Work and study – it’s tough but worth it!

4th January 2013 by Rachel

Rachel at reception

When I tell people that I’m studying part-time alongside a full-time job, people tend to look quite impressed; “Wow, how do you manage to fit it all in?” Many people say they’d struggle finding the motivation to study after a long day at the office.  I always reply by saying I would probably feel the same, but luckily for me, I love my course and I love my job too – so it’s pretty easy to get motivated!

I’ve been studying towards a marketing qualification part-time since March last year, alongside my current job working as MOO’s Office Assistant. I’ve enjoyed getting involved with different aspects of MOO, all of which demand a fair amount of creative thinking.  My most famous role is as provider of Friday lunches, cake, gelato, and all manners of yummy treats!  I get inspiration for my course from all around me at work from the variety of tasks I get involved in.

For my course, I go to a 3 hour class every Wednesday after work, and also study in my spare time (if you ever catch me on the tube, I’ve usually got my nose buried in the study text!) I decided I wanted to learn more about marketing since starting with MOO; lots of MOO customers use our products in rather creative ways to market their own businesses, and the MOO Crew are quite a creative bunch, too!

My course is really interesting, and marketing is applicable to everyday life. The course has given me the bonus of studying with a bunch of really fun and interesting characters from other companies around London, which is a great way to share ideas.

So, although it’s hard work studying part time, I would recommend it to anyone.  Don’t let the workload put you off – if you’re studying something you love, it won’t feel like a chore and you’ll feel great working towards a goal. Saying that, my final assignment is due in March and I am starting to get a little nervous – wish me luck!

Comments (7)

  1. Lena:

    Well done and good luck Rachel! You’ll smash it :)

  2. Michael Freeman:

    Good luck Rachel! Great post. From my personal experience as a YouTube Channel owner and a blogger, martial arts instructor and a web-designer is that there is always time, if you have passion for the things you do! I also noticed that when life’s busy we become 10 times more productive. Mike

  3. Scarlett.Wang:

    Hi,Rachel,this is Scarlett.Wang from the far away Shanghai,China.I always want to learn something else alongside my job,like dancing or Taekwondo,but I always have so many excuses that I never made them come true.You are a brave girl,you know,it’s never about time or money.One last thing,you don’t need luck,just show them what you’ve got.

  4. Eesh:

    Way to go! I’m doing the same i.e working full-time, studying part time PLUS owning 3 businesses. You can do it!


  5. jenn:

    You GO GIRL!!! Signed, Jenn in the US, just outside of DC :)

  6. Lisa:

    You’re creating your own luck, Rachel. : ) Keep it up!

    Best wishes from Cleveland, Ohio…


  7. Australian:

    Wow Rachel, you are great. How do you find the motivation to do so many things at once? I think I couldn’t do it.

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