The launch of our NFC by MOO App

18th February 2013 by Martin

Pour la version française, c’est par ici.

You may remember, at the end of last year we began a limited trial run of NFC Business Cards. Anybody who purchased a pack of Business Cards from us would get a complimentary NFC enabled Business Card with a preview of your cards pre-written to it. These have proved to be extremely popular with you as a peek into our future, and as a way to get your minds whirring about the possibilities of Business Cards, technology and what a “third side” of a card could be.

While a full production version of NFC Business Cards from MOO are a little way away, we have been working hard on something to support both our existing and future NFC cards – an NFC by MOO App.

The App, currently available for free on Android, is designed to allow you to take the next step with your cards – rewriting them with all kinds of exciting data to stretch the limits of what your card can do. Write a map to your location? No problem! Link to your Facebook or pages? Done! The NFC by MOO App makes it easy to take the card you received from us, and make it work, for you!

There are already lots of NFC writing Apps on the market – some good, some not so much. What we wanted was to make an App that was better, more user friendly, and targeted towards what you may want to use an NFC Business Card for. With that in mind, the only solution was to build one ourselves! We hope you’ll enjoy using it. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to get back to you.

Download it here and if you like it leave a review, we appreciate your input.

Comments (72)

  1. Saif:

    This is awesome. I do hope to see a Windows Phone version of this app soon. :)

  2. Jess:

    Will you be developing an app for iPhone and when?

    • Jamie:


      NFC at this moment in time will unfortunately not work with Apple devices as they don’t support it.

      However, you could always look at using QR codes in the meantime. You can find more information about these here.

      We are crossing our fingers that Apple will start enabling NFC in their future devices.


  3. Anais:

    This is awesome, I can’t wait to be able to order NFC business cards!

  4. Dockett:

    I put a QR code on my cards and remember thinking how I wished it was NFC instead. So good job add that to your products. However I wish there was a NFC enabled card case. This way I could share my info when via NFC when I can and just normal cards when I can’t

  5. Sheira:

    This is such cool work. Can hardly wait for NFC cards to be available for order, and for an iPhone app!

  6. Terri:

    Will you be developing an iPhone app?

  7. Matt:

    I don’t have any of the NFC cards yet, but I’ve grabbed the app. Looks great! Can’t wait for the NFC cards to come out – my last order of cards is running low! :)

  8. Igor:

    Waiting for a Windows Phone app :)

  9. PAGLIA Jean Marie:

    Bonjour, je ne trouve pas NFC by MOO sur Google Play à partir de mon smartphone !!! Avec mon PC, oui je trouve, mais pas avec mon smartphone…

  10. Andrew:

    Love it! Found the app in the Google play store and installed it to my phone. Now I don’t have any MOO NFC cards (hint hint) so I used it with some TecTiles that I had. Works great, writes to them and reads to them quite easily. The app is easy to use and the interface is easy to understand. Now if only I had some NFC by MOO cards…

    • Jamie:

      Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for the great feedback about our app. We’re currently have our MOO Team working on the cards, but you can sign up here to be kept up to date on all the news.


  11. chris:

    OK. So this is a blog post to tell us about an app that will allow us to use a product you don’t yet sell? I will probably be thrilled about this when we can actually order the cards, but until then it’s useless.

    And why only Android, you don’t believe there are a few iPhone users on you customer list?

    • Jamie:

      Hi Chris,

      The MOO team are currently working on the development of the cards at the moment, as we want to make sure they are perfect for when they launch. When we first announced NFC, we sent out a trial card with each order placed (around 150,000 NFC cards).

      The NFC by MOO app is currently only available on Android as Apple devices do not support NFC technology at the moment. We’re crossing our fingers that they will enable this in future devices. In the meantime you could always look at using QR codes, which you can find out more about here

      If you have any other questions, please feel free to let us know.


  12. Gina:

    I just downloaded the app and now can’t do anything with it because I don’t have a card. Doesn’t appear the app will allow me to do anything without the NFC by Moo card. Can you send me a beta card?

  13. Hussam:

    When will the NFC cards be available?

  14. Mathew:

    I was wondering will it be available for the iPhones too?
    It would be a great thing for me to show people a mini portfolio on the go.

  15. LifeOnMobile:

    The app is fantastic, now I need a card. What do I need to do to get one?

  16. Dustin:

    Windows Phone 8 app please.

  17. Viarptard:

    Хороший подарок подруге – какой он?

  18. Julien:

    +1 Dustin

    Need Windows phone 8 (and 7.8) apps !!!

  19. Daniel McClure:

    The app looks great, now it would be great if I could actually get my hands on some of the cards to play with. I also took note of some reviewers comments on the ability to lock cards, It does seem that this could be beneficial. Would be great if you could host a competition to see who has the most creative ideas for using these cards to win the first batch of beta cards?

  20. Sam:

    Apple devices do support NFC with the aid of third party hardware ie flojack
    Why are you discounting Apple at this point?

  21. Tony:

    An iPAD version would be good too!

    • Jamie:

      Hi Tony,

      Hopefully iOS will be available soon *fingers crossed* then we would definitely look to do an iOS version.

  22. Josh:

    Would LOVE to see a Windows Phone version of this app. My Nokia 920 supports NFC… :)

  23. Neil Barker:

    Excuse my ignorance : What is “NFC” ? Why doesn’t Apple support it for iPhone ?
    I have recently ordered 2 lots of (mini) cards from Moo but definitely didn’t receive the free NFC card; why not ?

    • Jamie:

      Hi Neil,

      NFC stands for Near Field Communication which you can find out more about it here

      Unfortunately, Apple don’t support it yet, we’re hoping that in future developments they will integrate this technology in.

      With regards to the NFC card, we trialled them in some packs of cards that were sent out. If you would like to contact they may be able to provide you with an NFC Card.

      Hope that information helps.

  24. Clare Woolford:

    I was so excited by this and am gutted that Apple aren’t supporting it. What a pain!

  25. Mark Hetherington:

    Echo the sentiment of others here – please bring an iPhone/iOS app to the table! Has the potential to be massive, particularly because business phone users have adopted the iPhone/ipad en-masse! I’m thinking similar to Bump, albeit far more frie dot! Appreciate iPhone doesnt have true NFC capabilities, but nonetheless it’s an untapped market you could monopolise!

  26. Ian Sexton:

    I have the Asu TF 101 transformer with a USB NFC Reader/Writer attached but google play says I can’t install the app as my device isn’t supported :(

    Is there any way to force a download & install as I can presently read & write rfid tags on the TF101 using a different app.

    • Jamie:

      Hi Ian,

      Unfortunately, at the moment, it isn’t possible to force a download. When we submit the app, we have to submit a minimum system requirements and user permissions and one of those was that it needs to be downloaded onto an NFC enable phone.

      Sorry for the inconvenience at the moment.

  27. Designer:

    Bad news for designers :)

  28. Derek:

    Jamie, you didn’t mention anything about a windows phone app. How is the development for that coming along?

    • Jamie:

      Hi Derek,

      Currently we aren’t working on a windows app just yet, but keep your eyes peeled in the future.

  29. Ashley:

    I am so mad at myself for not getting a card when I got the original announcement! I can’t wait for them to officially be available.

  30. adrian:

    Windows phone 8 app. Pls !!

  31. Jeanne:

    I haven’t seen any iPhone apps for it (except a very plain one in Chinese)… and I didn’t see that iPhones are NFC compatible in the Wiki entry regarding NFC. Any comments?

  32. Stu:

    This sounds great, but there really aren’t too many NFC enabled phones out there just now…
    Are you pointing this out to people & releasing a list of phones which are NFC enabled?
    What are people going to do when they find someone (the majority) of people they want to swap details with… use a traditional card I guess.
    Don’t want to sound a luddite, but the hardware is just not there for most right now. Even many top-end phones such as iPhone5 don’t have this. I have an HTC OneS & it doesn’t have it, whilst the X does.
    That said, it does look like an emerging thing in 2013. Here’s a Guardian story from 2 days ago:

    The only site I have found (& it’s a US one) that has some sort of list of such phones (updated 24/02/2013) is here:

    • Jamie:

      Hi Stu,

      Thanks you for the comment, currently there aren’t too many NFC enabled phones out there just now. We’re really excited though to be trialling this technology and seeing some of the clever things people can do at the moment.

      The technology isn’t widely adopted just yet, but then you can also use QR codes on business cards to take the place while the NFC technology isn’t on every phone.

      That’s a great idea about publishing a list of phones that are NFC enabled, could be very useful for people.

      Thanks very much.

  33. Rose:

    It comes up as “incompatible with all your devices” even though it says for ICS and up. Is it seriously incompatible with an HTC Sensation XE, a samsung Galaxy 3, an Archos 10.1 AND the Asus Transformer Prime??? If not, something in your app permissions needs to be changed so people can download it!

  34. Donna Dufault:

    Yes, what were you thinking not making this for the iPhone?? Pretty please?

    • Jamie:

      Hi Donna,

      We’d love if we could make this app on iPhone too, but unfortunately Apple iOS isn’t compatible at this moment. We hope they change this very soon *fingers crossed*

  35. Jon Rista:

    This sounds really awesome. NFC is the way of the future. I really hope this app finds its way onto the Windows Phone 8 platform, as I am hooked on WP8, which has excellent NFC support. I would definitely buy the app if it was made available!

  36. Chris:

    This is awesome. NFC is one of the reasons I went with a droid phone last year, I love using it for swapping photos and paying at the store. Was not aware of this feature until. Great stuff.

  37. Martin:

    Hi George. We’d love to do an iPhone app, but annoyingly Apple does not yet support NFC technology. Until they do, we’re hamstrung! But watch this space – if Apple change their mind, I’m sure you’ll see a MOO NFC App following swiftly behind it.

  38. Rob:

    As fas as I can see, there is not way of locking NFC content with your App…

    That pretty much renders it useless for any real-life scenario…

    • Justis S:

      Hello Rob. Thanks for your comment. We are working on this and this will be in a future version of the app.

  39. Colin:

    Windows Phone supports NFC… Pleeease look into making a Windows Phone app for my Nokia Lumia. Thanks :)

  40. Sean X:

    For those commenting about an iPhone App. The iPhone does not have NFC technology so there is not much use for an NFC app until Apple builds NFC into their phones. I am assuming the iPhone 6 will have NFC as it was rumored for iPhone 5 or f they have an iPhone 5n which would have NFC. Something tells me Apple needs to corner the market someone on distribution of which MFC tech they will be using first with corporate acquisitions.

  41. Trevor:

    I am currently in the market to buy business cards, and recently stumbled upon this awesome website. I’m in the tech industry though, and I only want to buy business cards if I can have NFC in them. Is there any estimated timeline when Moo will make NFC cards an available option?
    Also, to everyone asking for a Moo NFC app on iPhone – that would be pointless at this point because Apple products do not support NFC. I would however, like to request a Moo NFC app for Windows Phone. :)

    • Jamie:

      Hi Trevor,

      Really glad you stumbled upon us (always great to hear!), We don’t currently have a release date for NFC cards at the moment as we are still trialling the technology within the cards.

      As soon as we know more information, we’ll let you know. You can also keep in the look here


  42. IJ:

    Can’t wait for MOO biz cards with NFC; in the meantime found another brand of NFC chips. Will try the MOO app with them! I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which has NFC capability. FUN!!! I’m waiting to all the creative ways this technology will be used.

  43. Mike Kabala:

    For those people looking for a Windows Phone App, I am sorry to hear there isn’t a Moo app in development, but you can use the Nokia NFC Writer app. I am still waiting for my cards to arrive, so I can’t verify that it will work, but it should work with any writable NFC tags.

  44. Tricia:

    Would love to see the app for the new B&B 10 platform

  45. Amie:

    Received my first patch of cards and was not able to get my NFC to work on my Galaxy 3. Possibly because it was at the earlier phase but excited when it does take off. Anxiously awaiting..BTW, my business cards look great and I’m ordering more now. I like to see if they can actually come up with actual round cards vs. round corners.

  46. claudia:

    Hi Moo, I received the NFC card sample, but it’s very frustrating that nothing happens when put it close to the back of my Galaxy Note 2. Should I have any NFC app installed or enable the NFC reader on settings? I can’t find the way. Please let me know what I have to do in order to reader the card. Thanks!

    • Justis S:

      Hello Claudia, Glad to hear you have received on of our NFC cards. Is the NFC enabled on the device?

  47. claudia:

    Hi! I don’t know… I couldn’t figure out how to check if the NFC is enabled or not. How can I do that and how can I enable it if it isn’t yet?

  48. Linda Heuman:

    Your new app sounds great. When will you have it for the iPhone?

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