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MOO’s Mo Bros – Movember 2012

November 2012, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by Hugh

The Mo bros at MOO HQ have enjoyed the excuse to sport some dashing facial hair this month. We’ve been raising money and awareness for men’s health (and having a jolly good time, too.)

To celebrate the end of the Mo growing month, we fooled around a bit and took some artsy (and a little bit silly) pictures. Here they are; enjoy!

You can see more about what we’ve been up to on our team Movember page.

MOO Mo Bros

The 'arty' pose

Mo Bros

Photography by Quentin Ferier.

Brilliant designers, brilliant cards (part 1)

November 2012, by Rebeka | Add a comment

It’s November and we’re already feeling festive here at MOO HQ. Nothing says holiday cheer like a bright and beautiful card celebrating all that’s great about the season. So why not spread the cheer with festive Greeting Cards?

We know that finding that perfect holiday image can be tricky and that’s why we’ve added some new designs from brilliant creatives throughout the US. First up, we have two packs of five fun designs from Mick Hodgson, of Ph.D, A Design Office in LA.

Christmas Crackers

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The first ever MOO Award goes to…

November 2012, by Melissa | 12 Comments – latest by Nicole

In September, we decided to do something we’ve never done before at MOO: launch our first ever MOO Award. The MOO Award came about after we aired our TV adverts (also a first ever) that featured four of our remarkable customers. We thought hey… it’s not just our well established customers’ businesses that are remarkable, what about all our customers with remarkable small businesses?

So for a month we invited our customers to submit an entry about their business, and WOW we were impressed. We received 1,700 entries from around the world, along with a number of great physical submissions that brought entries to life (we promise we didn’t run the competition just for the free cupcakes, but they were …Continue reading this article…

MOO Developers’ sprint finish

November 2012, by stefanos | Add a comment

MOO Dev team celebrate Sprint 100

A couple of weeks ago, there was much celebration of a big day for the Development team here at MOO HQ; we reached the release day of our 100th Sprint. “100th Sprint, what on earth is that?” I hear you ask. Apart from being an online printing company do you also happen to participate in competitive athletics? No, unfortunately not. In the software development method we follow, a Sprint is the basic unit of development. The method is called agile development (ours is called Scrum), which consists of Sprints. The Sprints iteratively and incrementally help us build more and more of the remarkable …Continue reading this article…

Gift the gift of MOO Gift Cards!

November 2012, by Lena | Add a comment

MOO Gift Cards

We often get requests for Gift Cards around the holidays – so we decided to get ahead of the curve this year, and give you what you want!

What are MOO Gift Cards?

MOO Gift Cards are virtual Gift Cards that you can email either to yourself if you fancy handing over the gift personally, or to friends and family.

If you’d like to buy one for somebody, it’s very easy – simply choose the amount you want to spend, and design it from the Gift Cards page. If you send it directly to a friend, you can even choose …Continue reading this article…

Behind the scenes with MOO designers

November 2012, by Felix | 1 Comment – latest by Gael

I always appreciate receiving a handmade present, there’s something rather personal and special about it. When we decided to make new sets of Greeting Cards, I wanted to bring as much as possible of a handmade feel into my designs.

For inspiration I settled on one of the most iconic seasonal themes and symbols; the snowflake. Snowflakes are incredibly intricate and fascinating objects that always amaze me when I see them up close. ‘But how do I bring the human touch into a printed product?’, I asked myself. The answer to this question lies in the combination of paper and photography. I decided to create five different …Continue reading this article…

We’re not the only ones who make Greeting Cards!

November 2012, by Jon | 27 Comments – latest by Kimberly Mortson

We just launched a new range of Greeting Card packs, and we’re rather pleased with them. It occurred to us, though, that we’re not the only ones who come up with creative designs. We’d absolutely love to see the cool company greetings you’ve sent and received or simply stumbled upon. You can share your finds with us by posting them on our Facebook page or by Tweeting them to us @overheardatmoo.

To get us started, we turned to Matt G – MOO’s very own creative guru (and fashion guru, have you seen those jumpers?) He thought he’d have a look around for how companies …Continue reading this article…

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