’s me introducing myself to a brand new potential contact on the street! Sure, I get a few butterflies right before the first hello – but that’s normal, isn’t it?

The nerves always disappear once the conversation starts though. And if there’s one thing people always say about me, it’s that I’m quite the conversation starter.

Here I am, having coffee and being friendly.  Look how good I am at being super casual, yet still professional and memorable!

It’s always great getting to sit right in the middle of the conversation and hear the discussions going on around you. I’ve heard it all, some of the great business ideas, partnerships being made and even a few juicy bits of gossip (But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone!)

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not there to pull focus from the real business of the day. Actually, I’m pretty discreet once the networking starts – I’m just happy to be the one that makes it happen.

But once the big business boys and girls go home, that’s when I’m back on the ball – making sure I stick in people’s minds, so they make that all important follow up call. See, that’s me, making myself memorable on my new owner’s desk….you might say I’m almost daring them to ignore me! (Don’t worry – they won’t.)

I guess what I’m trying to tell you is, it’s not just about being passed from person to person looking pretty. Networking is a pretty important job, and as a MiniCard, I’m like the power tool (think a drill, but a bit more bendy) that’s going to get the job done.

And you know what they say about power tools – they make the people holding them look amazing.


Comments (7)

  1. Sheila:

    I ordered Moo Minicards for me and my beloved Golden retriever, Harley – we visit our local hospital Cancer Center – the Martin O’Neil Cancer Center at St. Helena Hosptial once a week – he is a therapy dog and we are a team. Patients and friends and family of patients often ask for a photo or a card. We have mini cards, which are perfect. I made up the cards with our info and I was able to choose 10 photos – so they are all different. Many people take more than one – I am ready to re-order!

    Moo is my go-to… I am now also using Moo for stickers for our winery and beyond!

    Love Moo and have passed it on to many a friend!

  2. Wendy:

    I love my mini-cards. They are great conversation starters, and being a small business owner, that is most important to me. Starting a great conversation to turn into contact/networking partner, to a potential client…I love them. Oh, and I also put them in those jars at restaurants for a free meal…I have won a couple because the shape was different…

  3. nelly:

    hi -
    just leaving a comment for @Sheila . what a great little story!! Can you (MOO) do a profile about her and Harley the Retriever? That’s just the best thing I’ve read all day !

    hugs to fellow mooers.

  4. Vicky:

    Mini-cards are great! They stand out from traditional business cards AND double as hang tags for clothing, jewelry and more. Just love them!

  5. Ozair:

    I love Mini Moos. Just have my website logo on the front and website address at the back with a message to pass it on to a friend. Works great!

  6. Vicki Winters:

    I LOVE my moo cards. I change them up every time that I re-order. I’ve gotten free ones at BlogWorld, that was great! I didn’t know about the SXSW offer until too late or I would have taken advantage of the FREE cards. Moo minicards make my feel like a chameleon. Yay!

  7. Buford Mosebach:

    I have study not one article in your blog. You are a huge lad

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