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7th March 2013 by Jon

We love discovering new businesses that you guys have got kicked-off and love it when your creative use of MOO Products has been some small part of a success story. That really is the icing on the cake. (CAKE! Did someone say cake?)

So when we decided that we wanted to open a shop, pretty much the first thing (after deciding that there were going to be cookies) was to ensure that you, our customers, and your businesses took pride of place.

We’ve taken our Inspiration Gallery and made it into something you can touch, pick up and feel. Here you’ll find some of the very best uses of MOO in the whole wide world, including Business Cards, Stickers and Postcards from The Photo Emporium, which show off all their party photo-booth fun times. You’ll find Business Cards from ColaLife, who use their cards to explain their business concept in an elevator pitch. And how about this for a big idea, Unruly Media’s Business Cards showcase their successful viral video campaigns.

And, just like any good website, it needs to be updated with fresh examples regularly, so we’re giving you and your business the chance to be featured, right here, in the brand new MOO Shop in London.

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also £45/$75/62.50€ MOOlah to be won. Sound good? Want to know how to enter? Just take a picture of your MOO Products and email the image along with a little blurb about how you’ve used your MOO Products to designs@moo.com. Please also include a description of your business, with links to your website and/or social media pages. We’ll announce the winners at the beginning of next month.

Now here are the boring (but important) bits. To qualify as an entrant you must have purchased something from MOO. We’d also ask that you only show us your inspiring use of MOO Products. We’d rather know that it was our beautiful relationship that we were showing off to the world, rather than find out later that you were cheating on us with another digital printer.

Comments (26)

  1. Omar Berrios:

    Moo is an incredible company with an incredibly unbeatable product. Keep up the great work and customer service fellas!

  2. Mike Magician:

    Wow, great idea for a competition. I’m going to send you some info on how I use my lovely MOO business cards – they’re magic!

  3. Lethbridge Web Design Inc.:

    We just submitted our story! Woohoo – super excited at the potential opportunity to share with everyone :) Thanks for throwing this out there, Moo.

  4. lisa Jayne:

    Definitely going to enter this competition, love love love the business cards & mini cards that I ordered, actually feel proud to hand them out to people, I have and will recommend Moo to people wanting to portray a professional image. Keep up the good work, will definitely be visiting your store asap.

  5. Roger Phillips:

    Your product is almost too good! I’ve tried the “others”, and they just don’t measure up. I’ve asked you to produce greetings cards for me, featuring a few of my paintings, and my business card (or my calling card, I prefer to say!). The greeting cards are selling, and my calling cards are disappearing! Everyone remarks on the great finish and the quality. I’m about to order some more…..

  6. Bruce Allinson:

    What a great inspirational Idea from a fantastic inspirational company it’s inspiring and makes me what to design and order a new set of business cards, (but I guess thats the point) if only I had the time the last ones you made for me have worked so well I’m way to busy to spend time on new ones just now. But one day and soon!

  7. valerie lopez:

    Just submitted my moo creation! thanks for allowing me to share it. Cheers!

  8. Strawberry Anarchy:

    I just love Moo cards and this new shop idea rocks! I would have a great time visiting. Can you say where it will be? I am in Edinburgh but would certainly visit. I want to get My Strawberry Anarchy ones in there :)

  9. Tara:

    Great idea, emailed my entry! I would love to be able to share my art and story with others! Love MOO!

  10. Vagabond Ted:

    Why, I have thee fanciest buithneth cards on the block, or under the bridge fer that matter! I also shore did appreciate Ewe fellers raplacin’ a box free cuz uv my fergetfullness and leavin ‘em ouwt in tge cart during an all night downpoor instead uv bringin ,em under the sleepin tarp.

    I also git comments like “are ewe sure ewe is homeless” or ” maybe if’n ya hadn’t spent so much on them thare fancee greetin cards maybe Ewe could afford a regular leanto instead uv a tarp” all the time when I’m passin ‘em ouwt ta no-glance passers by.

    Thank Ya kindly, fellers!

  11. Susan:

    Fantastic oppertunity, thank you! very excited! I have sent an email.
    I love reading your newsletter full of inspiration :)

  12. Ann Williams:

    Thanks for the opportunity to be listed w/Moo.com in London. Your products have to date exceeded our expectations. The competitive price, quality of products and services that you offer, super exceeds the other printing companies we’ve used in the past. Can’t wait to submit our story once we receive the order.

  13. Brian:

    Love the luxe cards. Hope you can offer folded business cards one day as I’m currently getting those printed in the US (and I’m in Singapore!)

  14. Brenda Ginste:

    Your cards rock! From your Mini’s to your oh so PROFESSIONAL rounded corner cards. I have gotten more compliments and very professional first impressions of my business with my rounded cards and my item description tags I created for pinning or tieing on my merchandise for sale at a craft show or my mail orders. I LOVE MOO.COM! Again, you guys ROCK! Keep up the great work!
    Fondly, Brenda Ginste

  15. Doug Francis:

    I just put together some cards for a WordPress conference I’m going to in a couple of weeks in Marina del Rey CA. Your site let me do something unique, creative and memorable… I can’t wait to get them.

    Needless to say, I’ll be quick to tell folks they are from you, I mean MOO!

    • Jon B:

      Thanks everybody, we’ve enjoyed reading your emails and posts and checking out your cool MOO stuff. Keep it coming!

  16. Positive Life Tips:

    Love MOO!
    Everything about them is amazing :)

  17. Paul Seed:

    Details entered and fingers crossed. Thanks Moo, you are very special.

  18. Phil Schaefer:

    Awesome Biz Card … Should be called “MarketingCARDS” as my About.Me Site speaks volumes about what I do and how I do it. The only marketing that pays is Marketing that Works! Follow my lead … All the way to the Bank. Your good health is your greatest wealth. I look forward to working with you as we bring this to the World.

  19. Sara:

    I love the quality of Moo products and use them for my artwork – I have my paintings printed onto the greetings cards and post cards, and have a slight addiction to the mini stickers. The business cards are fab! I always get compliments on them when I hand them out – took me a while to start using them as I didn’t want to part with any of them!

  20. Le Barbier Caroline:

    Oh what a great idea, MOO;)) I love you guys!
    I live in London and very happy there will be a Moo shop here !
    Definitely participating with my “Moo” story
    Thanks for that

  21. dana waldon:

    Helloooooo Moo.
    I’ve been ordering cards from you for years….first for my photography images
    and now for The Santa Fe Scout Collection.
    I find I have to keep reordering as I have different purse images on each card and my customers want to collect them all as if they were playing cards or somethin’.
    The same with my photography biz cards!
    What to do?

  22. ozair:

    Just launched my new website and have been handing out the shiny new mini moos around! This competition could not have come at a better time for me :D

  23. Syed:

    Just sent my entry last night, this competition couldnt have come at a better time for me :)

  24. Victoria Colette:

    I’m not entering your competition, but want to let you know that today I designed my business card and placed my order with MOO. The card features the same art and design I used in my portfolio site, which I created via Flavors.me ~ MOO’s sister company! I’m eager to receive my MOO cards with two different QR codes … one that links to my portfolio site, and another that renders a VCard code.

    Thanks again for the splendid offerings you provide at MOO and Flavors.me. Your products and customer service are so superior, this inspired me to increase MOO awareness today (and share the love!) via LinkedIn and Twitter. (Posts below.)

    victoria colette

    Why you need a #QRcode card and how you can get quality #QR biz cards at #MOO for low price goo.gl/wSIsb via @overheardatmoo

    11:12 AM – 03 May 13

    LinkedIn ACTIVITY
    Just ordered my #QRcode business cards from MOO! Why you need a QR code card to connect more easily with #mobile audiences, and how you can get high-quality, reasonably priced QR code cards—and free shipping—from moo.com via goo.gl/wSIsb @overheardatmoo. ( #backstory: this opinion is mine and #MOO did NOT pay me to share this activity update!)

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